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A Comprehensive Wild Rift Hecarim Guide: Master the Spirit of Dread

January 14, 2024

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    Hecarim, the mighty Shadow of War, is an impressive jungler in League of Legends: Wild Rift. This Wild Rift Hecarim Guide is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge about this spectral centaur, including his abilities, item builds, runes, and gameplay strategies. By following this guide, you can harness the power of Hecarim and become a force to be reckoned with in the Rift.


    I. Getting to Know Hecarim


    Wild Rift Hecarim Guide


    Commonly known as the Spirit of Dread, Hecarim is a spectral fusion of man and beast. His lore depicts him as a proud knight obliterated by the Ruination’s destructive energies. Now, he leads the devastating charge of the Black Mist across Runeterra, trampling his foes beneath his armored hooves.


    II. Decoding Hecarim’s Abilities


    Before we dive into the Wild Rift Hecarim items and builds, let’s first understand his abilities as they significantly influence how to play Hecarim.



    Warpath (Passive): Hecarim’s passive ability enables him to gain Attack Damage corresponding to his Movement Speed. This is why items and abilities that boost his speed are crucial for this champion.


    Rampage: Hecarim charges his weapon to increase its damage area. The longer the charge time, the higher the damage inflicted. However, be cautious not to tap this ability twice quickly, or you’ll lose damage.


    Spirit of Dread: This ability gives Hecarim increased Armor and Magic Resist, heals him, and deals magic damage to nearby enemies. It makes Hecarim significantly tanky and tough to kill in team fights.


    Devastating Charge: Hecarim gains movement speed with this ability, which increases over time. He can use this to dash towards an enemy, dealing damage and knocking them back.


    Onslaught of Shadows: As Hecarim’s ultimate ability, Onslaught of Shadows charges forward, summoning spectral riders and unleashing a shockwave that stuns nearby enemies.



    III. Wild Rift Hecarim Items: Building the Spirit of Dread


    Now that we have a clear understanding of Hecarim’s abilities, let’s explore the Wild Rift Hecarim items that best complement his playstyle.


    For Hecarim, a blend of AD (Attack Damage) and tank items is recommended. These items allow him to survive longer in fights while also dealing substantial damage. Here are some items to consider for your Hecarim build:



    Divine Sunderer: This item offers both damage and tank stats. Its passive effect, Spellblade, synergizes well with Hecarim’s abilities, particularly Rampage.


    Black Cleaver: This item further enhances Hecarim’s damage output by reducing enemy champions’ armor.


    Gluttonous Greaves – Glorious: A pivotal part of Hecarim’s build, boosting his movement speed and damage.


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    IV. Wild Rift Hecarim Runes: Augmenting the Spectral Centaur’s Power


    To further enhance Hecarim’s prowess in the battlefield, specific Wild Rift Hecarim runes can be adopted. These runes are:



    Conqueror: This rune is perfect for Hecarim as it allows him to stack damage and healing quickly during fights.


    Triumph: Useful for team fights, Triumph offers healing upon getting a takedown, allowing Hecarim to stay in fights longer.


    Last Stand: Ideal for a tanky hero like Hecarim, this rune enhances damage when health is low, thus increasing his healing potential.


    Legend: Bloodline: This rune provides extra Omnivamp, helping Hecarim to sustain during fights.


    Overgrowth: It allows Hecarim to gain permanent health throughout the game, making him even more formidable in team fights.



    V. Summoner Spells: Ghost and Smite


    For summoner spells, Ghost and Smite are the top choices for Hecarim. Ghost boosts his movement speed, thus increasing his damage due to his passive ability. Smite, on the other hand, is a must for junglers as it aids in jungle clearing and securing epic monsters.


    VI. Wild Rift Hecarim Gameplay Strategy


    Mastering how to play Hecarim involves understanding his jungle path, his role in team fights, and his late-game strategies.


    Jungle Path:


    Hecarim excels in jungle clearing due to the low cooldown on his Rampage ability. A typical jungle path for Hecarim would be:



    Red Brambleback
    Blue Sentinel
    Scuttle Crab into gank
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    Team Fights:


    Hecarim shines in team fights, thanks to his ultimate ability and his excellent AOE damage. Ensure to stay with your team at all times and avoid getting caught alone. Utilize Devastating Charge and Onslaught of Shadows to target the enemy’s backline carry.


    Late Game:


    As the game progresses, focus on securing major objectives like Dragons, Rift Herald, and Baron. These objectives provide significant advantages to your team.


    VII. Conclusion


    Hecarim is a powerful and fun-to-play champion in Wild Rift. He embodies the qualities of a perfect jungler, offering excellent ganking, team fight, and late-game strategies. Mastering this spectral centaur can elevate your gaming experience and make you a formidable player in the Rift.

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