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Wild Rift Draven Guide: Master the Axe-Wielding Champion

January 12, 2024

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    Welcome to our comprehensive Wild Rift Draven Guide! This guide aims to provide you with the knowledge and strategies needed to dominate the dragon lane with Draven. We will cover everything from Draven’s abilities to optimal item builds, effective runes, and gameplay strategies. We’ll also delve into the history of Draven’s buffs and nerfs to give you a detailed understanding of his evolution in the game.


    Who is Draven?


    Wild rift Draven Guide


    Draven, also known as the Glorious Executioner, is an attack damage (AD) champion in Wild Rift. Renowned for his early-game dominance, Draven can leverage his high damage output to gain an advantage during the landing phase and transition this lead into a powerful mid and late game.


    Understanding Draven’s Abilities


    Draven’s abilities form the core of his damage output and playstyle. Let’s break down each of his abilities:


    League of Draven (Passive)


    Draven’s passive ability, the League of Draven, is a key component of his playstyle. Each time Draven catches a Spinning Axe or eliminates a minion or monster, he gains a stack of Adoration. Killing enemy champions consumes all Adoration stacks, rewarding bonus gold proportionate to the number of stacks. However, dying causes Draven to lose half of his Adoration stacks, making survival crucial.


    Spinning Axe


    Spinning Axe is Draven’s primary damage-dealing ability. When activated, Draven’s next attack inflicts additional physical damage. The Spinning Axe then bounces off the target, allowing Draven to catch it and replenish the ability. Draven can hold two Spinning Axes at once, enabling him to dish out substantial damage during fights.


    Blood Rush


    Blood Rush grants Draven a temporary boost in attack speed and decaying movement speed. This ability is vital for maneuvering during team fights, helping Draven stay alive. Catching a Spinning Axe refreshes Blood Rush’s cooldown, so make sure to catch your axes whenever possible.


    Stand Aside


    Stand Aside is Draven’s only crowd control (CC) ability. When activated, Draven hurls his axes, dealing physical damage and knocking enemies aside while slowing them down. This move is excellent for chasing or escaping enemies, but be careful not to disrupt your team’s combos by knocking enemies away.


    Whirling Death


    Whirling Death is Draven’s ultimate ability. Draven launches two massive axes, inflicting physical damage. The axes return to Draven once they hit a champion, reach the map’s edge, or upon reactivation. Apart from dealing high burst damage, this global ultimate can also be used for sniping low-health enemies across the map.


    Wild Rift Draven Build and Runes


    Draven benefits immensely from building attack damage items. His recommended build primarily focuses on AD items, with Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge being core items due to their high AD and critical damage potential. Gluttonous Greaves with Stasis enchant is also recommended for survivability.


    As for runes, the following are recommended:



    Kraken Slayer: A powerful early-game rune, Kraken Slayer synergizes well with Draven’s early-game dominance.
    Brutal: This rune provides additional early-game damage, helping Draven secure the laning phase and snowball into the mid and late game.
    Coup de Grace: This rune boosts Draven’s damage against low-health enemies, helping him secure kills and earn more gold from his passive.
    Legend: Bloodline: This rune provides sustain and survivability, which are more beneficial for Draven than the attack speed offered by Alacrity.
    Bone Plating: This rune reduces damage from the first three instances of enemy damage, potentially saving Draven’s life during fights.

    For summoner spells, Flash is essential for escaping or securing kills, while Exhaust can help Draven win fights given his relatively short attack range.


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    How to Play Draven


    Wild Rift Rank Boosting


    Playing Draven involves a good understanding of his abilities, particularly catching his Spinning Axes to maintain his damage output and Adoration stacks. Both early and late game strategies are crucial when playing Draven.


    Early Game


    In the early game, Draven should play aggressively due to his superior damage output compared to other dragon lane champions. Securing early kills can provide a significant gold advantage through his passive, setting the stage for a strong mid and late game.


    Late Game


    In the late game, Draven can struggle due to his falling damage and the risk of getting locked down by enemies. Staying grouped with the team and maintaining a safe position during team fights is crucial. Also, keeping track of your axes to catch them whenever possible is essential for maximising your damage output.




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    Draven’s aggressive playstyle can be rewarding for players who can take advantage of his early-game strength and snowball this advantage into the later stages. Use this Wild Rift Draven Guide to practice and enhance your gameplay. Remember, mastery comes with practice, so keep honing your skills and dominate the dragon lane with Draven!

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