You Are Now Prepared!

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  • You are now Prepared! is an exclusive achievement available for the Alliance faction. It was introduced to World of Warcraft in Legion, assigning players to complete the Argus campaign. 

    You are Now Prepared! Achievement Guide WoW:

    Firstly, players will need to prepare a level 45 character or higher. Speak to Kadgar in Dalaran, the Violet Hold to embark on the quest-chain. After completion of “The Hand of Fate” quest, players will be able to journey into Argus.

    Players will need to complete all three chapters of the Argus campaign:

    The Assault Begins;

    Dark Awakening;

    War of Light and Shadow.

    Upon completion, You are now Prepared! achievement will be awarded to the player.

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    Level 45 or above character in WoW.


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