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Warzone Fortune’s Keep Easter Eggs Season 2 Guide

March 15, 2024

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    Welcome to the ultimate guide to the Warzone Fortune’s Keep Easter Eggs in Season 2! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through all the hidden challenges and quests in Fortune’s Keep, along with the exclusive rewards that await you. Whether you’re a seasoned Warzone player or just starting out, this guide will help you navigate the mysteries of Fortune’s Keep and emerge victorious.


    What are Warzone Fortune’s Keep Easter Eggs?


    Warzone Fortune's Keep Easter Eggs


    Warzone Fortune’s Keep Easter Eggs are hidden challenges and quests scattered throughout the Fortune’s Keep map. These Easter Eggs offer players the opportunity to unlock exclusive rewards, such as weapon blueprints, emblems, charms, and calling cards. By completing these challenges, you can enhance your gameplay and stand out from the competition.


    The Seven Hidden Challenges


    To fully explore the Fortune’s Keep Easter Eggs, you must complete seven hidden challenges. Each challenge is unique and requires different strategies to overcome. Let’s take a closer look at each challenge and how to complete them.


    Dragon Stirs


    The Dragon Stirs challenge is one of the most exciting quests in Fortune’s Keep. It takes place in the Keep that hosts a secret battle between dragons. To complete this challenge, follow these steps:


    Start the Dragon Stirs quest at the Lighthouse POI.


    Locate a gas can and use it to fill up the generator at the top of the lighthouse.


    Aim the light beam at the first bird nest and rotate the spotlight using the Lighthouse controls.


    Obtain three lenses from binocular visors in different locations: Ground Zero, Winery, and Terraces.


    Place the lenses into the binoculars and reflect the light from the Lighthouse onto each location.


    Once completed, enjoy the firework show and unlock the Crimson Wyrm universal camo.


    Room of the Hazard Zone


    Prepare for a hazardous adventure in the Room of the Hazard Zone. This challenge takes place in Ground Zero’s secret laboratory. Follow these steps to complete it:


    Enter the laboratory through the doorway marked “Sec B.”


    Navigate through the lab, avoiding electrical hazards.


    Activate three switches within a 10-second window to progress.


    Dive into the water and swim through a tunnel to reach the hidden Hazard Room.


    Unlock the Fortune’s Keep free emblem and claim your loot, which may include the Ray Gun.


    Secret Vault


    The Secret Vault is a treasure trove of loot and rewards. To unlock its riches, follow these steps:


    Reach the Throne Room in the Keep’s center.


    Interact with the lights on the walls next to the throne to reveal a hidden staircase.


    Descend the secret passage and find the round door with clock-like rings.


    Solve the puzzle by lighting up the rings that match the glowing torches on the wall.


    Open the Vault door and loot the supply boxes, including personal loadout weapons.


    Exit through the tunnel or take the stairs back to the Throne Room.


    Zarkour Race


    Are you up for a thrilling parkour race? The Zarkour Race challenge will test your agility and speed. Follow these steps to complete it:


    Locate the starting flag at the top of the Winery compound.


    Chase down all the flags within the time limit.


    Finish the race and collect power-ups based on your performance.


    Enjoy the rewards, which include Double Points, Full Armor, Max Ammo, and more.


    Bank’s Security Boxes


    Prepare for a daring bank heist in the Town POI. To complete the Bank’s Security Boxes challenge, follow these steps:


    Locate three electric drills within the Town POI.


    Use the electric drills to open the locked door on the second floor of the bank.


    Enter the room and open three security deposit boxes to claim your reward.


    Be aware of the random spawn locations of the electric drills.


    Cursed Skull


    Uncover the secrets of the Cursed Skull and unlock its hidden rewards. Follow these steps to complete the challenge:


    Head to the overlook tower and clear the debris blocking a concealed chamber.


    Pick up the Cursed Relic shaped like a skull inside the chamber.


    Defeat five players while carrying the skull to reveal the location of a secret chest.


    Loot the chest to obtain a random wonder weapon and other valuable items.


    Research Vessel


    The Research Vessel challenge is a thrilling quest that takes place on a mobile POI. Here’s how to complete it:


    Find the Research Vessel parked near the shore of the map.


    Locate the Mysterious Key within the vessel.


    Use the key to unlock a locked door on the upper deck of the vessel.


    Explore the room and collect valuable loot, including personal loadout weapons.


    Unlocking the Regal Blueprint


    By completing all seven hidden challenges in Fortune’s Keep, you can unlock the Regal blueprint for the SOA Subverter battle rifle. The Regal blueprint is an exclusive reward that will give you an edge in battle. To unlock the blueprint, follow this guide and conquer each hidden challenge.


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    The Warzone Fortune’s Keep Easter Eggs Season 2 Guide is your ticket to unlocking exclusive rewards and enhancing your Warzone gameplay. By completing the seven hidden challenges in Fortune’s Keep, you can earn the Regal blueprint and other valuable rewards. Whether you choose to tackle these challenges on your own or seek assistance from GladiatorBoost, the satisfaction of conquering each Easter Egg is unmatched. Join the ranks of elite Warzone players and embark on this exciting journey in Fortune’s Keep. Happy hunting!

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