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Tarisland Frozen Barbarian Fighter Guide: Master The Frosty Warrior

November 03, 2023

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    Welcome to our extensive Tarisland Frozen Barbarian Fighter Guide, aiming to help you master the icy warrior in Tarisland. In this guide, we will explore the dynamic gameplay, powerful abilities, and versatile builds that set the Frozen Barbarian Fighter apart. Whether you’re a veteran player or a newcomer to Tarisland, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tactics to become a formidable force in the realm.


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    Understanding the Frozen Barbarian Fighter: Pros & Cons


    Tarisland Frozen Barbarian Fighter


    To get started, it’s essential to understand the key strengths and weaknesses of the Frozen Barbarian Fighter.



    • Impressive Durability: Frozen Barbarian Fighters are known for their high health and defense, making them excellent frontline warriors who can withstand enemy attacks and shield their allies.
    • Easy to Master: The straightforward gameplay of this class makes it accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of players.
    • Balanced Damage Output: Despite their primary role as a tank, Frozen Barbarian Fighters have a decent damage output, contributing significantly to battles while holding the line.




    • Vulnerable to Kiting: One of the downsides of this class is its susceptibility to kiting tactics due to its relative lack of mobility.
    • Potential for Monotony: The simplicity of the Frozen Barbarian Fighter’s combat style might seem monotonous to some players, leading to a perceived lack of variety in gameplay.
    • Lower Damage Output: While they offer decent damage, Frozen Barbarian Fighters may not match up to dedicated damage-dealing classes.


    Playing the Frozen Barbarian Fighter in Tarisland


    The Frozen Barbarian Fighter’s playstyle revolves around its passive ability and the strategic use of Frozen Runes. Here’s a quick rundown on how to play the Frozen Barbarian Fighter in Tarisland:


    • Understand Your Role: As the tank of the group, your primary responsibility is to absorb enemy damage, protect your teammates, and control the flow of battle.
    • Positioning is Vital: Position yourself between the enemy and your allies to shield them from harm. Be mindful of your surroundings and adjust your position as needed to intercept threats.
    • Cooldown Management: Learn the cooldowns of your abilities and use them strategically. Use crowd control abilities to disrupt enemy attacks and provide moments of respite for your team.
    • Survivability: Invest in gear and talents that enhance your survivability. Look for items that boost your health, resistance, and healing received.
    • Frozen Rune Stacks: Pay attention to your Frozen Rune stacks. Triggering this debuff with the Frost Strike ability at the right time can deal considerable damage and make you even tankier.


    Tarisland Frozen Barbarian Fighter Abilities


    Tarisland Frozen Barbarian Fighter Abilities


    Every Frozen Barbarian Fighter carries a set of unique abilities that are crucial to their performance on the battlefield. Here’s a closer look at them:


    • Frozen Rune: Accumulate Frozen Runes that grant your group a bonus aura of Firmness and increase Dual Defense by 2% during raids.
    • Chill Strike: Acquire 5 Frozen Runes to inflict damage and bolster your Dual Defense.
    • Storm Flying Axe: Obtain 10 Frozen Runes and propel an axe at your target, causing damage and restoring your health.
    • Frost Cross: Replace Storm Flying Axe with this ability to inflict damage and recover health.
    • Frost Strike: Obtain 15 Frozen Runes to unleash a powerful attack and provide a substantial damage reduction.
    • Axe Cyclone: Surround yourself with a whirlwind of airborne axes to inflict damage on nearby targets.
    • Death Fight: Elevate your Dual Defense, with the lower your health, the greater your damage immunity.
    • Frost Outbreak: Enhance your Glancing capabilities and amplify the growth rate of your Frozen Runes.


    Frozen Barbarian Fighter Builds


    In Tarisland, Frozen Barbarian Fighters can adopt various builds to suit different playstyles and situations. Here are two of the best builds for the Frozen Barbarian Fighter:

    • Storm Flying Axe Build: This build enhances your tank capabilities, making it ideal for tough raids or dungeons.
    • Frost Cross Build: This build lets you deal plenty of damage and stay quite tanky, ideal for Battlegrounds.


    Frozen Barbarian Fighter Best in Slot Gear


    While the exact details of equipment mechanics in Tarisland are yet to be fully unveiled, it is clear that Frozen Barbarian Fighters highly prioritize enhancements in pure Attack, as well as substantial boosts to HP and Max HP.


    Frozen Barbarian Fighter Rotation


    Here are two rotations that will work perfectly for the builds described above:

    • Storm Flying Axe Build Rotation: Start with Chill Strike and Frost Strike to obtain Frozen Runes, then consume all of them with the second ability, dealing a decent amount of damage.
    • Frost Cross Build Rotation: Start with Chill Strike and Frost Strike, then use Frost Cross and Death Fight to deal a decent amount of damage and become super tanky.


    Frozen Barbarian Fighter Leveling


    The leveling journey for a Frozen Barbarian Fighter can be a gradual and time-consuming process. To expedite your character’s progression, consider utilizing GladiatorBoost’s Powerleveling services.




    This Tarisland Frozen Barbarian Fighter Guide has unraveled the icy prowess of this formidable spec, equipping you with the knowledge and strategies needed to conquer the challenges of this enchanting realm. From mastering your gameplay and abilities to customizing effective builds, you have delved deep into the heart of this warrior’s journey.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the best Barbarian Fighter spec in Tarisland? The best spec depends on whether you prefer to act as a damage dealer or tank. The Frozen specialization lets you soak tons of damage, which is useful when participating in raids and dungeons.


    Is Frozen Barbarian Fighter good in Tarisland? Yes, this spec excels in tanking plenty of damage thanks to abilities like Storm Flying Axe / Frost Cross. It also has extremely powerful ultimates such as Contempt and Mockery.


    Is Frozen Barbarian Fighter hard to play in Tarisland? The only challenging aspect to master is when to use your defensive abilities to extract maximum benefits out of them.


    What is the best spec for Barbarian Fighter PvP Tarisland? If you prefer to soak damage and taunt enemies to distract them from your allies, the Frozen specialization is the best choice for PvP.


    Is Frozen Barbarian Fighter good in PvE Tarisland? Yes, Frozen Barbarian Fighter is an excellent choice for any PvE activities as you have a wide arsenal of abilities for tanking purposes.

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