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Wild Rift Graves Guide: Mastering the Outlaw in the Jungle

January 14, 2024

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    If you’ve been searching for a comprehensive Wild Rift Graves Guide, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert analysis will provide you with all the tools you need to excel with this unique champion, including ideal item builds, effective runes, and tips on how to play Graves to his fullest potential.


    Who is Graves?


    Wild Rift Graves Guide


    Graves, known as the “Outlaw,” is a high-damage AD skirmisher who dominates the jungle. With his unique shotgun and powerful abilities, Graves is a force to be reckoned with, especially after he gets his core items. He’s also known for his ability to farm efficiently and duel effectively, making him an excellent pick for those who enjoy a more aggressive playstyle.


    Graves’ Unique Abilities


    One of the things that set Graves apart from other champions is his unique set of abilities. Understanding these skills is crucial to mastering this champion.


    New Destiny (Passive)


    Graves’ shotgun holds two bullets, firing four bullets with each auto-attack. Critical strikes increase the bullet count to six, further increasing the damage. However, the bullets cannot pass through enemy units, so positioning is key. It’s also important to note that Graves’ attack speed affects his reload time and the time between attacks.


    End of the Line


    This ability allows Graves to fire a powder round that detonates after a short delay, dealing physical damage. If the round hits terrain, it bounces back and detonates immediately. The second part of this ability deals more damage, so be sure to aim wisely.


    Smoke Screen


    Graves throws a canister that creates a smoke cloud, reducing enemy vision. This can be particularly powerful against ranged champions who can’t auto-attack from within the cloud. Enemies hit by the initial impact also take magic damage and are briefly slowed.




    As Graves’ primary mobility tool, Quickdraw allows him to dash in a direction, reload a shell, and gain bonus armor. This armor can stack several times and refreshes when Graves damages non-minions. Dashing towards an enemy champion grants two armor stacks instead of one.


    Collateral Damage


    This is Graves’ ultimate ability. He fires an explosive shell that deals physical damage and knocks him back. The shell detonates upon hitting an enemy champion or at the end of its range, dealing physical damage in a cone.


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    Wild Rift Graves Items


    Choosing the right items for Graves can make a world of difference. Here are some recommendations for your build:


    Core Items



    Gluttonous Greaves – Stasis: This item provides lifesteal and attack speed, both of which are essential for Graves.
    Immortal Shieldbow: This item boosts Graves’ attack damage and provides a lifeline passive, which can save him when he dashes into melee range.
    Black Cleaver: This item provides both damage and tank stats, making it an excellent choice for Graves who has a shorter attack range.

    Wild Rift Graves Runes


    Wild Rift Rank Boosting


    When it comes to runes, here’s what we recommend:



    Conqueror: This allows Graves to stack extra AD and omnivamp quickly, helping him sustain during fights.
    Gathering Storm: This rune boosts Graves’ attack damage as the game progresses.
    Coup de Grace: This rune enables Graves to deal bonus damage to low-health enemies.
    Legend: Alacrity: This rune increases Graves’ attack speed, enabling faster jungle clear and more frequent attacks during team fights.
    Overgrowth: This rune allows Graves to gain permanent health as minions or monsters are killed nearby.

    Summoner Spells



    Flash: This is a must for most champions, providing an escape mechanism or a way to secure kills.
    Smite: This is essential for junglers, helping with jungle clear and securing epic monsters.

    Jungle Path


    Graves’ fast early jungle clear allows him to be aggressive when contesting scuttle crabs. It’s best to start at Red Brambleback for the extra damage. The recommended jungle path is as follows:



    Red Brambleback
    Blue Sentinel
    Scuttle Crab
    Continue farming jungle

    Late Game


    In the late game, Graves becomes a powerhouse due to his damage and critical strike items. It’s crucial to stay with your team and keep track of epic monster spawn times. Always aim to deal damage without getting caught out.


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    If the idea of an early aggressive jungler appeals to you, then Graves is the perfect champion. He’s capable of bursting down enemies with his combos and sustaining through team fights. Remember to follow this Wild Rift Graves Guide to maximize your gameplay. Good luck on the rift, summoners!

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