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Wild Rift Corki Guide: Master the Art of Playing Corki

January 12, 2024

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    Corki, a ranged marksman in Wild Rift, is a formidable force in the late game. This Wild Rift Corki Guide will take you through the essentials of playing Corki effectively and with confidence.




    Corki is a ranged champion, playing an essential role in the duo lane, but also making a significant impact if played mid-lane. Though Corki may struggle initially, his true potential unfolds in the late game. This guide will help you understand how to play Corki and how to maximize his abilities to become a late-game powerhouse.


    Corki’s Abilities


    Corki’s abilities are unique and offer a great mix of physical and magic damage. Understanding these abilities is crucial for mastering Corki’s gameplay.


    Hextech Munitions (Passive)


    Corki’s primary attacks deal 20% physical damage and 80% magic damage. This makes him a valuable asset if the team is heavy on physical damage. His passive ability also includes ‘The Package’, delivered to Corki’s base after 4 minutes into the game. It grants him bonus movement speed and an empowered cast of Valkyrie, making Corki a game-changer in major objective fights.


    Phosphorus Bomb


    Corki fires a bomb that deals magic damage and provides vision of the area. It’s a great tool for poking down enemies and farming safely in the laning phase. It can also reveal invisible champions and check bushes for hidden enemies.




    Corki’s primary mobility ability, Valkyrie, lets him dash forward, leaving a flaming zone that deals magic damage. It’s crucial for escaping tricky situations or crossing over walls to maintain distance from enemies. When combined with The Package, Valkyrie transforms into Special Delivery, dealing more damage and slowing enemies.


    Gatling Gun


    Corki fires his Gatling gun, dealing physical and magic damage over time. It also shreds armor and magic resistance, making Corki a formidable opponent against tanks and bruisers.


    Missile Barrage


    Corki’s ultimate, Missile Barrage, fires a missile dealing magic damage. Every third missile fired deals bonus magic damage and has increased range and blast radius.


    Item Build for Corki


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    The key to unlocking Corki’s full potential lies in the right item build. Some core items for Corki include:



    Gluttonous Greaves – Stasis
    Essence Reaver

    These items enhance Corki’s ability power, attack damage, and critical damage, making him a significant threat to opponents.


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    Runes for Corki


    Choosing the right runes for Corki is crucial. Here are some recommended runes:



    Coup de Grace
    Legend: Bloodline
    Bone Plating

    These runes enhance Corki’s damage, healing, and survivability, making him a force to be reckoned with.


    Summoner Spells


    The choice of summoner spells can make a significant difference in Corki’s gameplay. Flash and Exhaust are recommended for Corki, as they provide mobility and offensive capabilities.


    Early Game Strategy


    In the early game, Corki focuses on farming and poking enemies with his abilities. The key is to play defensively and wait for The Package to become available.


    Late Game Strategy


    In the late game, Corki truly shines. With his core items and The Package at his disposal, Corki can dominate team fights and carry his team to victory.




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    Mastering Corki takes practice, but this Wild Rift Corki Guide provides a solid foundation. With the right understanding of his abilities, item build, runes, and strategy, you can dominate the game with Corki.

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