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The Ultimate Season of Discovery Hunter Guide

December 03, 2023

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    WoW Season of discovery Boosting blog


    Welcome to the comprehensive guide to mastering the Hunter class in the exciting WoW Season of Discovery (SoD). This newly introduced version breathes fresh life into the classic gameplay with its novel content and features. At the heart of these changes is the introduction of powerful runes that fundamentally transform class functionalities. This guide serves as a one-stop solution for all your Hunter-DPS related queries, aiming to help you excel in every content Phase of SoD.


    Pros and Cons of Playing a Hunter in Season of Discovery


    Season of discovery Hunter Guide


    Before diving into the intricacies of the Hunter’s gameplay, let’s take a look at the advantages and challenges of choosing this class.




    Distinct DPS Class: Hunters stand out as the only “pure” DPS class in this season, offering a unique gameplay experience.


    Impressive DPS Output: New runes such as Explosive Shot, Master Marksman, and Flanking Strike enable Hunters to deliver substantial DPS.


    New Playstyle Dimensions: The incorporation of melee weaving adds a fresh perspective to the Hunter’s playstyle.


    Versatility Across Game Modes: Hunters perform exceptionally well across all aspects of the game, from leveling to raids and PvP.


    Strong Solo Ability and Leveling Potential: Hunters are highly efficient in solo play, making them excellent for leveling up and solo challenges.


    New Abilities and Buffs: Abilities like Aspect of the Lion provide beneficial buffs for party/raid members.




    Limited AoE Damage: Hunters’ AoE damage abilities are relatively weak, especially at lower levels.


    High Skill Ceiling: To maximize DPS, players need to master a high-skill playstyle, which might be challenging for some.


    Ranged Abilities Dead Zone: Hunters must maintain optimal positioning due to the dead zone of 5-8 yards for maintaining ranged damage.


    Dependency on Runes for Melee Playstyle: The viability of the melee hunter playstyle heavily depends on specific runes like Flanking Strike and Carve.


    Pet Management: At lower levels, managing and optimizing the pet’s contribution to overall damage can be crucial.


    Playing Hunter in Season of Discovery


    In the WoW SoD, the Hunter class boasts two potential builds – the stationary ranged DPS with the Marksman talent tree and the highly mobile melee DPS with a focus on the Survival talent tree. The introduction of new Hunter-specific runes such as Explosive Shot and Master Marksman significantly amplify your DPS capabilities, while also providing new strategies and approaches to battle.


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    Choosing the Best Race for Hunter in WoW Season of Discovery


    Both Alliance and Horde offer two races for Hunters. For Alliance Hunters, the Night Elf is the preferred choice due to their higher base agility. For the Horde, the Troll is the ideal choice, especially for PvE, thanks to their advantageous racial passives like Beast Slaying, Berserk, and Bow Specialization.


    Hunter Stat Priorities


    The following stats should be prioritized when equipping new gear:


    Agility: Directly increases your attack power, which boosts your damage output.


    Attack Power: Directly increases the damage you deal with your attacks.


    Critical Strike: Increases the likelihood that your attacks will hit for additional damage.


    Hit Rating: Reduces the chance of your attacks missing their target.


    Best Hunter Runes in SoD


    The Hunter class in WoW SoD benefits from various impactful runes. However, there are three primary Hunter runes that you need to obtain for your builds:


    Master Marksman Rune (Chest Slot): Enhances your critical strike chance by 5% and reduces the mana cost of all shot abilities by 25%.


    Explosive Shot Rune (Hands Slot): Provides a high DPS output with its initial hit and subsequent damage ticks.


    Flanking Strike Rune (Legs Slot): Offers a major increase in melee damage, dealing 100% more melee damage on the next attack and providing a stacking buff that increases damage by up to 30%.


    Hunter Leveling Guide in SoD


    Leveling a Hunter in SoD is a fast and efficient process, especially after level 10, when you can tame a pet. Key strategies include continuous movement, pulling multiple mobs to minimize downtime, and mastering melee weaving, where you alternate between ranged attacks and using Raptor Strike in melee range.


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    Best Hunter Builds in SoD


    There are two primary Hunter builds – one focused on ranged combat and the other on melee combat. These builds are likely to evolve over time and are currently tailored for Phase 1, which covers up to level 25.


    Ranged Build: This build focuses on maintaining distance and exclusively utilizing ranged abilities. It’s simpler to learn and more accessible for newcomers to the class.


    Melee Build: This build emphasizes melee weaving, a skill every hunter should master for a notable DPS boost.


    Hunter Best in Slot Gear in SoD


    The following list comprises recommended gear for the initial Phase 1. It’s important to note that this phase also includes a raid that offers the next level of BiS gear.


    Hunter Rotation


    Your WoW Hunter rotation in SoD will depend on the build that you have chosen for yourself. For the turret build, initiate with Serpent Sting, maintaining distance from the target, while for the melee weave build, start with a ranged attack like Serpent Sting or Auto Shot, then move into melee range to use Raptor Strike when your ranged abilities are on cooldown.


    Hunter Best Professions in SoD


    Choosing the best professions for your Hunter can significantly enhance your gameplay. Engineering is essential for crafting gear and explosives useful in both PvE and PvP, while Leatherworking is ideal for crafting specific Hunter gear.


    Hunter Best Consumables


    Selection of the best Hunter consumables varies based on the content you’re engaging in. Some of the essential consumables for any activity include Free Action Potion, Elixir of Lesser Agility, Mana Potion, and Elixir of Fortitude.






    This guide has provided a comprehensive overview for both new and veteran players to excel in the WoW Season of Discovery. Remember, GladiatorBoost’s boosting services can be a great help for those looking to save time and dive straight into higher-level content.




    Q: What are The Best runes for Hunter in WoW Season of Discovery?
    A: Key runes for Hunters include Master Marksman, Explosive Shot, and Flanking Strike.


    Q: How To Level Hunter in WoW Season of Discovery?
    A: Leveling a Hunter involves mastering melee weaving and efficient pet management.


    Q: Are Hunters Good in WoW Season of Discovery?
    A: Yes, Hunters in WoW SoD are highly effective, specializing in DPS roles with significant output and versatility.


    Q: Is Hunter Hard to Play in WoW Season of Discovery?
    A: Playing a Hunter can be challenging initially due to the high skill ceiling, but they become powerful and versatile at higher levels.


    Q: What is The Best Profession For Hunter in WoW Season of Discovery?
    A: Engineering is the top profession, offering essential gear and explosives for PvE and PvP.


    Q: Are Hunters Good in PvE WoW Season of Discovery?
    A: Hunters excel in PvE, particularly in endgame content, with their strong DPS capabilities and unique playstyle.


    Q: How do I Maximize DPS as a Hunter in WoW Season of Discovery?
    A: Maximizing DPS as a Hunter involves prioritizing agility and attack power in gear, mastering your rotation, and effectively using runes.

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