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The Ultimate Wild Rift Annie Guide: Mastering the Dark Child

January 11, 2024

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    Annie, known as the Dark Child, is a force to be reckoned with in the mid-lane battlefield of Wild Rift. This wild rift Annie guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to effectively control this powerful mage, optimize her abilities, and make the most out of her build.


    Meet Annie: The Dark Child


    Wild Rift Annie Guide


    Annie is an AP Mage with a tremendous influence in the mid-lane. Her unique ability to stay defensive while still last-hitting minions with her Disintegrate spell makes her a formidable opponent.


    Annie’s Passive, Pyromania, is a crucial aspect to monitor as it significantly impacts her gameplay. Once Annie unlocks her Ultimate, Summon: Tibbers, the game truly begins.


    The Power of Pyromania


    Pyromania, Annie’s passive, is what gives her the edge in team fights. After casting four abilities, the next offensive ability cast will stun enemies hit for over a second.


    This stun ability is a game-changer, especially when combined with Annie’s ultimate, Tibbers. A well-placed Tibbers drop can stun an entire enemy team, potentially altering the course of the match.


    Harnessing Annie’s Abilities


    Annie’s abilities are her primary tools for poking and damaging enemies. Here’s a rundown:



    Disintegrate: This is Annie’s main offensive tool. When used to last-hit minions, it not only refunds mana and reduces cooldown but also makes farming in the lane easier.


    Incinerate: Incinerate is a quick, damage-inflicting ability that can aid in triggering Annie’s passive stun if her Ultimate is not available.


    Molten Shield: This ability enables Annie to stack her passive while providing her with a speed boost to get within range to use her stun.


    Summon: Tibbers: Annie’s Ultimate is a powerful tool that can deal massive magic damage to nearby enemies.



    Building Annie for Battle


    When deciding on the wild rift Annie build, it’s crucial to choose items that enhance her ability power. Here are a few items that work well with Annie:



    Crown of the Shattered Queen
    Boots of Mana – Protobelt
    Luden’s Echo: This item significantly increases Annie’s Ability Power, helping her one-shot enemy champions early in the game and assists with wave clearing.
    Awakened Soulstealer: This item can reduce the cooldown of Annie’s abilities, maximizing her one-shot potential.
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    Annie’s Rune Selection


    Wild Rift Rank Boosting


    When selecting runes for Annie in wild rift Annie runes, consider the following:



    Electrocute: This rune complements Annie’s three spells and auto-attacks, adding burst damage.
    Sweet Tooth: This rune boosts Annie’s health and mana from Honey Fruit, helping her sustain in lane.
    Transcendence: This rune is perfect for Annie, allowing her to use her abilities more frequently.
    Nimbus Cloak: This rune is highly effective, providing speed boost when using Flash, which allows Annie to get into range to use her Ultimate.
    Bone Plating: This rune helps Annie withstand damage, potentially saving her life in critical situations.

    Summoner Spells: Flash and Ignite


    Flash and Ignite are ideal summoner spells for Annie. Flash assists in escaping trouble and synergizes well with Annie’s Ultimate and passive, enabling a massive area-effect stun. Ignite can be used when the enemy is stunned by Annie’s abilities, providing additional damage.


    Early Game Strategies


    Before reaching Level 5, Annie should focus on last-hitting minions using Disintegrate to conserve mana. Once she hits Level 5, Annie can start stacking her Pyromania and use her Ultimate to go for solo kills. Roaming to Baron or Duo lane can also be a good strategy once Annie hits Level 5.


    Late Game Strategies


    In the late game, Annie becomes a lethal threat to squishy enemies, potentially one-shotting them with her full combo. Aim to surprise enemies by hiding in a bush, then unleashing Annie’s full combo, including Tibbers and Ignite. In team fights, Annie should aim to get to the enemy backline and take out the enemy carries.




    Annie is an excellent champion for beginners in Wild Rift. Her abilities are not difficult to understand, and she can play defensively early on while still contributing significantly to team fights with her Ultimate. This wild rift Annie guide should provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to play Annie effectively.


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    Remember, always keep an eye on your passive, and feel free to experiment with different builds and strategies to find what works best for you. Good luck on the rift, summoners!

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