Who’s a Good Bakar?

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  • “Who’s a Good Bakar?” is a distinctive achievement introduced to World of Warcraft in the Dragonflight expansion. Players can achieve it through petting all 20 dogs in the Ohn’ahran zone.

    Who’s a Good Bakar? Achievement Guide:

    Some dogs will only show up in certain situations. Only when the quest for the Aylaag Camp and caravan at coordinates 71.19 31.56 is active will Ellam be available. On the other hand, Hugo will go everywhere with them. You must finish the Troubles with Taivan quest in order to meet Soyoo. You must finish the mission Release the Hounds in order for Fogi, Zephyr, Elaichi, Pesca, and Tseg to spawn. Only after completing the Return to Roscha quest will Baba appear. You can use a /Target macro to add the necessary name and then spam it in the general area where the dogs should be if you’re attempting to complete the “Who’s a Good Bakar” achievement.

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    Level 70 character in WoW.


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