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Wild Rift Gwen Guide: Mastering the Hallowed Seamstress

January 14, 2024

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    Gwen has emerged as one of the most versatile champions in Wild Rift. In this comprehensive Wild Rift Gwen Guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of this character, exploring her abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and the best strategies to employ while playing her.

    1. Introduction


    Wild Rift Gwen Guide


    Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress, is a magic damage Fighter that scales well into the late game. Known for her ability to dish out substantial damage while soaking hits for her team, Gwen excels in the Baron Lane but can also be effectively utilized in the Jungle. However, her early game is somewhat weak, and she often struggles against bruisers and assassins. This guide will provide you comprehensive insight into how to play Gwen effectively and maximize her strengths.


    2. Gwen’s Role in Wild Rift


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    Gwen’s role as a front-line bruiser enables her to absorb damage for her team while simultaneously dealing significant damage to high-value targets. Her strength lies in her flexibility: she can either split push after securing a solo kill in the Baron lane or focus on squishy targets during team fights around objectives. Her role doesn’t change much when played in the Jungle, where her primary objective remains reaching the late game with core items intact.


    3. Understanding Gwen’s Abilities


    Passive: A Thousand Cuts Gwen’s auto-attacks and abilities deal bonus magic damage based on a percentage of the target’s maximum health. She also heals for a portion of this damage when it’s dealt to champions, making her a formidable opponent against Tanks.


    First Ability: Snip Snip Gwen snips twice with her scissors, dealing magic damage. Each auto-attack hit gives her a stack, which allows for extra snips. The more stacks she has, the more damage she can deal.


    Second Ability: Hallowed Mist This ability creates a protective mist around Gwen, rendering her untargetable to enemies outside it. It also grants her bonus Armor and Magic Resist, making it a great defensive tool.


    Third Ability: Skip ‘n Slash Gwen dashes forward, enhancing her attacks for a few seconds. This ability provides attack speed, extra auto-attack range, and additional magic damage on hit.


    Ultimate: Needlework Gwen’s ultimate ability has three casts, each dealing more damage and firing more needles than the last. The first cast slows enemies, making it easier for Gwen to chase them down.


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    4. Gwen’s Core Items


    Building Gwen’s core items is crucial in ensuring her late-game success. Gwen’s primary source of damage comes from her abilities and auto-attacks, which deal extra magic damage. As such, she synergizes especially well with ability power items. The ideal item for Gwen is the Riftmaker, which provides useful base stats and a passive that stacks easily for Gwen. Another key item is Nashor’s Tooth, providing Gwen with attack speed and bonus damage on auto-attacks.


    5. Gwen’s Rune Selection


    The right runes can significantly enhance Gwen’s capabilities. Conqueror is an excellent choice due to Gwen’s short cooldowns and high attack speed, allowing her to stack it quickly. Brutal is also beneficial, as Gwen’s frequent auto-attacks can deal extra damage. Last Stand and Legend: Alacrity further increase Gwen’s damage and attack speed, respectively. Finally, Bone Plating reduces the damage Gwen takes, helping her survive longer in team fights.


    6. Adopting Gwen’s Playstyle


    Gwen’s playstyle revolves around cautious early play and aggressive late-game tactics. In the early game, it’s best to play safe, focus on farming, and avoid unnecessary trades. As Gwen gains levels and builds her core items, she can start looking for opportunities to secure kills and split push or join team fights.


    7. Gwen’s Early Game Strategy


    Despite her potential, Gwen is relatively weak in the early game. It’s best to play defensively, focusing on farming and avoiding trades with bruisers and assassins. However, you can occasionally use her Snip Snip ability to deal some poke damage to the enemy champion. If in danger, you can use Hallowed Mist to dodge abilities and Skip ‘n Slash to escape.


    8. Gwen’s Mid to Late Game Tactics


    Gwen truly shines in the mid to late game. With a few items under her belt, she can effectively take on enemy backlines and eliminate carries. Her excellent mobility and survivability, combined with the potential of her ultimate ability and first ability, make her a formidable team fight participant.


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    9. Gwen’s Build Breakdown


    A well-composed build can significantly enhance Gwen’s in-game performance. The Riftmaker and Nashor’s Tooth are her core items, as they enhance her base stats and provide useful passives. The runes Conqueror, Brutal, Last Stand, Legend: Alacrity, and Bone Plating further augment her abilities, making her a force to be reckoned with.


    10. Summoner Spells for Gwen


    Ghost and Barrier are the recommended summoner spells for Gwen. Ghost is a must, as Gwen already has her dash ability, Skip ‘n Slash, and her Hallowed Mist can help dodge attacks. Barrier can help Gwen survive burst damage in the early game, while Ignite can be chosen for a more aggressive playstyle.


    11. Conclusion


    Gwen is an exciting and potent champion in Wild Rift. With her high scaling potential, Gwen can be a great asset against both squishy and tanky comps. Learning how to play Gwen effectively can drastically enhance your Wild Rift experience.

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