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Season of Discovery Tank Rankings: An In-depth Guide

December 04, 2023

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    WoW Season of discovery Boosting blog


    The Season of Discovery (SoD) in World of Warcraft (WoW) has redefined the gaming landscape, offering an exhilarating mix of challenges and opportunities. The Season of Discovery Tank Rankings are particularly in the spotlight, with gamers keen to understand where they stand. This guide is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the SoD Tank Tier list and offer expert insights on choosing the right Tank for your gameplay.


    The Season of Discovery Overview


    Season of Discovery Tank Rankings


    The Season of Discovery has brought forth a plethora of new Tank options for each class, with some fresh faces joining the ranks of traditional tanks. This guide will delve into the Tank runes, the unique blend of abilities each Tank class possesses, and which one you should prefer to ace the SoD Phase 1 raid.


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    Decoding the Tank Tier List


    Let’s embark on a journey to understand which class and spec can serve as the best tank in the Season of Discovery Phase 1. We will thoroughly explore the abilities and runes of each class that should be prioritized to dominate the SoD raid.


    S Tier: The Elite Tanks


    The S Tier Tanks, namely the Druid and Paladin, have proven to be highly effective in the Season of Discovery.




    Druids have shown a propensity for Feral Combat, significantly reducing the cost of their Maul or Swipe for tanking, thereby making their Demoralizing Roar faster and stronger. Their abilities are most potent in a raid setting.


    Druid Talent Build


    For Druids, the first five points are best spent on Feral Aggression. Then, two points on Brutal Impact and three points on Thick Hide to bolster their armor contribution from items. Feral Instinct and one point in Predatory Strikes are also recommended.


    Druid Runes


    For runes, Survival of the Fittest, Mangle, and Skull Bash are suggested for Druid tanks.




    Paladins serve as a hybrid class suitable for both a tank or melee DPS roles. Their range of spells and abilities make them versatile tanks with strong armor, plentiful health, and the capability to absorb damage.


    Paladin Talent Build


    For Paladin tanks, five points in Redoubt to increase block chance by 30% is a good start. Also, put four points into Toughness for increased armor and three points into Precision for a higher chance to hit.


    Paladin Runes


    For the runes, Aegis for their chest rune and Hand of Reckoning for the hand rune are optimal choices.


    A Tier: The Accomplished Tanks


    The A Tier Tanks, namely the Warrior and Warlock, have proven their mettle in the Season of Discovery gameplay.




    Warriors are eminent tanks, and the Protective spec is our recommendation for this class. In the SoD, the Rune Engraving system offers them enhancements in survivability and a significant damage boost.


    Warrior Talent Build


    For Warrior tanking, five points in Shield Specialization to increase their chance to block by 5% would be the initial step.


    Warrior Runes


    For runes, the Warriors should opt for Warbringer for their chest rune and Devastate for their hands. For the leg rune, Furious Thunder is the best pick.




    Warlocks have a new build that allows them to serve as effective tanks. This build is focused on Demonology and Destruction talents, and it takes advantage of the Warlock’s new Metamorphosis ability.


    Warlock Talent Build


    The talent build starts with five points in Demonic Embrace, which gives 15% more stamina.


    Warlock Runes


    For runes, Demonic Tactics for the chest rune and Metamorphosis for the hands are recommended. Demonic Grace is the optimal choice for the legs.


    B Tier: The Capable Tanks


    The B Tier Tanks, namely the Shaman, have made a strong return in the Season of Discovery.




    Shaman have a new build that gives them potent tank options. This build is focused on Enhancement talents, and it takes advantage of the Shaman’s new Guardian Totems and improved Lightning Shield abilities.


    Shaman Talent Build


    The Enhancement Shaman talent build starts with five points in Shield Specialization.


    Shaman Runes


    For the runes, Shield Mastery for the chest rune and Molten Blast for the hands rune are preferred. For the legs, Way of Earth is the best option.


    C Tier: The Emerging Tanks


    The C Tier Tanks, namely the Rogue, have shown promise in the Season of Discovery.




    Rogues are opting for Combat for tanking. This is because Rogue tanks and Warlocks seem to be all about dodging chance.


    Rogue Talent Build


    The talent build starts with five points in Precision and one point in Riposte.


    Rogue Runes


    For the chest rune, Just a Flesh Wound is recommended. Main Gauche is the optimal choice for the hands. For the legs, Blade Dance is the best choice.


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    The Season of Discovery offers a unique journey for tank players in World of Warcraft. After evaluating the range of tanks available, it is clear that each class provides its own strengths and weaknesses. Choose wisely, and remember, help is always available at GladiatorBoost!


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