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Wild Rift Braum Guide: Unleashing the Supportive Power of Braum

January 11, 2024

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    Braum, the Heart of Freljord, is a much-loved hero in the game of Wild Rift. Representing a tank support champion, Braum is renowned for his protective abilities and stunning crowd control. This Wild Rift Braum Guide aims to provide an in-depth breakdown of this champion’s abilities, build, runes, and strategies to dominate the game.


    Remember, knowledge is power, and understanding the mechanics and tactics of playing Braum can transform you from a beginner to a pro.


    The Art of Braum: Champion Overview


    Wild Rift Braum Guide


    Bearing an enchanted vault door as a shield, Braum roams the frozen north with a warm smile and a heart full of courage. Recognized for his legendary strength and massive biceps, Braum is a true friend to those in need and a terror to adversaries on the battlefield.


    Braum’s Abilities: A Deep Dive


    Each champion in Wild Rift has unique abilities that define their role and gameplay. Braum’s abilities set him apart as a protective support, focused on shielding his team and controlling the crowd with his skills.


    Concussive Blows (Passive)


    Braum’s attacks apply Concussive Blows to enemies for a few seconds. As the first stack is applied, allied champions’ attacks also pile up Concussive Blows. At four stacks, the enemy is stunned and takes magic damage. This ability can target multiple enemies simultaneously, making it a potent tool in team fights.


    Winter’s Bite


    Braum launches a shard of ice that deals magic damage, slows enemies, and applies a stack of Concussive Blows. This ability is excellent for engaging enemies and dealing significant damage while forcing enemies to adapt their strategy due to the threat of passive stacks.


    Stand Behind Me


    In the face of danger, Braum can leap to an ally, enhancing both his and his ally’s armor and magic resist for a few seconds. This ability is Braum’s only mobility skill and is crucial for escaping tricky situations or engaging with his team.




    Raising his shield, Braum can intercept projectiles for a few seconds, negating the first instance of damage from whichever direction he faces. Braum also gains movement speed while his shield is up, allowing for better maneuverability during fights.


    Glacial Fissure


    Braum’s ultimate ability is a force to reckon with. Slamming the ground, Braum creates a fissure that deals magic damage, knocks up enemies, and slows them down. This ability is an excellent tool for both engaging and disengaging during team fights.


    Braum’s Build: Unleashing the Tank


    The choices you make in your build can significantly impact your performance in the game. In the case of Braum, focusing on tank and support items enhances his survivability and his ability to protect his team.


    Core Items


    Plated Steelcaps – Locket: This combination provides Braum with the necessary durability to withstand damage while also offering an area shield to protect his team.


    Protector’s Vow: A superb item for Braum, given his proximity to ally champions. If Braum or an ally takes damage, this item provides an extra shield, further enhancing Braum’s protective capabilities.


    Dead Man’s Plate: This item grants Braum additional movement speed, allowing him to navigate the map quickly and effectively.


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    Braum’s Runes: Enhancing the Champion


    Wild Rift Rank Boosting


    Choosing the right runes for Braum can further augment his abilities and role within the team.


    Primary Runes:



    Aftershock: This rune synergizes well with Braum’s abilities, activating when he fully stacks Concussive Blows or knocks up enemies with Glacial Fissure.
    Font of Life: This rune can be triggered by Braum’s abilities and helps to heal him and his team over time.
    Bone Plating: As Braum often finds himself at the front of team fights, this rune helps reduce the damage from the first three instances of damage.
    Overgrowth: This rune allows Braum to gain permanent health as minions or monsters are killed nearby, increasing his tankiness.

    Secondary Runes:


    Transcendence: This rune gives Braum more ability haste, allowing him to use his defensive abilities more frequently to protect his team.

    Braum’s Summoner Spells: Flash and Heal


    Flash is a must-have summoner spell for most champions, and Braum is no exception. It can be used to escape sticky situations or dive into the fray to protect an ally or secure a kill. The second spell, Heal, works well if your AD Carry opts for Barrier. However, if your AD Carry also chooses Heal, consider swapping it out for Ignite to avoid diminishing returns.


    Early Game Strategy: Setting the Stage


    In the early stages of the game, focus on using Winter’s Bite to poke enemies and potentially engage. Remember to always protect your AD Carry, using Stand Behind Me to give them resistances and Unbreakable to block incoming damage and abilities.


    Late Game Strategy: Turning the Tide


    As the game progresses, staying with your team and protecting them during team fights becomes crucial. Prioritize keeping your carries alive and protecting them against the enemy team using all your abilities. Remember, your passive can be applied to multiple enemies at once – don’t forget to spread those Concussive Blows!


    Conclusion: Mastering the Art of Braum


    In addition to mastering Braum’s abilities and gameplay strategies, players aiming to advance through the ranks in Wild Rift may find the Wild Rift rank boost service to be highly beneficial. This service assists players in climbing the competitive ladder by pairing them with higher-ranked players. Engaging in a rank boost can offer valuable exposure to high-level play, allowing you to apply the strategies and skills learned from this guide in a competitive setting. Whether your goal is to quickly ascend to higher ranks or to enhance your overall gameplay, a Wild Rift rank boost can be a strategic addition to your journey, helping you become a more skilled and versatile player in Wild Rift


    Braum is a safe and beginner-friendly champion with a focus on protecting your team. If you’re looking to play support and want a champion that excels at shielding your allies, Braum is the right choice for you.


    This guide has provided a comprehensive overview of how to play Braum, from his abilities and build to early and late-game strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a new recruit, this guide will help you master the art of this lovable Freljordian hero.

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