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Warzone Mobile 2024: A Comprehensive Review of the Best Guns

March 21, 2024

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    Amid the mixed reviews for “Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile,” enthusiasts and critics alike are on the lookout for the best guns in Warzone Mobile, a key factor that can greatly enhance the gaming experience. As the game gears up for its 2024 release on both Android and iOS platforms, it promises to bridge the gap between console, PC, and mobile players through its innovative features and cross-platform connectivity.


    This article delves into Warzone Mobile’s arsenal, from the dominant SMGs and LMGs shaping the Warzone meta loadouts to the exceptional sniper and marksman rifles that redefine precision. Additionally, it offers insight into the Warzone meta guns, highlighting which Cod Mobile best guns and best loadouts are pivotal for securing victories, alongside expert weapon builds designed to navigate the challenging dynamics of Warzone Mobile effectively.


    Top Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles


    Warzone Mobile Best Guns 2024


    In the dynamic battlegrounds of Warzone Mobile, mastering the top assault rifles and battle rifles is crucial for survival and victory. These weapons balance power, precision, and versatility, making them indispensable in the warzone meta loadouts.


    Holger 556 & RAM-7: Leading the charge, the Holger 556 offers a unique blend of assault rifle and LMG capabilities, perfect for area control and enemy suppression. Similarly, the RAM-7’s high rate of fire and accuracy make it a formidable choice for close-to-mid-range combat. Both rifles boast META ratings and are equipped with attachments like the VT-7 SPIRITFIRE SUPPRESSOR and BRUEN HEAVY SUPPORT GRIP to enhance their battlefield performance.


    SVA 545 & BP50: Not far behind, the SVA 545 shines with its accuracy and formidable firepower, while the BP50 stands out in its tier for unmatched accuracy. These rifles are tailored for those who prioritize precision and effectiveness, with loadouts designed to maximize their potential.


    Emerging Contenders: The MTZ-556 and STB 556 offer a balanced mix of stability, firepower, and range, catering to versatile playstyles. The SOA Subverter and MTZ-762, with specific pick rates and META tier rankings, provide unique advantages in Resurgence modes, highlighting their adaptability and up-to-date relevance in Season 2’s evolving meta.


    By leveraging these top-tier assault rifles and battle rifles with their optimal loadouts, players can significantly enhance their Warzone Mobile experience, adapting to various combat scenarios with confidence and strategic advantage.


    Dominant SMGs and LMGs


    In the adrenaline-fueled arenas of Warzone Mobile, the dominance of SMGs and LMGs cannot be overstated, offering players a blend of firepower, agility, and tactical versatility. Leading the charge in the LMG category, the Bruen Mk9 and Pulemyot 762 stand out with their META Tier status, showcasing high pick rates of 7.93% and 7.28% respectively. These LMGs are celebrated for their prowess in both Resurgence and Multiplayer modes, with the Bruen Mk9 being lauded for its high damage output and controllable recoil, ideal for mid to long-range engagements. On the other hand, the Pulemyot 762 is feared for its rapid takedown ability, even against armored foes.


    Bruen Mk9 Best Loadout:




    CORIO EAGLESEYE 2.5X (Optic)




    60 ROUND MAG (Magazine)


    STIP-40 GRIP (Rear Grip)


    Pulemyot 762 Best Loadout:






    CORIO EAGLESEYE 2.5X (Optic)






    Shifting focus to the realm of SMGs, the AMR9 and Striker 9 emerge as frontrunners, both categorized as high fire rate SMGs with low recoil, making them indispensable for close-quarters combat. The AMR9, in particular, is praised for its accessibility to newcomers and aggressive players who prefer engaging enemies up close. Similarly, the Striker 9 is a go-to choice for swiftly eliminating opponents in tight spaces, bolstering its position as a staple in Warzone meta loadouts.


    AMR9 & Striker 9 Highlights:


    High fire rate


    Low recoil


    Ideal for close-range combat and aggressive playstyles


    By integrating these SMGs and LMGs into their Warzone Mobile arsenal, players can adapt to a wide range of combat scenarios, ensuring they’re always a step ahead in the heat of battle.


