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Wild Rift Janna Guide: Mastering the Enchanting Support

January 15, 2024

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    Welcome to our detailed Wild Rift Janna Guide. We dive deep into the strategies and tactics to maximize Janna’s potential as a support champion in the League of Legends: Wild Rift.


    Who is Janna?


    Wild Rift Janna Guide


    Janna, also known as the “Storm’s Fury,” is a support champion in Wild Rift. She shines in the role of an enchanter, primarily focusing on defensive maneuvers to protect her team from formidable adversaries. Her abilities to shield, heal, and control crowds make her a vital asset throughout the game.


    Wild Rift Janna’s Abilities


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    Passive: Tailwind


    This passive ability allows Janna to gain Movement Speed passively. Nearby allied champions also benefit from this bonus. It empowers Janna to navigate the battlefield swiftly, aiding in securing advantages across various lanes and in the jungle.


    Howling Gale


    Janna’s Q ability, Howling Gale, is a powerful tornado that knocks up enemies and inflicts magic damage. It can be a game-changer when used strategically from behind bushes or walls, catching enemies by surprise.




    With Zephyr, Janna can scan for the closest three champions within range, either aiding allies with a speed boost or dealing magic damage to adversaries. This ability is versatile, catering to both offensive and defensive needs based on the in-game situation.


    Eye of the Storm


    Janna’s E ability, Eye of the Storm, shields her and the allied champion with the lowest health, absorbing and mitigating damage. If a turret is within range, it too receives the shield. Positioning is crucial when using this ability to ensure the maximum effect.




    Monsoon is Janna’s ultimate ability. It knocks back surrounding enemies while restoring health to nearby allies. It can be a lifesaver in dire situations, offering substantial healing and crowd control.


    Wild Rift Janna Builds


    To optimize Janna’s performance, we recommend focusing on items that enhance her shielding and healing powers, along with those providing Ability Power for enhanced damage.


    Core Item Build:



    Crown of the Shattered Queen
    Boots of Mana
    Revitalizing Grail

    With these core items, Janna can significantly bolster her shielding and healing abilities while also benefiting from the additional Ability Power.


    Wild Rift Janna Runes


    Here are the recommended runes for maximizing Janna’s capabilities:



    Glacial Augment: Boosts Janna’s crowd control ability, slowing down enemies hit with Howling Gale.
    Font of Life: Enhances Janna’s healing during the laning phase, aiding in sustain.
    Bone Plating: Helps Janna withstand damage, making her more resilient.
    Revitalize: Further strengthens Janna’s healing and shielding abilities.
    Transcendence: Allows Janna to use her abilities more frequently by providing additional Ability Haste.
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    Summoner Spells



    Flash: A universal summoner spell for escaping tight situations or saving an ally.
    Heal: Provides healing in crucial moments. However, if your AD Carry also selects Heal, consider opting for Ignite instead for additional killing potential.

    How to Play Janna


    Early Game


    Janna excels in the early game, leveraging her abilities to poke enemies and shield damage. Using Howling Gale from bushes can often catch enemies off-guard, providing an upper hand.


    Late Game


    As the game progresses, Janna’s abilities scale well, allowing her to provide substantial support during team fights. Prioritizing the protection of your carries is key to turning the tide of battle.


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    The Wild Rift Janna Guide aims to equip you with strategies and insights to play Janna effectively. She is an excellent choice for beginners, providing substantial support to the team while being relatively safe to play. Start using Janna in your games today and experience the thrill of turning matches in your favor!

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