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Season of Discovery Priest Guide: Unleashing Divine Power in Azeroth

December 03, 2023

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    Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Priest class in the World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery (SoD). This guide delves into the intricate dynamics of the Priest class, providing insights into the builds, runes, rotations, and strategies that will help you maximize your potential in this season.


    As an authoritative game expert, we aim to simplify complex gaming terms and services, providing a seamless and affordable gaming experience. Let’s explore the holy mysteries and shadowy depths of the Priest class.


    The Priest Class: A Quick Overview


    Season of Discovery Priest Guide


    The Priest class is a formidable force in the Season of Discovery, with its versatile healing abilities, solid utility in PvE and PvP, and essential role in group compositions. Whether you wish to heal allies, deal formidable damage, or provide strategic utility, the Priest class offers diverse specializations to excel in each role.

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    Pros & Cons of the Priest Class


    Before delving into the specifics of the Priest class, let’s weigh the strengths and weaknesses of this class in the SoD.




    Exceptional single target and cleave damage


    Potent buffs


    Excellent debuffs for raids and dungeons


    Able to solo targets and groups of players effectively




    High dependence on Mana


    Susceptible to CCs and Slow effects


    Vulnerable due to Cloth armor


    Some spells require extended time to deal significant damage


    Despite these challenges, the versatility of the Priest class makes it a powerful choice in SoD. Just by altering your class-specific runes, you can transition from a pure DPS role to a healer, excelling in each role.


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    Navigating the Priest Class in SoD


    Playing a Priest in SoD requires an in-depth understanding of the class’s specializations, each offering distinct playstyles and abilities:


    Discipline: Emphasizes preventive healing and shielding, mastering damage mitigation, and supportive healing.


    Holy: Prioritizes direct healing spells, focusing on reactive healing and restoration.


    Shadow: Excels in dealing shadow damage, harnessing darkness and insanity to annihilate foes.


    Strategic mana management and efficient spell casting become pivotal for Priest gameplay in SoD. Mastering utility abilities such as crowd control, dispels, and buffs is vital for your group’s success in raids, dungeons, or PvP battles.


    Choosing the Right Race for Your Priest


    When selecting the best race for your Priest in SoD, it’s important to consider the Priest-specific traits each race brings. The Alliance offers three options, while the Horde has two alternatives. Some races offer potent abilities that can enhance your Priest class, making race choice a strategic decision.


    Alliance Priest Race Choices


    Dwarves: Known for the Fear Ward ability, allowing Priests to dispel Fear effects on a single player every 30 seconds.


    Night Elves: Boast the potent Starshards spell, a potential alternative for Mind Flay in Discipline DPS builds.


    Humans: Provide minimal advantage for Priests, lacking significant racial abilities, making them less desirable for optimizing the Priest class.


    Horde Priest Race Choices


    Trolls: Possess the Shadowguard ability, dealing Shadow damage when struck useful in encounters involving AoE hits.


    Undead Priests: Wield Devouring Plague, a potent DoT that self-heals, albeit with a substantial mana cost.


    Stat Priority for Priests


    As a versatile class, your stat priority as a Priest changes based on your chosen specialization. Here’s a quick rundown of the stats you should prioritize as a DPS or Healer Priest:


    DPS Priest Stats


    Spell Hit


    Spell Power


    Mana per 5 Seconds


    Spell Crit






    Healer Priest Stats


    Healing Power


    Mana per 5 Seconds






    Spell Crit




    Unleashing the Power of Priest Runes in SoD


    Runes play a crucial role in enhancing your Priestly prowess in the SoD. They can significantly boost your chosen build, whether you aim to play as a DPS or a Healer. However, you need to choose wisely, as you only have three slots available for runes.


    Shadow Word: Death (Gloves): Deals significant Shadow damage to the chosen target.


    Prayer of Mending (Legs): Heals the chosen target the next time they suffer damage or are healed.


    Strength of Soul (Chest): Reduces the remaining duration of Weakened Soul on healed targets.


    Penance (Gloves): Deals Holy damage to the chosen enemy target or heals an ally instantly and every second for 2 seconds in total.


    Homunculi (Legs): Conjures miniature duplicates that engage your current target, reducing its attack speed, attack power, and armor.


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    Best Priest Builds in SoD


    There are several best Priest builds in SoD to choose from and experiment with. These may change slightly or drastically depending on the nerfs and buffs introduced by the developers.


    Shadow Build


    The Shadow build is the best Priest SoD build in terms of dealing damage. With a focus on maximizing damage, this build emphasizes talents like Shadow Focus, Mind Flay, and Shadow Weaving.


