Minion of Mayhem

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  • Minion of Mayhem title in World of Warcraft is obtainable through Pet Battles. The title is account-wide, meaning its usable on all characters a player may have on their account. The title is obtainable through two tasks:

    1. Completing Black Rock Depths pet battle dungeon;

    2. Crafting “Carpal” pet.

    The release of Shadowlands expansion added a level of ease to obtaining the Minion of Mayhem title for players, however some may still face difficulties due to the complexity of the tasks.

    Minion of Mayhem title Obtain Guide:

    There is two different methods of obtaining the title.

    The first method: Players must complete 5 scenarios: Call from the Depths, The Dead Grotto, Gnomeregan,  Stratholme and Blackrock Depths (in that order). Players generally need to have a decent understanding & collection of pets and tactics in order to complete these challenges. Before reaching the final stage in Blackrock Depths, players must talk to “Tasha Riley”, and select the option “Join Council of Chaos!”

    Another way is through crafting Capal pet. This method requires players to level reputation with Maldraxxus, in order to purchase the materials in order to craft it. Furthermore, players will need Animated Ulna, which is a reward from a rare Maldraxxus world quest. Lastly, players need to loot “Flexing Phalanges”. Simply right click to craft the Capal pet.

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