The Crazy Cat Lady

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  • The Crazy Cat Lady is an aspired title (Account-Wide) in World of Warcraft, introduced with the Mists of Pandaria expansion. The title remains obtainable in Dragonflight, and has two variations for different players genders, being The Crazy Cat Man. The title is obtainable through completing “Crazy for Cats” in-game achievement. Cat-owning WoW players desire this title and continue to throughout the years, perfect for any player looking to further express their cat love.

    How to get Crazy Cat Lady Title WoW:

    The achievement tasks players to collect 20 different cats in WoW. Recommended main sources to check are:

    Pet Battles;

    World boss & rare drops;

    Vendor NPCs.

    Some cats which fall under the criteria are spectral tiger cub, Xu-Fu and Cub of Xuen, however of course these cats hold an increased value and take an exceptionally long grinding process to obtain.

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