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The Ultimate Wild Rift Dr. Mundo Guide: Mastering the Madman of Zaun in 2024

January 12, 2024

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    Dr. Mundo, a Baron Lane Tank in League of Legends: Wild Rift, is notorious for his resilience and formidable presence in the battlefield. This comprehensive guide serves as your one-stop resource to master Dr. Mundo’s gameplay, itemization, and strategic approach.


    The Persona of Dr. Mundo


    Wild Rift Dr. Mundo Guide


    Dr. Mundo is the epitome of an indestructible tank, thriving in the face of magic damage dealers and boasting an almost immortal existence due to his intense healing abilities. His potential lies in his late-game dominance – a force to be reckoned with during team fights. However, he does have a vulnerable early game that requires strategic play and patience.


    The Role of Dr. Mundo


    Dr. Mundo is versatile, finding his place in the Baron Lane or the jungle. His role is primarily to soak up damage and disrupt enemy lines, facilitating his team’s offensive strikes. His unique build and runes change slightly when played in the jungle role, and this guide will cover both scenarios.


    Dr. Mundo’s Abilities


    Understanding Dr. Mundo’s abilities is paramount to mastering his gameplay. His abilities are what make him a formidable tank, capable of resisting control effects and healing himself effectively.


    Goes Where He Pleases (Passive)


    Dr. Mundo’s passive ability allows him to resist the first immobilizing effect, losing some current health instead and dropping a Chemical Canister nearby. Picking up the Canister significantly reduces the cooldown and provides a health boost.


    Infected Bonesaw (1st Ability)


    The Infected Bonesaw ability lets Dr. Mundo throw his Bonesaw, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies. This ability uses health instead of mana, making its management crucial in the gameplay.


    Heart Zapper (2nd Ability)


    Heart Zapper is a vital part of Dr. Mundo’s damage output, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. Upon recasting, it detonates, dealing further magic damage and healing Dr. Mundo based on the damage taken during its duration.


    Blunt Force Trauma (3rd Ability)


    This ability has a passive and an active effect. The passive effect grants Dr. Mundo additional attack damage based on his missing health. The active effect empowers his next attack to deal additional physical damage.


    Maximum Dosage (Ultimate)


    Dr. Mundo’s ultimate ability, Maximum Dosage, increases his base health by a percentage of missing health, grants attack damage and movement speed, and heals a percentage of his maximum health over its duration. This ability is what makes Dr. Mundo a challenge to bring down.


    Ideal Build for Dr. Mundo


    Dr. Mundo’s build should reflect his role as a durable front-line tank. The combination of items should promote his survivability and damage output.


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    Key Items



    Plated Steelcaps – Gargoyle: This item bolsters Dr. Mundo’s defenses, making him a formidable front-line tank.
    Sunfire Aegis: A perfect first item for Mundo, providing a considerable health boost and dealing damage to nearby enemy champions.
    Spirit Visage: Another crucial item for Dr. Mundo, enhancing his health regeneration and increasing all healing and regen on himself.

    Runes for Dr. Mundo


    Wild Rift Rank Boosting


    The choice of runes should complement Dr. Mundo’s tanky nature and his abilities.


    Grasp of the Undying


    This rune allows Dr. Mundo to deal extra damage based on his health percentage, stacking health, and healing every time it’s available.


    Nullifying Orb


    Nullifying Orb provides a magic damage shield when Dr. Mundo’s health drops below a certain percentage.


    Second Wind


    Second Wind promotes Dr. Mundo’s healing during the laning phase, a part of the game where he generally struggles.




    Overgrowth enables Dr. Mundo to gain permanent health throughout the game when nearby minions or monsters are killed.




    Demolish aids Dr. Mundo in pushing towers and taking tower platings in the early game, potentially providing a significant gold lead.


    Summoner Spells for Dr. Mundo


    Flash and Ignite are recommended summoner spells for Dr. Mundo, aiding in escaping tight situations and securing kills, respectively.


    Gameplay Strategy for Dr. Mundo


    Early Game


    Dr. Mundo’s early game is relatively weak, requiring a passive and defensive approach. Focusing on farming and leveling up is crucial during this phase.


    Late Game


    Dr. Mundo excels in late-game team fights. His role is to be at the front, protecting the team, soaking up damage, and disrupting the enemy team’s formation.


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    In conclusion, Dr. Mundo is an excellent champion for beginners and those who love playing tanky characters. His ability to endure damage and heal makes him a valuable asset in team fights. Mastering Dr. Mundo requires understanding his abilities, the right itemization, and strategic gameplay.


    Follow this Wild Rift Dr. Mundo Guide to dominate the battlefield with the Madman of Zaun. Happy gaming, summoners!

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