    Exceptional Sniper and Marksman Rifles


    Warzone Mobile Rank Boost


    In the realm of Warzone Mobile, the sniper and marksman rifles stand as pivotal tools for players aiming to dominate from a distance. Among these, the KATT-AMR emerges as the premier choice for those seeking lethal long-range capabilities. Its optimal control and bullet velocity make it a fearsome weapon, albeit with a slow reloading speed. The best loadout for the KATT-AMR includes:




    ZANG-34 BARREL (Barrel)




    .50 CAL HIGH VELOCITY (Ammunition)




    For players prioritizing precision, the XRK Stalker offers excellent accuracy and damage with a longer range scope and rapid fire rate. However, its effectiveness diminishes at close range. Its recommended loadout comprises:




    FISSION 60 BARREL (Barrel)




    .50 CAL HIGH GRAIN ROUNDS (Ammunition)




    On the marksman front, the DM56 stands out with its high damage output, superior accuracy, and great mobility, making it a formidable choice for those who excel in precision shooting. The best loadout for the DM56 includes:






    CORIO EAGLESEYE 2.5X (Optic)




    40 ROUND MAG (Magazine)


    These selections, when equipped with their optimal loadouts, provide Warzone Mobile players with a significant advantage in long-range engagements, catering to various playstyles and tactical approaches.


    Best Shotguns and Special Weapons


    In the fast-paced combat of Warzone Mobile, shotguns and special weapons play a crucial role in close-range encounters, offering players a chance to dominate in tight spaces. Among the arsenal, the Haymaker shotgun emerges as a favorite with a pick rate of 1.10%, recommended for its versatility across Battle Royale, Resurgence, and Multiplayer modes. Its best loadouts, including the Crown Breaker Choke and Imperator Long Barrel, enhance its close combat efficacy.


    Top Shotguns for Close Combat:


    Haymaker: Known for its fast fire rate and high handling, making it ideal for quick engagements.


    Riveter: Balances stability and reliability with decent fire-rate and damage, ensuring precise hits.


    Lockwood 680: Offers versatility and control, a viable choice for various combat scenarios.


    Special weapons, though not as commonly chosen, provide unique advantages in specific situations. The Expedite 12 and Bryson 890 shotguns, with their fast fire rates and high handling stats, are recommended for players who excel in rapid close-range combat. These weapons, when equipped with their optimal loadouts, can significantly alter the outcome of a skirmish, making them worthy of consideration for any Warzone Mobile player looking to enhance their arsenal for close combat.




    Throughout the comprehensive review of Warzone Mobile 2024’s arsenal, we’ve explored the varied weaponry that stands as the cornerstone of victory and strategic gameplay. From the unmatched versatility and firepower of top-tier assault rifles and battle rifles to the swift and devastating efficiency of SMGs and LMGs, each category offers unique advantages to cater to different playstyles. The meticulous detail provided on optimal loadouts for sniper, marksman rifles, shotguns, and special weapons further empowers players to tailor their combat approach, ensuring readiness for any battlefield scenario Warzone Mobile presents.


    As we look toward Warzone Mobile’s 2024 release, the significance of selecting the right weaponry cannot be overstated. Mastery over the best guns and their most effective configurations promises not only a competitive edge but also a richer, more immersive gaming experience. Thus, as players gear up to dive into the evolving landscapes and fierce competitions of Warzone Mobile, embracing the insights and recommendations shared here promises to be a pivotal step in their journey toward domination and triumph.




    What are the current top guns in Warzone? The leading firearms in Warzone at present include the BP50, KATT-AMR, MCW, KV Inhibitor, Striker, MTZ 556, Rival-9, and Holger 26. These guns are favored for their performance on the battlefield.


    Which assault rifle is considered the best in the game Vondel? In Vondel’s intense combat environment, the M13B stands out as the preferred assault rifle. It is celebrated for its rapid fire rate and high-speed killing capability, making it a reliable weapon for players at all skill levels.


    How extensive is the arsenal in Warzone Mobile? Warzone Mobile is set to feature an expansive armory with a total of 123 weapons. These will be categorized into ten distinct classes, including Assault Rifles, ensuring a wide variety for players to choose from.


    What is the top assault rifle in Warzone 2 at the moment? The current leading assault rifle in Warzone 2 is the Chimera, with other notable mentions such as the TAQ-56, M4, Lachmann-556, ISO Hemlock, M13C, Kastov-74U, and the M16. These ARs are ranked based on their usage rates and effectiveness in combat situations.

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