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The Ultimate Wild Rift Irelia Guide: Unleashing the Blade Dancer

January 15, 2024

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    Irelia, the Blade Dancer, is a formidable champion in Wild Rift, known for her versatile skills and diverse gameplay. This Wild Rift Irelia guide aims to help you understand her abilities, master her gameplay, and optimize her builds and runes, allowing you to gain an edge over your opponents.


    Irelia: An Overview


    Wild Rift Irelia Guide


    Irelia is a high-skill, flexible champion that can be played in multiple roles. She is known for her Bladesurge ability, which allows her to dash around during the laning phase and team fights. Irelia’s strength lies in her ability to stack her passive – Ionian Fervor, increasing her attack speed and bonus damage.


    This guide covers the various aspects of Irelia’s gameplay, including her abilities, optimal builds, runes, and strategies. Understanding these factors can significantly enhance your performance with Irelia and help you secure victories.


    Understanding Irelia’s Abilities


    Ionian Fervor (Passive)


    Irelia’s passive ability, Ionian Fervor, is a crucial part of her damage output. Attacking enemies with abilities grants her bonus attack speed for a few seconds, stacking up to 4 times. At max stacks, her attacks deal additional magic damage. This ability is critical in team fights, allowing Irelia to deal massive damage when fully stacked.




    Bladesurge is Irelia’s primary mobility and damage-dealing ability. With every use, Irelia dashes through an enemy, dealing physical damage and healing herself. Additionally, if the target is marked or dies to Bladesurge, the ability’s cooldown is refreshed. This skill is essential for stacking Ionian Fervor quickly and allows Irelia to be highly mobile during team fights.


    Defiant Dance


    Defiant Dance is a defensive ability that allows Irelia to reduce incoming damage and deal physical damage to enemies. When used strategically, this ability helps Irelia survive in tough matchups and allows her to engage with her enemies more effectively.


    Flawless Duet


    Flawless Duet serves as Irelia’s primary crowd-control ability. It enables her to stun enemies and mark them for Bladesurge, making it a crucial part of her engagement and assassination strategy.


    Vanguard’s Edge


    Vanguard’s Edge is Irelia’s ultimate ability, dealing magic damage to enemies and marking them for Bladesurge. This ability is instrumental in team fights, allowing Irelia to jump onto the enemy backline and deal significant damage.


    Ideal Irelia Builds


    In this section, we’ll discuss the key items, runes, and spells that optimize Irelia’s performance in Wild Rift.


    Key Items


    Blade of the Ruined King – This item provides Irelia with attack damage and attack speed, along with a unique passive that steals movement speed from enemies. It’s an excellent first item for Irelia.


    Trinity Force – A well-rounded item that provides damage, attack speed, and health. Its passive, Spellblade, synergizes well with Irelia’s abilities, especially Bladesurge.


    Sterak’s Gage – This item provides a shield when Irelia takes damage, enhancing her survivability during team fights.


    Death’s Dance – This item provides attack damage and armor, and a unique passive that delays damage taken, making it an excellent defensive option for Irelia.


    Amaranth’s Twinguard – This item provides armor and magic resistance, and a unique passive that increases Irelia’s size, Tenacity, Armor, and Magic Resistance when stacked, making it a great defensive item.


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    Optimal Runes



    Conqueror – This rune enhances Irelia’s damage output and provides physical vamp, making it ideal for her aggressive playstyle.


    Brutal – This rune enhances Irelia’s early game damage, giving her an advantage during the laning phase.


    Last Stand – This rune enhances Irelia’s damage output when her health is low, synergizing well with her bruiser playstyle.


    Legend: Alacrity – This rune enhances Irelia’s attack speed, synergizing with her passive, Ionian Fervor.


    Bone Plating – This rune reduces the damage Irelia takes during team fights, enhancing her survivability.



    Summoner Spells



    Flash – A must-have on most champions, Flash allows Irelia to escape tricky situations or secure kills.


    Ignite – This spell enhances Irelia’s early-game damage and allows her to secure early kills. If playing defensively, consider swapping Ignite for Barrier.



    Playing Irelia: Early & Late Game Strategy


    In the early game, Irelia can struggle due to her relatively weak early game damage. However, with smart play and careful farming, you can overcome this weakness. Use Bladesurge to last hit minions and stack Ionian Fervor, and only engage with the enemy when your passive is fully stacked.


    Come late game, Irelia becomes a powerhouse. With her core items, she can choose to split-push and pressure the enemy team or group with her team for team fights. In team fights, aim to jump onto the enemy backline and eliminate key targets.


    Mastering Irelia’s tactics is just one step towards climbing the ranks in Wild Rift. GladiatorBoost’s Wild Rift Rank Boost service can help propel your progress, applying the skills you’ve honed with Irelia to achieve higher ranks more efficiently. With experienced players aiding your climb, you can focus on implementing advanced strategies and securing victories, making your journey up the rank ladder smoother and faster.




    Mastering Irelia requires understanding her abilities, building the right items, selecting the correct runes, and developing a smart game strategy. This Wild Rift Irelia guide provides you with the knowledge and tools to play Irelia effectively and dominate your games. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Keep practicing, and soon, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with on the Rift!


    Follow this guide and level up your Wild Rift Irelia gameplay. Happy gaming!

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