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The Ultimate Wild Rift Aurelion Sol Guide

January 11, 2024

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    Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger, is a unique and compelling character in Wild Rift. His unique abilities and playstyle make him a popular choice among players looking to dominate the mid-lane. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new player, this comprehensive Wild Rift Aurelion Sol Guide is designed to ramp up your skills and turn you into a formidable contender on the Rift.


    1. Understanding Aurelion Sol


    Wild Rift Aurelion Sol Guide


    Aurelion Sol, a mid-lane mage, is an exceptional champion in the Rift. With an intriguing combination of abilities that allow him to roam the map and assist other lanes, he’s a distinct game-changer if played well. However, mastering Aurelion Sol demands an understanding of his abilities and the most effective ways to employ them.


    2. Aurelion Sol’s Abilities


    Aurelion Sol’s abilities set him apart from other champions. His unique constellation of stars, which consistently orbit him, is his primary source of damage. These stars are visible to enemies even when Aurelion is hidden, requiring careful positioning and strategy.


    2.1 Starsurge


    Starsurge enables Aurelion Sol to launch a star that expands as it travels, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies based on the distance it has traveled. This ability can be used in combination with his Comet of Legend ability to increase the star’s size.


    2.2 Celestial Expansion


    Celestial Expansion pushes Aurelion’s stars out to their outer limit for a few seconds, increasing their orbit speed and damage. This ability enhances your main source of damage and is ideal for clearing minion waves quickly.


    2.3 Comet of Legend


    Comet of Legend grants Aurelion the ability to fly over walls, providing a strategic advantage in ganking lanes. However, this ability has a long cooldown, and any damage from champions will terminate the flight.


    2.4 Voice of Light


    Voice of Light deals magic damage, slows down enemies, and knocks them back to the outer limit. It can be used at the start of a fight to slow down enemies or to execute them at the end.


    3. Playing Aurelion Sol: An In-depth Look


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    Aurelion Sol’s gameplay revolves around his ability to roam the map using his Comet of Legend to provide advantages in other lanes. The key to playing Aurelion Sol effectively is to understand his abilities and how to maximize their potential.


    3.1 The Laning Phase


    During the laning phase, Aurelion Sol’s objective is to push out the minion wave. However, he is somewhat weak before hitting level 3. After reaching level 3, he can utilize his Comet of Legend to roam and gain advantages in other lanes.


    3.2 Mid/Late Game Phase


    In the mid/late game phase, Aurelion Sol truly shines. His damage output and peeling potential significantly increase, making him an invaluable asset to his team.


    4. Aurelion Sol’s Build Breakdown


    Aurelion Sol’s build is focused on maximizing his damage output. The key items to consider are Horizon Focus, Infinity Orb, and Rabadon’s Deathcap. These items increase the speed and damage of Aurelion Sol’s stars, making him a formidable opponent.


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    5. Essential Runes for Aurelion Sol


    The critical runes for Aurelion Sol are Electrocute, Nullifying Orb, Bone Plating, Overgrowth, and Sweet Tooth. These runes enhance Aurelion Sol’s damage output, durability, and sustain in lane.


    6. Summoner Spells for Aurelion Sol


    The recommended summoner spells for Aurelion Sol are Flash and Ignite. Flash offers an escape mechanism and can be combined with Voice of Light for impressive plays. Ignite provides additional damage, helping secure kills.


    7. Aurelion Sol’s Gameplay: Early to Late


    7.1 Early Game


    In the early game, Aurelion Sol focuses on pushing power in the mid-lane using Celestial Expansion. This strategy allows him to roam the map as early as level 3 with Comet of Legend.


    7.2 Late Game


    In the late game, Aurelion Sol can effectively zone enemies with his stars and crowd control, dealing significant damage. Aurelion Sol excels in the front line, using his stars and crowd control to zone enemy champions and deal as much damage as possible.


    8. Tips and Tricks for Aurelion Sol


    8.1 Combining Abilities


    When roaming with Aurelion Sol, try to combo Comet of Legend with Starsurge to expand the star and deal more damage while stunning the enemy for a longer duration.


    8.2 Positioning


    Be mindful of your positioning when playing Aurelion Sol. Since your stars orbit around you and are visible to enemies, you need to position yourself strategically to maximize your damage output while minimizing your risk.


    9. Aurelion Sol’s Patch History


    Understanding Aurelion Sol’s patch history can provide insights into his strengths and weaknesses. Notably, recent patches have seen adjustments to his base stats and tweaks to his abilities to balance his gameplay.


    10. Conclusion


    Aurelion Sol is a unique and exciting champion to play in Wild Rift. His roaming abilities and damage output make him a valuable asset in any team composition. Mastering Aurelion Sol requires a deep understanding of his abilities, effective item and rune builds, and strategic gameplay.


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