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Tarisland Justice Paladin Guide: Your Ultimate Handbook

November 23, 2023

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    Welcome to the ultimate guide for the Justice Paladin in the mythical realm of Tarisland. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a rookie adventurer, we’ve got you covered. We’ve designed this guide to provide comprehensive insights and strategies that will help you mold your Justice Paladin into a beacon of justice, a formidable adversary, and a paragon of strategic depth.


    The Justice Paladin: Strengths and Weaknesses


    Tarisland Justice Paladin Guide


    Like every class in Tarisland, the Justice Paladin has its unique strengths and weaknesses. Let’s explore them:


    Pros of Justice Paladin


    Melee DPS Role: Justice Paladins are capable of dealing substantial damage to their foes, making them crucial in battles where high damage output is needed to defeat adversaries swiftly.


    Versatility in Group Content: Justice Paladins are valuable in group settings like dungeons or raids. They can focus on taking down single targets or dealing damage to multiple enemies due to their melee DPS role.


    Increased Damage Potential: Justice Paladins have a high Crit attribute, which increases the chance of landing a critical hit, causing significantly more damage than a regular hit.


    Cons of Justice Paladin


    Vulnerability to Crowd Control: As melee DPS characters, Justice Paladins often need to be in close proximity to their enemies, which can make them susceptible to crowd control effects.


    Dependence on Positioning: Justice Paladins need strategic placement in battle, which can be a double-edged sword. While it allows for tactical gameplay, mispositioning can lead to reduced effectiveness, increased damage taken, or even death.


    Resource Management: If the Justice Paladin class relies on a specific resource for their abilities, managing this resource effectively can be a significant challenge.


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    Mastering Justice Paladin Gameplay in Tarisland


    Understanding the unique abilities, dynamic builds, and tactical nuances of the Justice Paladin is key to excelling in Tarisland. Let’s break it down:


    Justice paladin abilities Tarisland


    Core Mechanics


    Combo Builder: Build up Power of Glory points, which modify your active abilities, adding powerful effects.


    Two Charge Abilities: Quick movement between targets is facilitated by two charging abilities with very low cooldowns.


    Powerful Modifiers: The Paladin’s random modifiers provide substantial damage boosts to abilities.


    Main Ability Choice: You can opt for an ability that gives you a guaranteed, random enhancement to your abilities, allowing for different builds that suit your playstyle.


    Smart Gameplay: Assess the random enhancements you receive and use them effectively instead of rushing into battle.


    Key Abilities


    Glory Strike: A reliable and rechargeable attack for consistent damage.


    Justice Thump: Effective against weaker enemies, especially if their HP is below 25%.


    Judgement Strike: Unleash magic damage on your foes.


    Earthquake (AOE): A crucial area-of-effect attack for dealing with multiple enemies.


    Punitive Storm (AOE): A powerful area-of-effect magic attack.


    Trial of Rage (buff): Enhances your critical hit rate and speed.


    Glory Judgement: Use Glory Strike to build up Justice Power for skill enhancement effects.


    Perfecting Your Justice Paladin Build


    Justice Paladins offer a range of builds suitable for different playstyles. Currently, the two standout builds are:


    Judgement Striker Build for PvP


    Divine Conqueror Build for PvE


    The Divine Conqueror build excels in dungeon raids and handling multiple enemies, thanks to its focus on area of effect (AOE) damage and team support abilities. On the other hand, the Judgement Striker build shines in PvP environments. It leverages the Paladin’s ability to deal high burst damage and control opponents, making it ideal for quick, decisive combat encounters.

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    Justice Paladin Best in Slot Gear


    Identifying the Best in Slot (BiS) gear for the Justice Paladin class in Tarisland is a challenging task due to the game being in its closed beta phase. Games often undergo significant changes during this period, including adjustments to gear effectiveness, class balance, and overall gameplay mechanics. These changes can drastically alter what is considered optimal gear.


    Therefore, it’s too soon to accurately determine the Best in Slot gear for the Justice Paladin class. Players interested in this aspect should keep an eye on future updates and community discussions as the game progresses toward its final form.


    Mastering Justice Paladin Combat Rotation


    Understanding the most effective ways to deploy your abilities is key to mastering the Justice Paladin’s combat style. Two specialized rotation strategies can be employed to maximize combat efficiency:


    Rotation 1: “Trial of Rage” -> “Earthquake” -> “Judgement Strike” (x2) -> “Justice Thump” (x2) -> “Glory Strike” (x2) -> “Punitive Storm”


    Rotation 2: “Trial of Rage” -> “Earthquake” -> “Justice Thump” -> “Judgement Strike” (x2) -> “Justice Thump” -> “Glory Strike” (x2) -> “Punitive Storm”


    Leveling Your Justice Paladin


    Embarking on the journey of leveling your Justice Paladin, with a focus on PvE, is an experience that blends strategic depth with the thrill of combat. Our specialized Tarisland Powerleveling services can significantly enhance your character’s progression, freeing you from the grind and long waits.




    Our Tarisland Justice Paladin guide has equipped you to wield the righteous might of this specialization, whether you prefer to specialize as a formidable tank or a powerful DPS. With this guide as your faithful ally, you are prepared to embark on a valiant quest in the thrilling world of Tarisland. May your battles be victorious and your legacy be legendary.

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