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Tarisland Faith Priest Guide: Unlock your Divine Potential

November 03, 2023

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    Welcome to our comprehensive Tarisland Faith Priest Guide, where we deep dive into the intricacies of this powerful specialization. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner stepping into the magical realm of Tarisland, this guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to harness the full potential of a Faith Priest.


    Faith Priest Overview


    As a Faith Priest in Tarisland, you stand as a beacon of hope and restoration. Your role is versatile, allowing you to dish out significant damage while also providing crucial support to your team. This guide will walk you through the unique abilities, optimal strategies, and insightful tips to maximize the potential of this specialization.


    Pros and Cons of Playing as a Faith Priest


    Tarisland Faith Priest




    • Easy Learning Curve: The Faith Priest has a less complex ability rotation compared to other ranged DPS specializations.
    • Solo Play Viability: This specialization allows you to venture into Tarisland solo, without the need for constant team support.
    • Consistent Damage: The Faith Priest doesn’t rely on cooldowns to deal damage. Instead, you can maintain consistent damage output using your regular abilities.




    • Lower Survivability: Like other ranged DPS classes, Faith Priests can struggle with surviving direct melee attacks.
    • Limited Mobility: The lack of mobility abilities means it can be challenging to escape when under melee attack.
    • Faith Sigil Mechanic: Managing the Faith Sigil mechanic can be tiring, as it requires regular use of the Torment ability.


    Guidelines on How to Play the Faith Priest


    Mastering the Faith Priest requires a balance between dealing damage and supporting your team. Here are some critical tips for playing this specialization:


    • Faith Sigil Mechanic: Learn how to manage the Faith Sigil mechanic effectively. This is crucial to deal consistent damage with your Holy Missile ability.
    • Strategic Positioning: Position yourself wisely on the battlefield. Stay behind your team to minimize enemy targeting and be ready to reposition to support teammates.
    • Mana Management: Both healing and damaging abilities consume a significant amount of mana. Keep an eye on your mana pool and manage it efficiently.
    • Balancing Roles: Don’t forget about your healing capabilities. While your primary role is to deal damage, your healing abilities can be the difference between victory and defeat.


    Faith Priest Abilities


    Tarisland Faith Priest Abilities


    As a Faith Priest, you have a diverse range of abilities at your disposal. These include:


    • Soul Faith: This ability lights up a Faith Sigil every time you cast Torment. Once all five sigils are lit, your next Holy Missile transforms into Divine Barrage, dealing significant damage.
    • Torment: Use your faith to strike at a target, inflicting magic damage equivalent to a percentage of your attack power plus additional points.
    • Holy Missile: Unleash a Holy Missile at a target, delivering a potent dose of magic damage.
    • Agony Trial: Infuse a target with Holy Light, causing them to suffer magic damage and ongoing damage from Holy Light corrosion.
    • Holy Energy Burst: Break the target’s defenses with a powerful strike, dealing physical damage and boosting your combo rate.
    • Holy Explosion: Detonate Holy Light at a designated location, dealing magic damage to all enemies in the area.
    • Persistent Belief: Empower a teammate with the infusion of faith, enhancing their capabilities for a limited duration.


    Faith Priest Ultimate Abilities


    Faith Priests have access to six ultimate abilities, each serving a unique purpose:


    • Foot of Herald: Boosts your movement speed by a significant percentage for a limited duration.
    • Light Protection: Provides a radiant shield that absorbs a percentage of damage, protecting you during critical moments.
    • Soul Chain: Slows the target’s movement speed by a significant percentage for a limited duration.
    • Light Impact: Creates a powerful shockwave that knocks back enemies within a certain radius.
    • Soul Interference: Immediately interrupts the target’s spellcasting.
    • Forbidden Zone: Slows the target’s movement for a limited duration.


    Recommended Builds for Faith Priest


    Here are the recommended builds for Faith Priests:


    • PvE Build: The Holy Missile build is recommended for PvE content. This build focuses on dealing significant damage against single targets, making it ideal for raiding.
    • PvP Build: The Holy Missile build is also recommended for PvP content. It deals significant damage and can provide emergency healing to allies.


    Faith Priest Gear Recommendations


    While specifics about equipment mechanics in Tarisland are still forthcoming, it’s clear that Faith Priests will benefit from gear that enhances attack and critical hit stats.


    Optimizing Faith Priest Rotation


    The key to maximizing your damage output as a Faith Priest lies in mastering your ability rotation. Here are two possible rotations:


    • Basic Rotation: Stack Faith Sigils with Torment until max, then release them with Holy Missile to deal damage or heal an ally if necessary.
    • Advanced Rotation: Start with Holy Energy Burst followed by Persistent Belief, then use Agony Trial and Holy Missile. Finish off your target by stacking more Sigils with Torment and then use Holy Missile again.


    Leveling Strategies for Faith Priest


    Leveling as a Faith Priest can be a smooth process if you master your rotations and make efficient use of your abilities. As you level up, you’ll notice a significant improvement in overcoming adversaries, including formidable bosses.




    This Tarisland Faith Priest Guide has provided you with the knowledge needed to become a powerful force in the mystical realm of Tarisland. Whether you choose to be a dedicated healer or a fierce caster, Faith Priest offers a range of playstyles to explore. Use this guide as your beacon of hope, and embark on your spiritual odyssey.




    What is the best Priest spec in Tarisland? If you wish to be a primary damage dealer, the Faith specialization is an excellent choice.

    Is Faith Priest good in Tarisland? Absolutely! Faith Priests are known for their easy-to-learn rotations and consistent damage output.

    Is Faith Priest hard to play in Tarisland? Faith Priest is one of the easier specializations to master due to its straightforward abilities and rotations.

    Which Priest spec is best for PvE in Tarisland? The Faith spec is an excellent choice for PvE content, especially for Tarisland Dungeons.

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