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Tarisland Rage Warrior Guide: Master the Path of the Fierce Warrior

November 03, 2023

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    Welcome to the ultimate guide to mastering the path of the Rage Warrior in the world of Tarisland. This comprehensive guide, brought to you by GladiatorBoost, will take you on a journey through the world of Tarisland, exploring the Rage Warrior’s potent abilities, versatile builds, and the best gear to equip. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a novice stepping into the world of Tarisland, this guide is your trusted companion on your journey to becoming an unstoppable force in the game.


    Tarisland Rage Warrior: An Overview


    The Rage Warrior, a class renowned for its devastating strength and relentless spirit, is a force to be reckoned with in Tarisland. As a Melee Tank/Damager, the Rage Warrior is a frontline soldier, representing strength and courage. The class mainly switches between Rage Form and Warshield Form. This guide will primarily focus on the Rage Form, offering in-depth insights into playing this form effectively.


    Rage Warrior’s Potent Abilities


    Tarisland rage warrior abilities


    The Rage Warrior class boasts a diverse range of abilities that allow them to devastate their enemies and control the battlefield. Here are some of the main abilities that the Rage Warrior can unleash:


    • Cross Slash: This forms the basic attack of the Rage Warrior, dealing damage to enemies within range.
    • Final Attack and Fury Blade: These are the core damage skills of the Rage Warrior. They are capable of dealing immense damage, making them essential in your arsenal.
    • Armor Pen: This ability reduces the armor of the enemy, making them more susceptible to your attacks.
    • Blade Cyclone: An AoE (Area of Effect) skill, this ability can be used to deal with waves of enemies.
    • Infinite Rage: This skill is a buff to your Warrior’s Rage generation and Damage Output, making your attacks even more potent.


    Building Your Rage Warrior: A Comprehensive Guide


    Tarisland rage warrior


    Creating a formidable Rage Warrior involves harnessing the power of the Warrior’s rage and combo mechanics. This build is designed to provide high DPS and serve as an effective boss slayer.


    Rage Warrior Talent Tree


    The first half of the Rage Warrior’s Talent Tree focuses on increasing your Damage through rage. The talents ‘Rage’ and ‘Rage Desire’ should be maxed out first. These skills increase your damage by 7.5% and your max Rage to 130, respectively.

    Next, focus on ‘Enhrage’ and ‘Berserk Blow’. These skills are linked to Rage, so you will need to unlock ‘Rage’ first. They work well with ‘Cross Assault’ and ‘Final Attack’, which form the core of this build.

    The ‘Enhance Rage’ talent increases your Speed by 5%, helping you build Rage and Combo. Using the ‘Armor Pen’ skill grants you instant Rage Status, allowing you to unleash ‘Fury Blade’ faster.


    Ultimate Talents for Maximum DPS


    The ultimate talents, such as ‘Rage Mastery’, ‘Blinding Rage’, and ‘Enhance Infinite Rage’, are essential for achieving high DPS. ‘Rage Mastery’ provides a massive 55% increase for every 150 Rage gain. ‘Blinding Rage’ and ‘Enhance Infinite Rage’ support ‘Rage Mastery’ by increasing your Infinite Rage duration to 14 seconds. During this window, you can continuously use ‘Fury Blade’ to deal immense damage.


    Tarisland Rage Warrior Builds


    Depending on your playstyle and team composition, the Rage Warrior class can adopt several builds. Two builds that are considered the best in the current meta are the ‘Cross Slash Build’ and the ‘Final Attack Build’. The ‘Cross Slash Build’ is perfect for leveling and slaying mobs in the open world, while the ‘Final Attack Build’ revolves around lowering your opponent’s HP, allowing you to finish them off with the ‘Final Attack’ ability.


    Tarisland Rage Warrior Gear


    While details about the equipment mechanics in Tarisland are yet to be fully disclosed, it is apparent that augmenting raw Attack power, along with substantial boosts to Critical Hit and Combo stats, will be key for the Rage Warrior. As more information becomes available, we will update this guide with insights into the best gear for the Rage Warrior.




    The path to mastering the Rage Warrior class in Tarisland is an exciting journey. With this comprehensive guide, you now have the knowledge and tactics you need to become an indomitable force in the game. Dominate your enemies utilizing Tarisland PvP Boosts as Rage Warrior, maximising potential rewards and loot. Remember, practice and experimentation are key to mastering any class. So, step into the world of Tarisland, unleash your fury, and carve your path to victory. Happy gaming!


    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What is the best Warrior spec in Tarisland?

    The Rage specialization is considered the best for dealing maximum damage in close-quarter combats.


    2. Is Rage Warrior good in Tarisland?

    Yes! If you can balance gaining and spending Rage resource, the Rage Warrior becomes an unstoppable force in the game.


    3. Is Rage Warrior hard to play in Tarisland?

    Not at all. With a set of straightforward and easy-to-use abilities, the Rage Warrior is a relatively simple class to master.


    4. What is the best spec for Warrior PvP in Tarisland?

    If your goal is to deal tons of damage, opt for the Rage specialization, specifically the Final Attack build.


    5. Is Rage Warrior good in PvE in Tarisland?

    Absolutely! With a wide range of abilities and talents, the Rage Warrior class is in great demand for both raiding and dungeon runs.


    6. How can I maximize DPS as a Rage Warrior in Tarisland?

    Learning the rotations for each build you intend to use, always striving to wear the best gear, and opting for talents that increase your build’s capabilities are essential to maximize DPS.

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