The Ohn’ahran Trail

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  • The Ohn’ahran Trail is an achievement introduced to World of Warcraft in the Dragonflight expansion. Clan Aylaag is in aid of defending, requiring the player’s assistance in all 3 of their camps. There are caravans which move between the camps, on a 3 day timer.

    The Ohn’ahran Trail Achievement Guide WoW

    Firstly, you’ll need to progress to renown 4 with Maruuk Centaurs, in order to gain access to Aylaag Camps. After this, players can open their map. They’ll see a timer on each camp – once the timer expires, the awesome scenario will begin. Players will need to navigate there, and escort the group from camp to camp. However, this is not a solo-player task. The content takes around 15 minutes in total, and requires a group with decent expertise and skill level. Also, don’t forget to tag the elite mob at the end to earn credit towards the achievement.

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    A level 70 character in WoW Dragonflight.


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