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Tarisland Flame Mage Guide: Master the Ancient Arcane Arts

November 03, 2023

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    Welcome to our comprehensive guide on becoming a powerful Flame Mage in the mystical realm of Tarisland. With this guide, you’ll learn the secrets of fire manipulation, understand the advantages and disadvantages of this class, and get a glimpse into the best Flame Mage build and abilities. Buckle up as we set out on an exciting journey into the world of Tarisland Flame Mages.


    Introduction to Flame Mages


    Flame Mages of Tarisland are skilled practitioners of the arcane arts, specializing in the manipulation of fire magic. They possess the ability to cast destructive spells, causing devastating Area of Effect (AoE) damage to their opponents. Despite their strengths, they also have certain weaknesses that players need to be aware of.

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    Pros and Cons of Flame Mages


    Before delving into the specifics of the Flame Mage class, it’s important to understand the unique strengths and weaknesses that come with this specialization.



    • Powerful AoE Damage: Flame Mages are renowned for their ability to cause significant AoE damage, making them highly efficient in dealing with groups of enemies.
    • Versatility: Flame Mages can switch between dealing massive AoE damage and focusing on single-target enemies during raids.
    • Damage Over Time (DoT) Mechanic: By casting specific spells, Flame Mages can inflict continuous damage over time, further enhancing their damage output.




    • Limited Mobility: Flame Mages require to be stationary while casting most of their spells, which can make them vulnerable targets.
    • High Mana Consumption: Controlling the volatile flames of fire magic can quickly drain a Flame Mage’s mana reserve, leaving them defenseless when out of magical energy.
    • Limited Elemental Affinity: Flame Mages may struggle against enemies with strong resistance or immunity to fire.


    Playing as a Flame Mage in Tarisland


    Flame Mage Gameplay


    Flame Mages are known for their high-damage output through powerful fire spells and DoT effects. Here’s a basic guide on how to play Flame Mage in Tarisland:


    • Movement: Use abilities like Dimensional Movement to blink away while casting. This will help you survive longer and deal damage from a safe distance.
    • Choosing a Build: You can pick between the Fireball and Skyfire builds depending on the content you’re participating in.
    • Learning Rotations: Understanding Flame Mage rotations is crucial to winning both PvE and PvP fights.
    • Combat Strategy: Maintain a safe distance from enemies, use your fire magic to attack from a distance, and control the flow of combat.
    • Mana Management: Pay attention to your mana reserves. Learning the rotation will help you use your abilities efficiently and deal maximum damage.


    Tarisland Flame Mage Abilities


    Flame Mage Abilities


    Flame Mages have access to a variety of abilities that can inflict heavy damage on their enemies. These include:


    • Explosive Fuse: Amplifies the damage of Thermal Bomb’s explosion based on accumulated Heat points.
    • Fireball: Inflicts magical damage on the target.
    • Searing Sting: Triggers the detonation of Pyro Elements within the target, causing additional damage.
    • Thermal Bomb: Ignites the target, causing continuous damage over time.
    • Blazing Orb: Creates a fiery explosion at a designated location.
    • Fire Tornado: Conjures a fire tornado that inflicts magical damage on all enemies within its range.


    Flame Mage Ultimates in Tarisland


    Choosing the right Flame Mage ultimates can boost your damage output or mobility significantly. Some of the key ultimates include:


    • Dimensional Movement: Allows you to flash to a designated direction.
    • Pyro Shield: Summons a protective Flame Shield that can nullify a certain proportion of damage.
    • Body of Flame: Reduces the damage you receive and the damage you deal.
    • Flame Shock: Pushes enemies within a certain radius backward.
    • Spell Interference: Disrupts a target’s ongoing special casting.
    • Spell Restraint: Confines the target for a certain duration.


    Best Flame Mage Builds


    There are two strong Flame Mage builds that you can consider:


    • Fireball Build: Offers reduced damage per spell but provides heightened flexibility. It’s well-suited for battles that require frequent changes in position and adaptability.
    • Skyfire Build: Prioritizes raw power and concentrated damage output. This build is ideal for delivering devastating single-shot attacks.


    Flame Mage Gear in Tarisland


    While specific details about Flame Mage gear in Tarisland are currently unavailable, players will likely prioritize increasing their Attack and Critical Hit stats. This will be achieved by choosing the right gear and using it effectively.


    Flame Mage Rotation in Tarisland


    Mastering the art of Flame Mage rotation will require time and effort. This involves building up Heat to deal damage over time in the long run.


    Flame Mage Leveling in Tarisland


    Leveling up as a Flame Mage in Tarisland can be a straightforward process, thanks to their powerful AoE capabilities. As you progress, you’ll notice a significant simplification in defeating foes and bosses.




    Becoming a Flame Mage in Tarisland offers an exhilarating opportunity to wield one of the most potent forces in the realm. This guide equips you with the necessary knowledge to become a formidable Flame Mage and set the world of Tarisland ablaze with your power.




    1. What is the best Mage spec in Tarisland?

    Both Frost and Flame specs of Mage can work equally well, depending on your playstyle and preferences.

    2. Is Flame Mage good in Tarisland?

    Yes, Flame Mages are particularly effective against groups of enemies, thanks to their AoE and DoT abilities.

    3. Is Flame Mage hard to play in Tarisland?

    While playing as a Flame Mage can be quite challenging initially, with sufficient practice, it becomes manageable in the long run.

    4. What is the best spec for Mage PvP in Tarisland?

    The Flame Mage spec, particularly its Fireball build, is recommended for PvP, balancing high damage and sufficient mobility.

    5. Is Flame Mage good in PvE in Tarisland?

    Yes, Flame Mages are one of the best specializations for PvE activities, thanks to their ability to deal both AoE and single-target types of damage.

    6. Which Mage spec is best for PvE in Tarisland?

    Depending on your preferences and playstyle, the Flame Mage specialization is recommended due to its versatility and ability to deal both AoE and single-target types of damage.

    7. How do I maximize DPS as a Flame Mage in Tarisland?

    Maximizing DPS as a Flame Mage involves learning the core rotations, wearing the best gear, and choosing the right talents.

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