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Wild Rift Ekko Guide: Master the Art of Temporal Assassination

January 12, 2024

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    Welcome to the comprehensive guide on how to master Ekko, the boy who shattered time. This Wild Rift Ekko Guide will meticulously navigate you through the nitty-gritty of playing Ekko, offering you a deep understanding of his abilities, items, builds, and runes.


    Ekko: A Brief Introduction


    Wild Rift Ekko Guide


    Ekko is an AP assassin in Wild Rift, known for his squishy melee attacks and potent magic damage. His early game can be challenging due to his vulnerability against ranged champions. However, once Ekko secures his core items, his power spikes, enabling him to take down enemy carries with his deadly combo.


    Ekko’s Abilities: Harness the Power of Time


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    Passive: Z-Drive Resonance


    Ekko’s passive, Z-Drive Resonance, equips him with a unique attribute where his third attack or a damaging ability from Timewinder, Phase Dive, or Chronobreak, inflicts additional magic damage against the same target.




    Timewinder, Ekko’s Q ability, allows him to launch a projectile that deals magic damage. An essential part of his combo, it expands into a field that slows enemies, dealing additional magic damage upon its return.


    Parallel Convergence


    Parallel Convergence offers Ekko a dual function of shielding and inflicting damage. This ability throws a chronosphere, slowing enemies and detonating to stun enemies if Ekko enters the sphere.


    Phase Dive


    Phase Dive is Ekko’s mobility and dodging tool. This ability lets Ekko dash in a target direction, and his next attack causes him to blink to his target, dealing additional magic damage.




    Chronobreak, Ekko’s ultimate ability, allows him to return to his position from a few seconds ago, healing part of his missing health. Not only does it bring back health, but it also deals magic damage to nearby enemies.


    Wild Rift Ekko Builds: Enhancing Ekko’s Potential


    Ekko’s build should be focused on enhancing his magic damage. One of the unique items to start with Ekko is Nashor’s Tooth. This item boosts Ekko’s damage and provides him with additional attack speed to trigger his passive more frequently.


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    Wild Rift Ekko Runes: Optimal Choices for Ekko


    When it comes to runes for Ekko, the following are recommended:



    Electrocute: Increases Ekko’s burst damage, particularly effective when he is dashing in to kill enemy carries.
    Sudden Impact: It amplifies Ekko’s damage as it gives him Magic Penetration every time he uses Phase Dive.
    Mark of the Weak: If Ekko stuns an enemy with Parallel Convergence, he can follow up with other abilities to inflict considerable damage.
    Eyeball Collector: This rune increases Ekko’s Ability Power every time he achieves a takedown.
    Bone Plating: This rune reduces damage from the first three instances of damage, aiding Ekko when he dashes in to kill high-value targets.

    Summoner Spells: Flash and Ignite


    Ekko’s summoner spells are Flash and Ignite. Flash is an essential spell for Ekko as it helps him escape tough situations and get closer to enemies to use Phase Dive. Ignite, on the other hand, is beneficial in team fights.


    Navigating Through Early Game


    During the early game, Ekko as a melee champion can find himself at a disadvantage. However, once you reach level 3 and get access to all non-ultimate abilities, you can start to confront the enemy mid laner when necessary.


    Unleashing Ekko’s Potential in Late Game


    Upon reaching the mid and late game, Ekko transforms into a massive playmaker for his team. Always keep an eye out for Ekko’s shadow from his ultimate, and if you spot an opportunity to deal a lot of damage, seize it.




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    Mastering Ekko can be a thrilling experience. His mobility, combined with his damaging abilities, makes him a formidable champion on the rift. This Wild Rift Ekko Guide is your roadmap to understanding and playing Ekko. Remember, picking the right time to engage is crucial when playing Ekko.


    Embrace the journey, summoners, and may you shatter time and conquer the rift!

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