Zandalar Forever!

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  • Zandalar Forever! is a sought after World of Warcraft achievement introduced to the game in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. It is part of a major questline, requiring players to complete a total of 22 story chapters in Zuldazar, Nazmir and Vol’dun locations, in addition to the Horde Campaign. Factually, this is one of the most long-winded quest chains in the game. Thankfully, for players who may be on a time constraint or simply wish for the achievement reward, Zandalar Forever! Boost Service at GladiatorBoost is available for purchase.

    You’ll also need to unlock this achievement to have access to Zandalari Trolls allied race.

    How to get “Zandalar Forever!” achievement in WoW:

    This coveted achievement revolves around the Zandalari Trolls allied race in WoW. Players will need to also complete these mini-achievements to unlock “Zandalar Forever!”:

    The Throne of Zuldazar;

    The Dark Heart of Nazmir;

    Secrets in the Sands;

    A Bargin of Blood;

    The Final Seal.

    Completion of “Zandalar Forever” achievement in WoW is crucial, especially for gaining access to the coveted allied race Zandalari Trolls. Looking to obtain the achievement in the fastest way possible? Try out GladiatorBoost’s boosting service offer and reap the rewards within the same day. Text us via live-chat support if you need any further help.


    Level 50 or above character in WoW.


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