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Wild Rift Fizz Guide: Master the Art of Playing Fizz

January 14, 2024

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    Welcome to our comprehensive Wild Rift Fizz Guide, providing insights on Fizz’s abilities, items, builds, and more. This guide is tailor-made to turn you into a proficient Fizz player in no time!


    Fizz: An Overview



    Fizz, a mid-lane assassin, is notorious for his agility and elusive nature. With his ability to dodge, dip, and dive, Fizz is a formidable adversary. His ultimate ability, Chum the Waters, is a long-range shark attack that can significantly weaken any squishy enemy.


    Champion Abilities


    Seastone Trident (Passive)


    Fizz’s attacks deal bonus magic damage over a brief duration. This ability is particularly helpful during the laning phase while trying to last-hit minions. It also inflicts more damage to jungle monsters, making Fizz an ideal choice for a mobile jungler with high one-shot potential during ganks.


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    Urchin Strike


    Urchin Strike is a dash move that inflicts a mix of physical and magic damage. It’s handy for getting closer to enemy champions or escaping from tricky situations. It’s crucial to be aware of your distance from the target while using this ability.


    Rending Wave


    This ability empowers Fizz’s next auto-attack to deal magic damage and apply Seastone Trident. Killing a unit with the first attack significantly reduces Rending Wave’s cooldown, making it easier to last-hit minions.


    Playful Trickster


    Playful Trickster allows Fizz to vault towards a target location and become untargetable. After a brief period, Fizz leaps down, causing magic damage and slowing down enemies. This ability can also be recast to hop down early in a specific direction.


    Chum The Waters


    Fizz’s ultimate ability allows him to launch a fish in a target direction. After a few seconds, a shark arrives, knocking up its target and pushing away enemies around them. The further the fish travels, the larger the shark, and the more damage it deals.


    Wild Rift Fizz Items


    Wild Rift Rank Boosting


    In our Wild Rift Fizz Guide, we place great emphasis on the selection of suitable items. Crown of the Shattered Queen, Lich Bane, Infinity Orb, and Rabadon’s Deathcap are all core items for Fizz. These items provide Fizz with substantial Ability Power and Ability Haste, enhancing his damage output.


    Wild Rift Fizz Runes


    For runes, we recommend Fleet Footwork, Sudden Impact, Mark of the Weak, Eyeball Collector, and Bone Plating. These runes can help Fizz heal, deal more damage with his dashing abilities, and survive for longer.


    Summoner Spells


    Flash and Ignite are excellent summoner spells for Fizz. Flash is a versatile spell that can help you escape or secure a kill. Ignite can provide that extra bit of damage over time when you’re trying to one-shot squishy targets.


    Early Game


    As a melee champion, Fizz can struggle during the early game. Most of the time, you should wait for the enemy champion to push the minion wave under your tower so you can farm without being in danger.


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    Late Game


    Once Fizz has his core items, he can roam around the map and one-shot squishy targets. Try to isolate an enemy champion and kill them before a team fight starts.




    Fizz is a highly enjoyable champion to play with his high mobility and outplay potential. Keep practicing and experimenting with different tactics to find the playstyle that suits you best.


    Remember, our Wild Rift Fizz Guide is here to help you improve your gameplay and climb the ranks as Fizz. Good luck, and may the odds be in your favor on the rift!

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