    Discipline Build


    The Discipline build is another viable option. This build focuses on enhancing mana conservation and bolstering damage output.


    Holy Build


    The Holy build provides the most direct enhancements to our damage output. This build substantially amplifies the potency of Smite, transforming it into a formidable force.


    Pure Healer Build


    The Pure Healer build prioritizes mana regeneration, making it the recommended Priest Healer talent build for this phase.


    Leveling Your Priest in SoD


    To level up your Priest swiftly and efficiently, follow these tips:


    Embrace Wand Usage: Use your wand frequently to conserve mana and deal damage while waiting for spells to cooldown.


    Balancing Heal & Damage: Prioritize damage spells while leveling, occasionally interjecting healing when necessary.


    Optimize Talent Build: Focus on talents that enhance damage or mana efficiency early on.


    Group Play Advantage: Utilize group play to your advantage for protection and faster quest completion.


    Stay Stocked: Always keep ample supplies of consumables like mana potions, healing potions, and food for uninterrupted progression and survival during quests.


    Best Priest Gear in SoD


    The gear you choose can significantly impact your gameplay, so it’s crucial to select the best in slot gear for your Priest in SoD.


    Optimizing Your Priest Rotation


    To maximize your effectiveness as a Priest in SoD, you need to optimize your spell rotation.


    Shadow/Discipline Rotation


    Keep Void Plague active


    Ensure Shadow Word: Pain is always active


    Use Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Death


    Cast Mind Flay if talented


    Cast Smite


    Holy Rotation


    Pre-cast Holy Fire on pull


    Cast Smite


    Healing Rotation


    Employ Power Word: Shield in emergencies


    Cast Circle of Healing when multiple group members are damaged


    Maintain a continuous Renew on the tank


    Choosing the Right Profession for Your Priest


    Engineering stands as the best profession for Priests in WoW SoD due to its utility, offering gadgets and consumables for survival, crowd control, and enhanced combat effectiveness.


    Best Consumables for Priests


    Consumables are essential tools that can aid you in various in-game situations. Here are some of the best consumables for Priests in SoD:


    Mana Potion


    Heavy Crocolisk Stew


    Minor Mana Oil or Minor Wizard Oil


    Scroll of Spirit II


    Scroll of Intellect II and Elixir of Wisdom


    Elixir of Fortitude


    Elixir of Defense


    Heavy Silk Bandage




    The Priest class stands poised to be a formidable asset in the Season of Discovery. From optimal builds to insightful strategies, this guide equips you with the knowledge and tools to excel as a Priest in SoD. Remember, the key to mastering the Priest class lies in balancing healing and damage-dealing capabilities, making this class a reliable choice for any group composition.




    What are the best runes for Priest WoW Season of Discovery?

    Shadow Word: Death – Gloves; Prayer of Mending – Legs; Strength of Soul – Chest; Penance – Gloves; Homunculi – Legs.

    How to level Priest in WoW Season of Discovery?

    Prioritize a balance between Shadow and Discipline talent trees, utilizing Shadow-based spells for damage and Discipline for survival, while embracing healing aspects to ensure group utility and versatility in various encounters.

    Are Priests good in WoW Season of Discovery?

    Yes, Priests are highly valued in Season of Discovery for their versatile healing abilities, solid utility in PvE and PvP, and essential role in group compositions.

    Is Priest hard to play in WoW Season of Discovery?

    Priests have a moderate learning curve due to managing various healing spells and balancing mana usage, but their versatility and adaptability in roles can make them challenging yet rewarding to master for optimal effectiveness in different scenarios.

    What is the best profession for Priest WoW Season of Discovery?

    Engineering stands out as the best profession for Priests in WoW SoD due to its utility, offering gadgets and consumables for survival, crowd control, and enhanced combat effectiveness, complementing the class’s versatility with a range of helpful tools that augment both PvE and PvP gameplay.

    Is Priest good in PvE WoW Season of Discovery?

    Yes, Priests excel in PvE content in WoW SoD as they are indispensable healers, providing strong single-target and group healing capabilities along with buffs, crowd control, and utility spells that contribute significantly to raid success and dungeon runs.

    How do I maximize DPS as Priest WoW Season of Discovery?

    To optimize DPS as a Priest in WoW SoD, focus on talents enhancing damage spells, maintain DoTs like Shadow Word: Pain, utilize buffs like Shadow Weaving, and weave in spells like Mind Blast and Mind Flay efficiently within your rotation for sustained damage output.

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