The Key Master

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  • The Key Master is a new title introduced to World of Warcraft with Dragonhflight patch 10.0.7. In tandem, The Forbidden Reach zone, as well as Zskera Vaults Dungeon were introduced to the game with it. Players which complete the Door Buster achievement inside Zskera Vaults are rewarded with The Key Master Title.

    The Key Master Title offers some unique customisation for players, collectors and Mythic Dungeon fans.

    How to get The Key Master Title in WoW:

    Players will find themselves opening 150 doors inside of Zskera Vaults. In which, requires keys. This is the most difficult part of obtaining the achievement, since they’re pretty hard to obtain. 6 of them will be obtained easily during the questline, however the other 144 have to be obtained through quests, rare mobs, world bosses, events, treasures and loot boxes. Quite a lot of options, however the drop chances for the keys are quite low. Avid WoW players out for The Key Master title are in for a lengthy farm.

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Overall rating 5 out of 5 alt 800+ reviews