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Wild Rift Akshan Guide

January 11, 2024

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    Welcome to our comprehensive Wild Rift Akshan Guide. Here, we’ll delve into the intricacies of playing Akshan in the mid or duo lanes and provide detailed insights into his abilities, item builds, runes, and tips to maximize his potential.


    Who is Akshan in Wild Rift?


    Wild Rift Akshan Guide


    Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, is a champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Known for his agility and damage output, he embodies an aggressive playstyle that can turn the tide of battles. With the right tactics, Akshan can dominate his lanes, roam around the map, and contribute significantly to his team’s victory.


    Akshan’s Abilities in Wild Rift


    Akshan’s abilities revolve around mobility, damage, and unique mechanics that reward proactive gameplay.


    Passive: Dirty Fighting


    Every third hit from Akshan’s attacks or abilities inflicts extra magic damage, and he gains a shield that absorbs incoming damage. This passive ability is indicated by a bar underneath the mana bar.


    Q: Avengerang


    Akshan throws a boomerang that extends its range each time it hits an enemy. This ability is Akshan’s primary tool for poking and dealing damage during the laning phase.


    W: Going Rogue


    This ability has both a passive and an active aspect. The passive component marks enemies who kill allied champions as Scoundrels. Eliminating a Scoundrel rewards Akshan with gold and instantly revives the slain allies. The active component allows Akshan to camouflage himself for a short period while gaining bonus movement speed towards Scoundrels.


    E: Heroic Swing


    Akshan fires a hook to swing around terrain, attacking the nearest enemy for physical damage. This is Akshan’s main mobility ability and can be refreshed upon champion takedown.


    R: Comeuppance


    Akshan locks onto an enemy champion, charging multiple shots over a few seconds. This ultimate has long-range and high damage, but it can be blocked by minions, champions, and even towers.


    Wild Rift Akshan Build: Key Items for the Rogue Sentinel


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    Building Akshan requires focusing on items that increase his attack damage and attack speed.



    Gluttonous Greaves – Stasis: Always a solid choice for its lifesteal and stasis active ability.
    Bloodthirster: Provides a high amount of attack damage and physical vamp, helping Akshan sustain in fights.
    Infinity Edge: Increases damage to his critical strikes, working well with his Heroic Swing ability.

    Wild Rift Akshan Runes: Boosting the Rogue Sentinel’s Capabilities


    Utilizing the right runes can significantly enhance Akshan’s gameplay. Here are some that synergize effectively with his abilities:



    Kraken Slayer: Akshan can proc Kraken Slayer easily with his passive and Heroic Swing.
    Brutal: Increases Akshan’s auto-attack damage and complements his aggressive laning phase.
    Coup de Grace: Helps Akshan deal bonus damage to low-health enemies.
    Legend: Alacrity: Provides Akshan with early-game power and enables aggressive 1v1 scenarios.
    Bone Plating: Reduces damage from the first three instances of damage, helping Akshan survive longer.
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    Summoner Spells: Flash and Ignite


    Flash is a must on Akshan for escaping difficult situations or securing kills on enemies. Ignite is the optimal second spell, providing that extra bit of damage when Akshan is going in for the kill.


    How to Play Akshan in Wild Rift: Early Game to Late Game


    Early Game


    Akshan’s high base damage and aggressive abilities make him a force in the early game. Use your Avengerang to hit both minions and the enemy champion, then follow up with an auto attack to proc Dirty Fighting.


    Late Game


    In the late game, Akshan’s mobility and damage can swing battles in your team’s favor. Use Avengerang as much as possible to gain movement speed for kiting enemies during team fights. Always try to focus on the Scoundrels to revive your team.




    Mastering Akshan requires practice, especially with his unique ability, Heroic Swing. But with persistence, you can adopt an aggressive and dynamic playstyle that leverages Akshan’s strengths to secure victories.


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    We hope this Wild Rift Akshan Guide helps you understand how to optimally use this champion.

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