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Tarisland Solo Bard Guide – Unveiling the Harmony of Power

November 24, 2023

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    Welcome to the captivating universe of Tarisland where our Tarisland Solo Bard Guide takes you on a quest to master the art of solo musical dominance. Traverse through the myriad gameplay approaches, enchanting abilities, and customizable builds designed for adventurers who are eager to experience new modes of play.


    Whether your heart yearns for the serenity of a lone minstrel or the liberty to dictate your own fate, this all-inclusive guide is your key to unlocking the melodious might of the Solo Bard in the vast expanses of this realm.


    Solo Bard: Advantages & Drawbacks


    Tarisland Solo Bard Guide


    If you desire a balanced yet varied spec, the Solo Bard presents this opportunity like no other. In this section, we’ll compile all the strengths and weaknesses of Solo Bard to help you decide whether this specialization aligns with your gaming aspirations:


    Solo Bard Pros:


    Multipurpose Abilities: This spec boasts a mix of damage dealing and support skills, including healing, buffs, and crowd control, allowing them to skillfully navigate challenging scenarios with agility and adaptability.


    Self-Reliance: This Bard’s spec can alleviate damage and provide self-healing, offering a level of self-sustainability vital for solo adventuring.


    Role Flexibility: With access to a varied skill set, Solo Bards can adapt their playstyle, transitioning between damage-dealing, support, and control roles as the situation demands.


    Solo Bard Cons:


    Lower Damage Output: Compared to other damage-focused classes, the Solo Bard’s damage output might be relatively lower, especially in sustained combat situations.


    Dependence on Timing and Coordination: Their effectiveness heavily depends on the timing and coordination of abilities, making it more challenging to maximize potential compared to simpler classes.


    Limited Solo AoE Damage: Solo Bards might struggle when dealing with multiple opponents simultaneously due to the limited AoE damage in their skill set.


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    How to Play Solo Bard in Tarisland


    As we delve deeper into the Solo Bard DPS guide, we will explore the basics of this spec. This class has unique features that distinguish it from others.


    To make your introduction to this spec smooth and straightforward, we have prepared a concise explanation on how to play Solo Bard in Tarisland:


    Embrace Versatility: Utilize your diverse skill set, which includes healing melodies, crowd control tunes, and buffs, to adapt to various situations. Experiment with different combinations to discover your preferred playstyle.


    Manage Resources Efficiently: Monitor your resources, such as mana or stamina, as many Bard abilities consume these. Learn to balance offense, defense, and utility skills without depleting your reserves too quickly.


    Prioritize Survival: Invest in abilities that enhance your survivability. Healing songs, damage reduction, and crowd control can assist you in navigating through tough encounters when soloing.


    Use Support Abilities Wisely: Strategically employ your support abilities. Buff allies or weaken enemies with debuffs, heal yourself when required, and control the battlefield to your advantage.


    Adapt Your Playstyle: Modify your approach based on the adversaries you encounter. Against single formidable foes, focus on survival and damage. When facing multiple enemies, control the battlefield and manage threats.


    With your extensive set of skills and overall versatility, you can excel in any combat situation, whether you need to deal damage or heal yourself or allies.


    The Musical Score and Abilities of Tarisland Solo Bard


    tarisland solo bard abilities


    As we further delve into the guide, let’s closely examine the abilities you’ll be using in any encounter as a Tarisland Solo Bard:


    Musical Score


    Each time you cast Musical Note skills, it leaves a note on the musical score. When there are 3 notes, your Chord Score casts different Chord Skills based on specific note combinations. You also have a spec-unique aura, granting bonus Vitality that increases Main Attributes by 6% during raids.


    Zealous Voice


    This ability attacks the target dealing Magic damage equal to 65% of your attack +86. When using this spell, you leave a Red Note upon the musical score after cast.


    Voice of Force


    This ability attacks the target 1.5 times within 2 seconds. Each attack deals Magic damage equal to 44% of your attack +58. When using this spell, you leave an Orange Note upon the musical score after cast.


    Chord Score


    The effect of this cast varies based on the Note Combination:


    Warlike Chord – Red x3: Deal Magic damage equal to 104% of your attack +137. Chord Effect boosts your damage by 10% for 32 seconds.


    Spiritual Chord – Red x3 and Orange x1: Deal Magic damage equal to 117% of your attack +154. Chord Effect boosts your Combo Rate +10 for 24 seconds.


    Rhythmic Chord – Red x1 and Orange x2: Attack the target 2 times, and each attack deals Magic damage equal to 64% of your attack +86. Chord Effect makes your next Voice of Force cast instantly, lasting for 8 seconds.


    Swiftness Chord – Orange x3: Attack the target 3 times, and each attack deals Magic damage equal to 40% of your attack +55. Chord Effect allows you to get x1 Red Note.


    Passionate Play


    This ability inspires the power of music to hit the target, dealing Physical damage equal to 304% +395, and boosting your attack by 3 for 34 seconds.


    Sonic Boom


    This ability, after chanting for 1.5 seconds, triggers a Sonic Boom at the targeted place, dealing Magic damage equal to 102% of your attack +134.


    Wild Music


    This ability plays wild music for the next 15 seconds that boosts your Crit Rate and Combo Rate by 10%. In addition, Crit and Combo will be increased by 130, and the Speed-up effect will be increased by 5%.


    Solo Bard Ultimate Abilities in Tarisland


    As with all other classes and specs, you have 6 Tarisland Solo Bard ultimates in total. These include:


    Potential Unleash





    Chaos Melody


    Best Solo Bard Builds in Tarisland


    Solo Bard is a highly versatile specialization, offering several builds for you to choose from. As of today, the two best Solo Bard builds are the Zealous Voice Build and the Elegant Voice Build.


    Best Solo Bard PvE Build


    For fast leveling and efficient mob clearing, the Zealous Voice build is the best one to opt for. This is your main ability you cannot ignore and are going to use a lot to generate Red Notes.


    Best Solo Bard PvP Build


    As for the best Tarisland Solo Bard PvP build, the Elegant Voice one is recommended. This is centered around the replaced Voice of Force spell.


    Solo Bard Best in Slot Gear Tarisland


    As we eagerly anticipate the full unveiling of equipment mechanics within Tarisland, we regrettably lack the specific details to offer at this moment. However, our unwavering commitment to keeping you informed remains steadfast, and we will promptly update our article as fresh insights emerge regarding the Solo Bard best in slot gear.


    Solo Bard Rotation Tarisland


    Due to your Musical Score passive, it is essential to learn the best Solo Bard rotation no matter what build you decide to use and what content you prefer.


    To fully equip your Solo Bard with the best gear and resources, having ample gold is essential. You can streamline this process by using GladiatorBoost’s service to buy Tarisland Gold. This service ensures you have the necessary financial resources to enhance your Solo Bard’s gear and abilities, allowing you to focus more on enjoying the gameplay and less on the grind for gold.


    Solo Bard Leveling Tarisland


    Mastering the path of Tarisland Solo Bard leveling demands patience and dedicated effort. To expedite your character’s journey to mastery and unlock their full potential more swiftly, our specialized Powerleveling services present a viable solution.


    In conclusion, embarking on the journey of the Tarisland Solo Bard guide has been an enchanting exploration into the harmonious world of musical prowess. This article has unraveled the intricate gameplay strategies, versatile abilities, and adaptive builds essential for adventurers traversing the melodic landscapes of Tarisland.

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