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Wild Rift Gragas Guide: Mastering the Flexible Champion

January 14, 2024

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    Gragas, the revered champion of the Wild Rift, is a versatile and potent force on the battlefield. This Wild Rift Gragas Guide will furnish you with all you need to know about this champion including his abilities, items, builds, and runes, as well as how to play Gragas to his full potential.


    Champion Overview


    Wild rift Gragas Guide


    Gragas is a multifaceted champion with a compelling mix of high damage output, sustain, and utility. His unique abilities allow him to control crowds of enemies while also having the capacity to obliterate any enemy carry with a single combo.


    Gragas’ Role on the Rift


    While our guide is primarily focused on playing Gragas in the mid-lane, his adaptability allows him to excel in the Baron Lane and Jungle. Gragas’ playstyle remains consistent across all roles, with a focus on landing powerful combos on high-value targets.


    Abilities and Skills


    Gragas has a set of unique abilities that not only make him a formidable champion but also a versatile one. His abilities help him maintain health, deal damage, and control enemy movement.


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    Passive: Happy Hour


    With each ability cast, Gragas regains health, which proves beneficial during the laning phase and jungle clears. This passive is particularly synergistic with Drunken Rage due to its low cooldown and damage reduction feature.


    Barrel Roll


    Barrel Roll is a potent damage and control ability that lets Gragas hurl a barrel to a specified location. The barrel explodes on re-casting or after a period, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies. The ability is great for poking adversaries in the laning phase or securing minion kills. It also serves as a useful tool for checking hidden enemies in brushes.


    Drunken Rage


    Drunken Rage is an ability that reduces damage taken and empowers Gragas’ next attack to splash nearby enemies for bonus magic damage. The key is to activate Drunken Rage before engaging the enemy to optimize the deal damage and time.


    Body Slam


    Body Slam is Gragas’ primary engagement tool. Gragas charges forward, colliding with the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage, bumping them backwards, and stunning them. The cooldown is reduced if it successfully collides with an enemy. This ability can be cleverly combined with Flash to extend its range and catch enemies off guard.


    Explosive Cask


    Explosive Cask is Gragas’ ultimate ability that can change the tide of a team fight. Gragas hurls a barrel that explodes on landing, dealing magic damage and knocking enemies away. A well-timed Explosive Cask can knock enemies towards Gragas, allowing him to stun them with Body Slam and deal considerable damage with Drunken Rage.


    Gragas Build Guide


    Wild Rift Rank Boosting


    This Wild Rift Gragas Guide also provides information on the best items, builds, and runes for Gragas.




    Gragas benefits greatly from items that enhance Ability Power owing to his high AP damage ratios. Lich Bane, Infinity Orb, and Rabadon’s Deathcap are all recommended items for Gragas.




    Key runes for Gragas include Electrocute for additional burst damage, Sudden Impact for enhanced damage after Body Slam, Mark of the Weak to follow up Body Slam with extra damage, Eyeball Collector for extra Ability Power on takedown, and Bone Plating for damage reduction.


    Summoner Spells


    Flash is a must for Gragas as it can be combined with Body Slam for extended range and sudden engagements. Ignite serves as a potent tool for securing solo kills with its damage over time effect.


    Gameplay Strategy


    Early Game


    Gragas can hold his own during the laning phase, using Barrel Roll to poke enemies and last-hit minions. Once all basic abilities are at your disposal, Gragas can attempt solo kills on enemies.


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    Late Game


    In the late game, Gragas scales well with a full-damage AP build, dealing significant damage with his abilities and combos. However, his squishiness can make him susceptible to quick kills, so caution is advised when engaging.




    Gragas is an impressive carry champion with simple yet lethal combos that can turn the tide of any Wild Rift game. His presence in team fights is monumental and can punish any enemy who steps out of line. This Wild Rift Gragas Guide is your comprehensive guide to mastering Gragas, making you an undeniable force on the Rift.

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