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The Comprehensive Wild Rift Ezreal Guide

January 12, 2024

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    The world of League of Legends: Wild Rift is vast and complex, teeming with champions each with their unique abilities and mechanics. One such champion, gaining popularity among players, is Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer. This article presents a comprehensive Wild Rift Ezreal Guide, designed to help you understand and master this versatile Marksman/Mage champion.


    A Brief Overview of Ezreal


    Wild Rift Ezreal Guide


    Ezreal, a Dragon Lane carry, excels at dealing damage from a distance through his low cooldown skillshots. Although he might not outshine other AD carries in the early game, with the right items, Ezreal can become a formidable force in mid to late-game battles. His abilities not only enable him to whittle down enemies from range but also provide him with considerable survivability.


    Ezreal’s Abilities: Understanding the Basics


    Ezreal’s abilities are mainly skillshot-based, and thus, mastering them is key to maximizing his damage output. Here’s a breakdown of his abilities:


    Passive: Rising Spell Force


    Ezreal gains attack speed for a few seconds after landing abilities, stacking up to four times. Maintaining maximum stacks during team fights can drastically enhance his damage output.


    Mystic Shot (1st Ability)


    Ezreal’s primary ability, Mystic Shot, fires a bolt dealing physical damage. Landing Mystic Shot reduces other abilities’ cooldowns, making it essential for Ezreal to keep his abilities available more often.


    Essence Flux (2nd Ability)


    Essence Flux, when fired, attaches an orb to a champion, epic monster, or structure. Detonating the orb by hitting it with an attack or ability results in bonus magic damage and mana refund.


    Arcane Shift (3rd Ability)


    Arcane Shift allows Ezreal to blink to a target location and fire a bolt dealing magic damage. Although the cooldown is relatively long in the early game, it significantly reduces with ability haste and level ups, acting as a second flash for Ezreal.


    Trueshot Barrage (Ultimate)


    Ezreal’s ultimate is a global skill. On activation, Ezreal fires an energy wave dealing magic damage. It can be used to initiate team fights or to secure kills from afar.


    Ezreal’s Build: Selecting the Right Items


    Wild Rift Rank Boosting


    Ezreal’s unique build path sets him apart from other Dragon Lane champions. His core items like Manamune and Trinity Force complement his abilities, and their selection plays a significant role in how effective Ezreal can be in-game.




    Manamune addresses Ezreal’s constant need for mana due to his frequent skill use. Not only does it provide ample mana, but it also stacks passively very fast, upgrading to Muramana.


    Trinity Force


    Trinity Force, with its Spellblade passive, synergizes well with Mystic Shot. Landing Mystic Shot triggers Spellblade, adding extra damage to the ability.


    Gluttonous Greaves – Stasis


    Gluttonous Greaves – Stasis provides Ezreal with additional survivability, crucial for a marksman.


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    Ezreal’s Runes: Enhancing His Potential


    Selecting the right runes for Ezreal can further enhance his potential. Here are some recommended choices:


    Keystone: Kraken Slayer


    Kraken Slayer empowers Ezreal’s Mystic Shots and auto attacks with true damage, strengthening his early game.


    Domination: Brutal


    Brutal amplifies the damage of Ezreal’s auto attacks and Mystic Shot, making him a formidable opponent in the early game.


    Resolve: Bone Plating


    Bone Plating can greatly improve Ezreal’s survivability by reducing the damage from the first three instances of damage.


    Inspiration: Manaflow Band


    Manaflow Band provides Ezreal with the much-needed mana, crucial in the early game.


    Summoner Spells for Ezreal


    While Flash is a must-have spell for most champions, Exhaust can particularly benefit Ezreal in one-on-one fights against assassins and bruisers.


    Playing Ezreal: Early Game


    Ezreal’s early game revolves around staying safe and farming minions. His Mystic Shot can be used for last-hitting minions and poking enemies from a distance. Essence Flux can be comboed with Mystic Shot or Arcane Shift for a more aggressive playstyle.


    Playing Ezreal: Late Game


    Ezreal shines in the late game. With his core items, Ezreal can sit back and poke enemies from a distance. It’s crucial for him to stay grouped with the team, as he is often the main damage output.




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    Ezreal is a dynamic, safe champion that demands a good understanding of skill shots. Although he has a steep learning curve, with practice, you can dominate the battlefield with Ezreal.

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