Sojourner of Azure Span

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  • Sojourner of Azure Span is an achievement introduced to World of Warcraft in Dragonflight, categorized under the exploration type. This achievement missions players to complete side quest storylines in the Azure Span.

    Note: This achievement is also progression towards Loremaster of the Dragon Isles.

    Sojourner of Azure Span WoW Achievement Guide:

    Players are tasked to complete the following quest-chains:

    Grimtusk Hideaway;

    Gorloc Shore;

    Snowhide Camp;

    Slyvern Plunge;

    Brackenhide Water Hole;

    Creektooth Den;

    Shiverweb Vale;

    Kauriq Gleamlet;

    Lost Ruins;

    Ruins of Karnthar;

    Rustpine Den;

    Winterpelt Hollow.

    The grand total of quests here is 144 throughout the 12 chapters, being the most lengthy progression towards this type of achievement. The advised way to complete this is to initially complete the main dragonflight story zone in Azure Span, however some quests can be quite difficult to navigate to.

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    A level 70 character in WoW Dragonflight.


Overall rating 5 out of 5 alt 800+ reviews