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In-Depth Wild Rift Amumu Guide

January 11, 2024

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    Welcome to the thorough guide to mastering Amumu on the Wild Rift. This guide will cover everything you need to know about this powerful tank, from his abilities to the most effective playstyle. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the rift, this guide is tailored to elevate your gaming experience.


    Who is Amumu?


    Amumu, known as the ‘Sad Mummy’, is a potent tank character in the League of Legends: Wild Rift. His blend of crowd control and immense durability makes him a formidable force in team fights, and a pivotal figure in any team’s success.


    Amumu’s Abilities


    Understanding Amumu’s abilities forms the foundation of your gameplay. Here’s a breakdown of his abilities:


    Passive: Curse Touch


    Amumu’s attacks inflict a curse on his enemies, amplifying incoming magic damage. This makes him an ideal companion for magic damage-heavy allies.


    1st Ability: Bandage Toss


    This is a ranged attack in which Amumu throws a bandage at an enemy. If it hits, the enemy is stunned and Amumu gets pulled towards them, setting the stage for follow-up attacks.


    2nd Ability: Despair


    Despair is a toggle ability, allowing Amumu to deal magic damage to nearby enemies. However, caution is advised as keeping it on indefinitely can deplete your mana.


    3rd Ability: Tantrum


    Tantrum not only reduces incoming physical damage but also deals magic damage to nearby enemies and slows them down. The cooldown of this ability also gets reduced when Amumu is hit, making it a critical tool in the jungle.


    Ultimate: Curse of the Sad Mummy


    Amumu’s ultimate is a game-changer, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies and stunning them. Perfect timing and placement of this ability can turn the tide of a teamfight.


    Amumu Build Guide


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    Now let’s delve into the optimal build for Amumu. Here are the recommended items:



    Sunfire Aegis: Enhances Amumu’s ability to clear the jungle and increases his damage output in close combat.
    Plated Steelcaps – Gargoyle: Provides additional armor and magic resist, increasing his tankiness.
    Searing Crown: Works similarly to Sunfire Aegis, adding to his damage per tick with Despair.
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    Runes for Amumu


    Runes augment your champion’s abilities. Here are the most effective runes for Amumu:



    Aftershock: Works well with Amumu’s immobilizing abilities, granting him extra resistance and damage output.
    Courage of the Colossus: Provides a shield to Amumu, making him tougher to defeat.
    Bone Plating: Reduces damage taken from the first few instances of damage.
    Overgrowth: Gives Amumu bonus health throughout the game, making him an even more formidable tank.
    Triumph: Restores health and mana whenever Amumu gets a takedown.

    Summoner Spells


    Flash and Smite are the recommended summoner spells for Amumu. Flash can be used in combination with his ultimate for impressive team fight initiations, while Smite assists in clearing the jungle and securing epic monsters.


    Jungle Path


    When playing as Amumu, a full clear of the jungle is recommended due to his weak early game dueling potential. Starting at the Blue Sentinel can also help with his early mana issues.


    Late Game Strategy


    In the late game, Amumu excels in team fights. As a jungler, your main objectives are securing Dragons, Rift Herald, and Baron for your team. Amumu’s crowd control abilities and tanky nature make him ideally suited for front-line engagements.


    Mastering Amumu


    Amumu’s strength lies in his ability to control team fights with his crowd control abilities and tankiness. Good map awareness, efficient jungle clearing, and strategic use of his ultimate can make Amumu a significant threat to the opposing team.




    Amumu is an excellent choice for players looking to master the jungle. With his crowd control abilities, tanking prowess, and potential to turn team fights, he can be a game-changer when played effectively.


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    Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. Good luck on the rift summoners!

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