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Wild Rift Darius Guide: Master the Hand of Noxus

January 12, 2024

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    Here is a comprehensive Wild Rift Darius Guide that takes you through everything you need to know about this robust champion. You will learn how to play Darius effectively, understanding his abilities, the best item builds, runes, and more.




    Wild Rift Darius Guide


    Darius is a formidable Baron Lane Bruiser who is renowned for his remarkable damage output and impressive durability. He thrives in lengthy confrontations and team fights, where his passive ability, Hemorrhage, shines through. This champion can also hold his own in the jungle, expanding his versatility in the game.




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    1. Passive: Hemorrhage


    Darius’s auto-attacks and abilities inflict a bleeding effect on his enemies, causing physical damage over time that can stack up to five times. Reaching maximum stacks triggers Noxian Might, a powerful state where Darius gains increased attack damage and applies full Hemorrhage stacks instantly. This passive ability enables Darius to dominate prolonged encounters, so do not shy away from engaging your enemies.


    2. Decimate


    Darius swings his axe in a circular motion, dealing physical damage to surrounding enemies. Striking enemies with the outer edge of the swing deals additional damage and heals Darius per enemy hit, while also applying Hemorrhage. Timing and positioning are key to maximizing the effectiveness of Decimate.


    3. Crippling Strike


    Enhancing Darius’s next attack, Crippling Strike deals bonus physical damage and slows enemies for a brief moment. This ability also acts as an auto-attack reset, enabling you to increase your damage output in quick succession.


    4. Apprehend


    Apprehend serves two purposes. As a passive, it provides Darius with armor penetration, eliminating the need for armor penetration items in his build. The active ability allows Darius to reel in enemies before him, slowing them down temporarily. This is an essential crowd-control tool for Darius, aiding in chasing down opponents.


    5. Noxian Guillotine


    Darius’s signature move, Noxian Guillotine, has Darius leaping to execute an enemy champion. The damage is true and increases per Hemorrhage stack. If Darius successfully kills the target, the ability’s cooldown refreshes and Noxian Might gets activated. Timing is crucial when deploying Noxian Guillotine to maximize its benefits.


    Wild Rift Darius Builds


    To optimize Darius’s performance, it’s essential to use the right combination of items that complement his abilities. The recommended build includes both damage and tank items.


    Trinity Force – This item enhances both Darius’s offensive and defensive capabilities. Its passive effect, Spellblade, synergizes well with Darius’s abilities.
    Sterak’s Gage – A tank item that provides Darius with additional health and a protective shield when his health is low.
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    Wild Rift Darius Runes


    The appropriate runes for Darius are:



    Conqueror – Enhances Darius’s damage output and provides physical vamp.
    Triumph – Yields healing and mana regeneration upon enemy takedowns.
    Last Stand – Increases Darius’s damage when his health is low.
    Legend: Tenacity – Reduces the effects of crowd control on Darius.
    Second Wind – Helps Darius recover health when out of combat.

    As for summoner spells, Flash and Ignite are the recommended choices for Darius.


    Early Game Strategy


    In the early stages of the game, Darius should focus on landing Decimate hits on the outer ring for maximum damage and healing. If Darius can stack Hemorrhage on an enemy champion, use Apprehend to pull them in and reach full stacks, activating Noxian Might to increase attack damage.


    Late Game Strategy


    In the late game, Darius should engage in team fights. His primary goal is to reach the enemy’s backline using Apprehend and chase down the enemy carries. The execution of Noxian Guillotine can turn the tide of a team fight when timed correctly.




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    This Wild Rift Darius Guide aims to help players maximize Darius’s potential in the game. With his potent abilities, robustness, and adaptability, Darius is a champion that can turn the tide of any battle. From early game skirmishes to late-game team fights, Darius can stand his ground and emerge victorious. Happy gaming!

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