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TBC level boost

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  • Buy TBC Level Boost! We will boost your characters level to your desired level. Simply click on your current level & select your desired level.

    This page is dedicated to our TBC Level Boost from any level (Your current level to your desired level).

    Start time ETA:

    1-24 Hours

    What happens after I purchase TBC Level Boost?

    You can choose Piloted & Additional options if you purchase TBC Level Boost

    For Piloted:

    We add you on Discord, schedule your TBC Level Boost in with the fastest available booster.

    We confirm account details & VPN settings, login and start.

    Booster plays to your desired level, you keep all gold & loot. Booster logs out.

    Additional Options:

    Express – 10% Faster

    Super Express – 25% faster

    100% Mount – Unlock the 100% speed mount for you.

    280% Flying Mount – Unlock the 280% flying mount for you.

    All Heroic Attunements – Revered rep for all reputations, allowing you to enter them on Heroic.

    Karazhan attunement – Attunement for Karazhan, allowing you to enter the raid.

    How long will the TBC Level Boost take?

    Your TBC Level Boost will be started within 1-24hours maximum, as fast as possible. Feel free to open a chat with us to confirm (bottom right of your screen) or talk with us on Discord: GladiatorBoost#0030. The speed of the TBC Level Boost depends on the level bought, usually a couple of days.

    GLADIATORBOOST WoW TBC Level Boost services are open for Alliance & Horde as well as EU & US realms! Simply select your current level, desired level and place your TBC Level Boost order!

  • To buy, simply click on your current level, the desired level you’d like and click the “buy” button. Fill out your information on our checkout page and we’ll be in contact with you ASAP to schedule!

    If you’d like some information before purchasing, you can add us on Discord: GladiatorBoost#0030 or send an email inquiry to [email protected]We have the fastest powerleveling boosters across EU & US for all classes+specs for our TBC Level Boost service!

    If you have any custom inquiries or general questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We take everything into consideration and with the upmost professionalism & confidentiality.


    For TBC Leveling, we do not hold a strict sort of requirements. However if you have any questions, feel free to inquire on Discord / live chat with us: GladiatorBoost#0030

  • Q: What happens after I purchase?
    Once you have paid, we will add you on Discord (remember to include it in checkout – if not, we’ll reach you through email) ASAP to proceed with the service. We will agree on a given ETA and fix the login authenticator. You are free to use your account whenever the assigned booster isn’t on it.

    Q: Are my account details safe with you?
    Yes! Only you and the booster assigned to your character will have access to your account information. From our side, we’ll ensure your information will be handled with maximum security and discresion.

    Q: Who will be playing my account?
    Our roster consists of the current highest rated players and tournament competitors. We hire only the most talented and professional players out there. You will get the best players for the job.

    Q: How safe is it?
    We take it to the next level to ensure safety of your account, from HWID tools, private VPN’s to our own system developed preventing against any flagups. There’s always a risk with piloted arena services, however we minimize it as much as possible with great success.

    Q: Can I login whilst the booster is playing?
    No, we strongly advise against this. We stay in touch with you at any hour, so you’ll know exactly when the booster is logging in and out in livetime.

    Q: What if someone from ingame writes me whilst the booster is playing?
    Our boosters will never respond. Simple.

    Q: Do you offer refunds?
    Yes, if the boost isn’t completed due to a fault from our side. We won’t offer refunds on completed services.


Overall rating 5 out of 5 alt 800+ reviews