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Tarisland Soul Snatch Phantom Necro Guide: Unleashing the Power of the Undead

November 24, 2023

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    Welcome to this comprehensive Tarisland Soul Snatch Phantom Necro Guide where we will navigate the mystical world of Tarisland, uncovering the secrets of the Soul Snatch Phantom Necro. As the latest addition to the game, this class brings a unique set of skills and mechanics that are sure to intrigue both novice and experienced players alike.


    An Introduction to Tarisland Soul Snatch Phantom Necro


    Tarisland soul snatch necro guide


    The Soul Snatch Phantom Necro class in Tarisland is a captivating addition that brings a new dimension to the gameplay. This class allows you to command an army of undead minions and wield ghostly powers to control the battlefield. With its unique abilities and strategies, the Soul Snatch Phantom Necro class offers an exciting and challenging gameplay experience.


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    The Pros and Cons of Soul Snatch Phantom Necro in Tarisland


    Before delving into the depths of the gameplay, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of the Soul Snatch Phantom Necro class in Tarisland.




    Master of Undeath: Command an array of undead minions, strategically positioning them to overwhelm enemies with sheer numbers.


    Ethereal Abilities: Utilize spectral powers and abilities to manipulate life force and control crowds, enabling potent damage-dealing capacities.


    Versatile Role: With a blend of summoning, debuffing, and damaging abilities, this class can adapt its role to serve as a summoner, controller of the battlefield, or a formidable damage dealer.




    Resource Management: Balancing summoned minions, soul essence, and cooldowns can be complex, requiring careful attention to optimize effectiveness.


    Reliance on Minions: The effectiveness of this class heavily depends on the performance and survival of summoned minions, leading to potential vulnerabilities when they are depleted.


    Complexity in Playstyle: Mastering the nuanced gameplay and coordinating abilities to maximize effectiveness may pose a steep learning curve for some players.


    How to Play Soul Snatch Phantom Necro in Tarisland


    To master the Soul Snatch Phantom Necro class, you must learn the art of necromancy and command spirits to your will. Below is a brief guide on how to play Soul Snatch Phantom Necromancer in Tarisland:


    Summon and Control Minions: Use your Bone Spirit to summon a Wraith. Ensure your Soul Energy level is 5 or higher to do so.


    Manage Resources Prudently: Efficiently manage your resources, balancing Soul Energy, cooldowns, and the lifespan of summoned minions.


    Adapt to Various Roles: This class is versatile, so adapt your playstyle as needed, whether focusing on summoning, crowd control, or dealing damage.


    Learn the Rotations: Mastering the correct rotations is crucial as you highly rely on your Soul Energy resource.


    Stay Alive: Keep a distance from enemy melee DPS to start and finish your ability combos with a higher chance and cover your allies.


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    Tarisland Soul Snatch Phantom Necro Abilities


    Tarisland soul snatch necro abilities


    The Soul Snatch Phantom Necro class in Tarisland boasts a range of unique abilities, including:


    Souljar: Used to store souls, from which the power of the soul can be extracted when needed.


    Soul Arrow: Deals 55% + 147 Magic damage and grants you a 10% chance to obtain 1 Soul Energy.


    Soultrap: Suck the soul out of the target, attacking the enemy 2 times within 3 seconds.


    Bone Spirit: Consume 1 Soul Energy to cast this spell on the target, dealing Magic damage equal to 165% of your attack +434.


    Shadow Blade: Swings at the target, dealing 326% of your attack +861 Magic damage, and gaining 5 Soul Energy.


    Soul Elegy: Summon four ghostly spirits at the marked area, dealing 10% of your attack +70 Magic damage every second to enemies in this location.


    Soulburst: Increase attack by 133 for 8 seconds, and consume up to 5 Soul Energy to obtain the enhanced Soul Arrow.


    Tarisland Soul Snatch Phantom Necro Ultimates


    Similar to other classes, you have six ultimates at your disposal:


    Shadow Speed: Boost your movement speed by 70% for 8 seconds.


    Styx Pulse: Knockback nearby enemies.


    Borrowed Time: For the next 6 seconds, convert a percentage of damage taken into healing.


    Evil Energy: Interrupt a target’s spellcasting.


    Hellblaze: Command Underworld Fire to burn the target.


    Soul Bind: Connect the target to one of their nearest enemies while reducing their movement speed.


    Best Soul Snatch Phantom Necro Builds


    While specific builds for the Soul Snatch Phantom Necro class in Tarisland are yet to be discovered, our team has theorized two promising builds:


    Soul Arrow Build


    Bone Spirit / Tangled Soul Build


    These builds are designed to maximize the efficiency of your gameplay, focusing on both single-target precision and widespread devastation.


    Soul Snatch Phantom Necro Best in Slot Gear Tarisland


    Details of equipment mechanics in Tarisland remain undisclosed at this time. However, it is clear that those playing Soul Snatch Phantom Necros will prioritize augmenting raw Attack and Combo stats.


    Soul Snatch Phantom Necro Rotation Tarisland


    The best rotation strategy to achieve the highest DPS is centered around the Soul Arrow and Soultrap abilities to gather enough Souls to enhance your other abilities or summon minions to assist you in battle.


    Soul Snatch Phantom Necro Leveling Tarisland


    Mastery of both single and AoE damage makes the Tarisland Soul Snatch Phantom Necro leveling process straightforward. While the challenge lies in maintaining consistent damage output due to inherent immobility in combat, strategic positioning and adept kiting techniques prove invaluable in efficiently eliminating adversaries.


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    Our Tarisland Soul Snatch Phantom Necro Guide offers a dark and enthralling journey into the realm of necromancy. This class commands the shadows with finesse, proving to be a formidable force in both single-target precision and wide-scale devastation.




    What is the best Phantom Necro spec in Tarisland? The Soul Snatch specialization is centered around dealing damage, making it the best choice for those wishing to destroy opponents with dark magic.


    Is Soul Snatch Phantom Necro good in Tarisland? Absolutely. This class excels in both PvE and PvP scenarios due to its powerful solo and AoE abilities.


    Is Soul Snatch Phantom Necro hard to play Tarisland? Compared to other range casters, this class may pose a slight challenge due to its complex playstyle and the need to manage multiple resources effectively.


    What is the best spec for Phantom Necro PvP Tarisland? The Soul Snatch spec is the best for dealing damage in PvP scenarios.


    How do I maximize DPS Soul Snatch Phantom Necro Tarisland? Start by learning the basics of your abilities and rotations, then experiment with possible builds to find the one that works best.


    Join us in this mystical journey and master the art of necromancy with the Soul Snatch Phantom Necro class in Tarisland!

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