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Season of Discovery Phase 2 Preview: A Comprehensive Guide

January 30, 2024

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    From the arrival of the Gnomeregan Raid to the unveiling of new runes, the Season of Discovery Phase 2 promises to be an exhilarating journey for all gaming enthusiasts. Drawing from the resounding success of the first phase, anticipations are at an all-time high for what the second phase might bring to the players. This Season of Discovery Phase 2 Preview will delve into the wealth of new content that awaits gamers, ensuring you are well-prepared to conquer the virtual landscape.


    SoD Phase 2 Preview


    Gnomeregan Raid: A New Battlefield


    The Gnomeregan Raid is set to be a key attraction in the Season of Discovery Phase 2. Similar to the Blackfathom Deeps Raid, this will also be a 10-man raid, bringing a new dimension to your raiding experience.


    The game’s creators have reimagined six bosses and introduced a new world buff. Additionally, the raid is expected to feature a host of new items and rewards, with even more epic rewards from additional sources beyond the last two bosses of the dungeon.


    Raid Resets and Lockouts


    An interesting element of the Gnomeregan Raid is the introduction of two lockouts on the normal weekly lockout timer at the onset of the phase. The first raid reset is slated for February 13, followed by the second on February 20, during the regularly scheduled maintenance.


    This will allow leading edge players to reach level 40 and start their hunt in the raid dungeon immediately, while also minimizing the number of lockouts missed for those who level more slowly.


    Gnomeregan Raid Loot: Unearth New Rewards


    The Season of Discovery Phase 2 preview reveals that gamers can expect a variety of revamped and new items in Phase 2.


    Revamped Items


    The game developers have taken existing items and given them a fresh twist, adding to the excitement of the loot table.


    New Items and Armor Tokens


    Along with new items, armor tokens are also being introduced to assist players struggling to collect all their gear pieces. These tokens can be traded with a vendor to get your desired item.


    Dungeon Updates: Enhancing Gameplay


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    Phase 2 is set to introduce new skill books, resulting in quality-of-life improvements for players. These will not occupy a rune slot and will help to address issues such as short Aura durations for Paladin Blessings, totem control for Shaman, or even manipulating combo points for Rogues and their targets. These items will drop from 5-player dungeons.


    New Runes: Unlocking New Possibilities


    The upcoming phase will provide a sneak peek into the new runes for all the classes, enhancing the gameplay and providing players with a host of new possibilities.


    PvP Updates: The Blood Moon Event


    Phase 2 is also introducing a new PvP event in Stranglethorn Vale, “The Blood Moon”. This event has been modified for easy tracking and increased player participation. The event is set to occur every 3 hours for a duration of 30 minutes.


    Opting Out of the Event


    An NPC has been added for players who wish to opt out of the event. However, such players will not receive any rewards, and general PvP rules will still apply.


    PvP Rewards


    New items will be available for players to trade with a special merchant located outside of the Gurubashi Arena.


    New Mounts


    Two new mounts will be introduced in Phase 2, available to both factions.


    PvP Changes


    Phase 2 will also address matchmaking issues. The game developers have implemented changes to increase the chances of players in groups of five or fewer to match against similar groups. Similarly, players in groups of six or more will have a higher chance to match with similar groups.


    To prevent longer queues, the system will ignore these rules after a certain period, matching players with the first available group.


    Ashenvale Updates


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    Ashenvale will also change to a 3-hour timer in Phase 2. The weekly quest world buff will not apply to players after level 39.


    Profession Updates: Exploring New Recipes


    Professions will receive a significant update in Phase 2, with the introduction of up to 20 new recipes for players to discover. The profession cap will be raised to 225, and all non-gathering professions will get their fair share of new items to craft.


    New Materials


    New materials will be introduced that players can seek out or trade with others.


    Alchemists and Enchanters


    Alchemists and enchanters will also receive new tools to enhance their gameplay, moving beyond being mere buff givers.


    GDKP Runs


    Addressing the concerns around GDKP runs that have been negatively affecting the game experience for many players, the game developers are experimenting with a new policy to no longer allow GDKP runs in Season of Discovery.


    XP Boost


    To assist players looking to catch up with their friends above level 25, a 50% experience buff for players between level 1 and 25 will be implemented. There will also be an increase in experience gained within the Blackfathom Deeps raid dungeon when it is cleared.


    Waylaid Supplies


    The experience gained from Waylaid Supplies on turn-in will also see a significant increase.




    The Season of Discovery Phase 2 brings a plethora of new content, aiming to rejuvenate the gaming experience for players. The phase goes live on February 8 at 1:00 pm PST (21:00 GMT), and players are eagerly waiting to explore and find the new runes.


    The success of SoD has garnered positive feedback from players, with Blizzard looking to relive its glory days of being one of the best gaming companies.


    This comprehensive Season of Discovery Phase 2 preview will be updated with helpful information guides once Phase 2 officially launches. So, stay tuned for more updates and gear up for an exciting gaming experience.

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