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Wild Rift Diana Guide: Master the Lunar Goddess

January 12, 2024

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    In the world of League of Legends: Wild Rift, Diana stands out as a mid-lane magic damage assassin with a unique playstyle. This Wild Rift Diana Guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategy to master this champion, ensuring you dominate the Rift.


    Understanding Diana’s Abilities


    Wild Rift Diana Guide


    Diana’s abilities are what make her a formidable foe in the game. Each ability contributes to her aggressive playstyle, enabling her to dish out a significant amount of damage while maintaining a decent level of survivability.


    Moonsilver Blade (Passive Ability)


    Diana’s passive ability, Moonsilver Blade, is her secret weapon. When she uses an ability, her next three attacks gain a bonus attack speed for a brief period. Crucially, every third attack inflicts bonus magic damage in an area. This passive ability also deals 110% damage to monsters, making her a viable choice for jungle roles.


    Crescent Strike (1st Ability)


    This ability allows Diana to unleash an arcing bolt of energy that deals magic damage and applies Moonlight for 3 seconds. The arc nature of the ability makes manual aiming essential to ensure you hit the intended target, which will enable Diana to jump to the enemy with her Lunar Rush ability.


    Pale Cascade (2nd Ability)


    Pale Cascade creates three spheres orbiting Diana for a few seconds. When they come into contact with enemies, they detonate, dealing magic damage. This ability also grants Diana a shield that absorbs damage. If the third sphere detonates, the shield’s strength increases, helping Diana survive the laning phase.


    Lunar Rush (3rd Ability)


    Diana’s Lunar Rush ability allows her to dash to a point near an enemy, dealing magic damage and removing Moonlight in an area. If it removes Moonlight from an enemy, Lunar Rush’s cooldown reduces to 0.5 seconds, making it a vital ability in Diana’s arsenal.


    Moonfall (Ultimate Ability)


    Moonfall is Diana’s ultimate ability, with two distinct effects. When you press and hold the ability, Diana slows enemies and applies Moonlight in a growing area. When you release the ability, she slams the moon down, spiraling enemies toward her, and dealing magic damage. The damage increases the longer you hold down the ability.


    Diana’s Build Breakdown


    Building Diana with the right items can significantly enhance her ability to deal damage and survive on the battlefield. This Wild Rift Diana guide recommends the following items for a balanced build.


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    Crown of the Shattered Queen


    This item offers Diana excellent damage stats and a spell shield that can help her survive a lot of damage when she dashes in, making it an ideal first pick for Diana.


    Infinity Orb


    As an assassin, Diana benefits from the Infinity Orb. This item can help Diana burst down enemy champions quickly, adding to her offensive capabilities.


    Recommended Runes for Diana


    Wild Rift Rank Boosting


    The right runes can further bolster Diana’s abilities. For Wild Rift Diana Runes, consider the following:



    Electrocute: As Diana often jumps into fights, Electrocute can provide significant burst damage.
    Nullifying Orb: This rune can save Diana when her health drops low, potentially baiting enemies into a false sense of security.
    Bone Plating: Since Diana often dashes into the backline, Bone Plating can help her reduce damage taken from the first three instances of damage.
    Overgrowth: This rune allows Diana to gain free health throughout the game, making her harder to kill.
    Sudden Impact: When Diana uses Lunar Rush to jump into the enemy’s back line, she gains Magic Penetration to deal more damage with her other abilities.

    Summoner Spells


    For summoner spells, Flash and Ignite are recommended. Flash is a must on most champions, providing a reliable escape mechanism or a way to secure kills. Ignite, on the other hand, offers Diana that extra bit of damage she needs to finish off her enemies.


    Playing Diana: Early Game


    In the early game, Diana struggles due to her melee nature. It’s best to stay back and use Crescent Strike to last hit minions or poke down the enemy.


    Playing Diana: Late Game


    In the mid and late game, Diana becomes a force to be reckoned with. Her 1st and 3rd ability combo provides a lot of mobility, allowing her to reach the enemy backline and take out crucial carries.




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    Mastering Diana requires understanding her abilities and knowing when to engage. Once you grasp her unique playstyle, you can become a significant force on the Rift.

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