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Wild Rift Galio Guide: Master the Colossal Tank/Mage Champion

January 14, 2024

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    Welcome to our comprehensive Wild Rift Galio Guide. If you’ve ever wondered how to play Galio, the tank/mage champion known for his anti-mage abilities, this guide is for you. We delve into detailed strategies, tips, and tricks to help you swiftly climb the ranks in League of Legends: Wild Rift.


    Who is Galio?


    Wild Rift Galio Guide


    Galio is a formidable champion in Wild Rift, celebrated for his anti-mage abilities. He is best suited for the mid-lane or support role, excelling against champions that deal magic damage.


    Galio’s Abilities


    Colossal Smash


    Galio’s Colossal Smash enhances his auto-attacks with Area of Effect magic damage. It scales with Attack Damage, Ability Power, and bonus Magic Resist, making it ideal for dealing damage to multiple enemies simultaneously.


    Winds of War


    Winds of War is Galio’s primary source of damage. This ability fires two windblasts that deal magic damage and converge into a tornado. It is highly effective for killing minions and pushing the wave under the enemy tower.


    Shield of Durand


    The multifaceted Shield of Durand serves as Galio’s excellent Area of Effect taunt. It is a game-changer in team fights, absorbing magic damage and taunting all nearby enemies.


    Justice Punch


    With Justice Punch, Galio performs a dash that causes damage and knocks up any enemy champion it hits. It’s an essential part of Galio’s combo moves, especially when coupled with Shield of Durand.


    Hero’s Entrance


    Hero’s Entrance is a semi-global ultimate with a huge range. It allows Galio to follow up on any engagement by his team, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies, and knocking them up.


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    Wild Rift Galio Items and Builds


    To maximize Galio’s potential, it is crucial to build items that boost his ability power and tanky stats. Here are some key items to consider:



    Luden’s Echo: This should be your first item for the extra mana, ability haste, and ability power.
    Crown of the Shattered Queen: This item adds more power to Galio’s abilities, enhancing his damage output.
    Awakened Soulstealer: This item provides additional cooldown reduction, allowing Galio to use his abilities more frequently.
    Boots of Mana – Stasis: These boots will help Galio in the laning phase, providing mana regeneration and magic resistance.

    Wild Rift Galio Runes


    Wild Rift Rank Boosting


    The correct selection of runes can greatly enhance Galio’s performance on the battlefield. Here’s a suggestion for an ideal rune setup:



    Keystone: Aftershock
    Domination: Weakness
    Resolve: Conditioning
    Inspiration: Sweet Tooth

    Flash and Ignite


    For summoner spells, Flash and Ignite are recommended. Flash provides an escape or kill-securing option, while Ignite aids Galio in dealing extra damage for his full combo.


    Early Game Strategy


    In the early game, Galio may struggle due to his melee nature. It’s best to stay back and use Winds of War to last hit minions or poke down the enemy. Upon hitting level 3, when Galio unlocks Justice Punch, you can start to win duels against the enemy mid-lane.


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    Late Game Strategy


    In the mid and late game, Galio can start to deal a lot of burst damage while also acting as a front-line tank for your team. At the start of a team fight, wait for your teammates to engage, then follow up with Hero’s Entrance.




    Learning to play Galio requires an understanding of his unique playstyle and abilities. With the right strategy and the correct selection of items and runes, Galio can become a game-changing champion.


    We hope that our Wild Rift Galio Guide has provided valuable insights to help you master this colossal tank/mage champion. Now, it’s time to take these strategies to the Rift and become a champion yourself!

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