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Wild Rift Ashe Guide: Unleashing the Frost Archer’s Powers

January 11, 2024

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    Ashe, the frost archer, is a popular champion in the League of Legends: Wild Rift. This “wild rift Ashe guide” will reveal the secrets to mastering this unique champion, from understanding her abilities to the optimal “wild rift Ashe build” and “wild rift Ashe runes.” So if you’ve been wondering how to play Ashe, this guide is for you.


    Understanding Ashe


    Wild Rift Ashe Guide


    Ashe is primarily an attack damage carry (ADC) who excels in the dragon lane. While her damage output might be less than other ADCs, her exceptional crowd control abilities make her a valuable asset. Her kit revolves around slowing and controlling enemies, with her ultimate, the Enchanted Crystal Arrow, being her primary tool for initiating fights and picking off overextended enemies.


    Ashe’s Abilities


    Ashe’s skill set is designed for crowd control and utility. Her passive ability, Frost Shot, applies a slow effect on enemies hit by her basic attacks or abilities. Furthermore, her critical hits amplify this slow effect, making Ashe a persistent threat on the battlefield.


    Her first ability, Ranger’s Focus, is a powerful damage tool that can be stacked up to six times for increased effect. This ability also functions as an auto-attack reset, enabling Ashe to dish out substantial damage rapidly.


    The second ability, Volley, allows Ashe to fire multiple arrows in a cone, slowing and damaging enemies. Volley’s effectiveness increases as it levels up, making it a valuable poking tool in the laning phase.


    Ashe’s third ability, Hawkshot, grants vision of a specific area, making it a vital tool for scouting objectives and revealing hidden enemies.


    Finally, her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, stuns the first champion hit, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies. The stun duration increases with the arrow’s travel distance, making it a potent tool for long-range engagements.


    Role Flexibility


    Interestingly, Ashe can also be played as a support, using her Volley to trigger Imperial Mandate and building utility items to aid her team. This flexibility makes Ashe a versatile champion that can adapt to various team compositions.


    Wild Rift Ashe Build: Items and Runes


    Wild Rift Rank Boosting


    Ashe benefits from attack damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance, making items like Bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer excellent choices. The Physical Vamp from Bloodthirster helps Ashe sustain in fights, while Phantom Dancer provides attack speed and movement speed for kiting enemies.


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    Runes for Ashe


    For runes, Lethal Tempo is a great pick due to Ashe’s reliance on attack speed. Brutal enhances her early game damage, while Coup de Grace helps her finish off low-health enemies. Alacrity provides additional attack speed for early aggression, and Bone Plating reduces damage taken, increasing Ashe’s survivability.


    Summoner Spells


    Flash is a must-have for Ashe, providing an emergency escape or aggressive repositioning. Ghost is the recommended second spell, allowing Ashe to kite enemies effectively during team fights.


    Playing Ashe: Strategies and Tips


    Ashe’s early game revolves around poking enemies with Volley and farming safely. Her Hawkshot ability should be used to scout enemy jungler positions and prevent ganks. Once Ashe hits level 5, she can look to engage fights with her ultimate.


    In the late game, Ashe’s crowd control abilities shine. Staying grouped with the team and positioning safely during fights is crucial as Ashe is often the primary damage source for her team.


    Ashe’s Patch History: Notable Changes


    Over the years, Ashe has seen numerous changes, with balance adjustments made to her abilities and base stats. Some of the noteworthy changes include buffs to her Ranger’s Focus attack speed and Flurry damage, adjustments to her Frost Shot slow effect, and changes to the cooldown and damage of her Volley ability. These changes have shaped Ashe’s playstyle and effectiveness in various metas.




    Ashe is a fantastic champion for those venturing into the Dragon Lane. Her straightforward abilities and unique playstyle make her a great choice for beginners learning Wild Rift. This “wild rift Ashe guide” should provide you with the knowledge you need to start making an impact on the Rift with Ashe.


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