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The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Gold in Tarisland

October 29, 2023

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    Will you be prepared to amass wealth in the mysterious lands of Tarisland? Discover the best strategies for farming gold and enhancing your gameplay experience.


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    Tarisland, the upcoming MMORPG, holds many secrets and treasures for players to uncover. One such treasure is gold, the primary currency in the game. This guide will disclose all you need to know about how to get gold in Tarisland. Let’s dive in!


    An Overview of Tarisland


    Tarisland is an upcoming MMORPG that promises to offer players an immersive gaming experience. The game is currently in its testing phase, with the beta version likely to be released on November 13.


    Understanding Tarisland’s Currency System


    Tarisland operates on a dual currency system: gold and silver. These currencies aren’t interchangeable like in other games, but each has its distinct value and significance.

    Gold: The most sought-after currency in the game, gold is used to purchase essential gameplay items from vendors and the auction.

    Silver: Unlike in games like World of Warcraft, silver in Tarisland is not a lesser version of gold but a separate currency with different uses, such as profession change, which costs 2,000 silver coins.


    The Importance of Gold in Tarisland


    Gold plays a vital role in the Tarisland gaming experience. From purchasing basic gameplay items to bidding on the auction, gold is the currency that keeps your game moving.


    Top Techniques to Get Gold in Tarisland


    There are several ways to farm gold in Tarisland, but the most effective methods are crafting items with professions and gathering resources.


    Crafting Items to Earn Gold


    Crafting items is a straightforward yet potent way to earn gold. The process involves leveling up a profession, gathering the necessary resources, crafting popular items, and selling them for profit. Professions like Artisan and Alchemy are highly recommended for efficient gold farming.

    a. Saving Vigor and Earning Gold


    Here’s a simple hack to save Vigor and earn gold:


    Create a fresh character and account.


    With your primary character, make a trade offer at the Auction by selling raw materials (like ore, herbs, etc.).


    Buy all these materials on your new account.


    You’ve now regained Vigor and can use it to create items with the supplies your main character gave you.


    This technique helps you use Vigor for resource collection on one character and spend Vigor on crafting items on another, optimizing your gold farming process.


    Resource Gathering for Gold


    Resource gathering is another effective way to earn gold. While you don’t directly get gold from resources, you can sell them to other players through the Auction.

    It’s a simple process: roam around, farm resources from mobs, and sell them in bulk at the Auction. However, remember that gathering resources consumes Vigor points, so use them wisely.


    Tarisland Gold Farming Tips and Tricks


    Here are some additional tips to maximize your gold farming efforts:

    Join a guild. Teamwork makes gold farming easier and more profitable.

    Use mounts for faster movement.

    Unlock new waypoints for quick travel.


    Farming Silver in Tarisland


    Although this guide focuses on gold farming, it’s worth mentioning that silver also plays a vital role in Tarisland. You can earn silver by participating in Tarisland Raids, completing achievements, and finishing all possible quests.


    The Role of Currency in Tarisland


    The currency in Tarisland plays a pivotal role in the gaming experience. Here are some ways you’ll use your gold and silver:

    Auction: This is the primary trading platform where you’ll spend and earn most of your in-game currency.

    Vendors: Vendors sell useful materials for various professions. You can buy materials from vendors, craft valuable items, and resell them at the auction.

    Profession Change: Changing your profession costs 2,000 silver coins.

    Crafting: Crafting items also requires a certain amount of currency.


    Closing Thoughts


    This guide should equip you with all you need to know about how to get gold in Tarisland. However, as the game develops, strategies may evolve. Stay tuned for updates and happy gaming!

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