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ESO Black Drake Villa Boost

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    ESO Black Drake Villa Boost: Conquer the Dungeon and Claim Your Spoils

    Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online? Look no further than the Black Drake Villa Dungeon. Located in the Gold Coast, this challenging 4-player dungeon is packed with exciting encounters and valuable rewards. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the Black Drake Villa Dungeon, from the story behind it to the strategies to defeat each boss. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for some new challenges or a beginner looking to level up your skills, this guide will help you navigate through the dungeon with ease. So grab your weapons, gather your allies, and let’s dive into the Black Drake Villa!

    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Black Drake Villa Full Run;

    Chance to get Gear for your Character;

    Guaranteed Rewards from Additional Options!

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    Unveiling the Story of Black Drake Villa Dungeon

    The Black Drake Villa Dungeon is not just a mere collection of rooms and enemies. It has a captivating story that unfolds as you progress through the dungeon. Eveli Sharp-Arrow, a skilled adventurer, seeks a precious book hidden within the abandoned mansion’s library. She enlists your help in retrieving the book for her client. As you join forces with Eveli, you’ll not only unravel the mysteries of Black Drake Villa but also reap the rewards that await you.

    Sets to Collect in Black Drake Villa ESO

    Black Drake Villa is home to a variety of powerful sets that can enhance your character’s abilities. There are three different sets available, along with one Monster Set drop. These sets can provide unique bonuses and synergies, allowing you to customize your playstyle and optimize your character build. By acquiring these sets, you’ll gain a significant advantage in combat and increase your chances of success in the dungeon.

    Confronting the Trashmonsters of Black Drake Villa

    Before you face the mighty bosses of Black Drake Villa, you’ll encounter various trashmonsters throughout the dungeon. These enemies can pose a threat and add to the difficulty and liveliness of the dungeon. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of trashmonsters you’ll encounter in Black Drake Villa:

    Goblins: These nimble creatures come in both melee and ranged variants. Be prepared to face their relentless attacks and cunning strategies.

    Minotaurs: Watch out for the Minotaurs’ powerful attacks, as they can deal significant damage. Avoid their fiery AoEs and prevent them from running loose in your group.

    Blazing Salamanders: These fiery creatures emit a blazing aura that protects them from damage. Focus your attacks on them and keep them away from the boss to ensure maximum efficiency.

    Burning Specters: Ghostly entities made of fire and flame, Burning Specters can be kited and deal moderate damage. Stay vigilant and avoid their relentless assaults.

    Mudcrabs: Don’t underestimate these seemingly harmless creatures. While they may not pose a significant threat individually, they can become troublesome in large numbers.

    River Troll and Frigid Salamanders: The River Troll may not have any special attacks, but beware of the Frigid Salamanders accompanying it. These salamanders unleash devastating ice attacks that can wreak havoc on your group.

    Fire Behemoth: The Fire Behemoth is a formidable foe that deals massive damage. Prepare yourself for its hurtful Heavy Attack and unleash your skills to overcome this fiery menace.

    Unraveling the Special Mechanics of Black Drake Villa

    Black Drake Villa introduces two unique mechanics that you must master to overcome its challenges: the Avatar Fragments and the Ice Avatar Transformation.

    Avatar Fragments

    Throughout the dungeon, you’ll discover Avatar Fragments that can increase your buff when you defeat optional bosses. These fragments are essential for summoning the final optional boss, Sentinel Aksalaz. Collect a total of 100 fragments to unlock this formidable encounter and reap the rewards that await you.

    Ice Avatar Transformation

    By accumulating at least 150 Ultimate, you gain access to platforms that allow you to undergo an Ice Avatar Transformation. This transformation grants you a special buff that enables you to apply a frozen status on enemies and interrupt their abilities, even those of the bosses themselves. Harness the power of the Ice Avatar Transformation to gain an edge in combat and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

    The Bosses of Black Drake Villa: A Formidable Challenge

    Black Drake Villa is home to seven powerful bosses, each with their unique abilities and mechanics. Let’s delve into the details of each boss encounter, their health pools, and the additional challenges you’ll face along the way.

    Kinras Ironeye

    Kinras Ironeye

    Kinras Ironeye is the first boss you’ll encounter in Black Drake Villa. Prepare yourself for a fiery showdown as you face off against this imposing enemy. Here are the mechanics and abilities you need to be aware of:

    Inflamed Earth: Kinras Ironeye leaves fiery impacts on the ground while trying to stomp you. Stepping out of these impacts is crucial to avoid taking a moderate amount of damage.

    Wake of Fire: This is Kinras’ Heavy Attack. When in melee stance, the attack is blockable, but when in ranged stance, you must dodge roll to avoid being thrown back and to the ground.

    Wandering Flames: Kinras releases three fireballs that move across the ground. If you tank the boss facing away from the group, you can prevent others from being hit by these fireballs.

    Fiery Totem: Periodically, Kinras casts down a totem that releases a Totemic Flame. Prioritize targeting the totem before focusing on the boss to minimize incoming damage.

    Blazing Salamander and Aura: Watch out for the spawning of Blazing Salamanders. These creatures emit an aura that prevents them from taking damage and increases enemy DPS. Keep them out of the boss’ range to maintain control of the encounter.

    Shout: Kinras occasionally shouts, causing the Blazing Salamander to walk up to him. Interrupt the shout as soon as possible to prevent any unwanted consequences.

    Phase Shift: At around 80% health, Kinras transitions to ranged stance, unleashing Fiery Blasts and erupting the ground beneath random players. Keep moving to avoid these devastating attacks. Around 60% health, Kinras returns to melee stance.

    Ice Avatar Effects: During the Ice Avatar Transformation, you can freeze the Blazing Salamanders’ protection aura by attacking them. This increases the boss’ vulnerability and allows you to deal more damage. Additionally, the Ice Avatar Transformation enables you to freeze the totem, rendering it harmless.


    In Hardmode, Kinras Ironeye’s health and damage output are significantly increased, posing an even greater challenge. Prepare yourself for an intense battle that will test your skills to the limit.

    Captain Geminus

    Captain Geminus

    Captain Geminus awaits you as the second boss of Black Drake Villa. This formidable opponent will put your tactical prowess to the test. Here’s what you need to know about Captain Geminus and her abilities:

    Cyclone Shot: Captain Geminus unleashes a cone-shaped AoE attack that sends out lightning orbs dealing Damage over Time (DoT). Take caution as this attack can deal a moderate amount of damage.

    Incapacitating Trap: Geminus sets traps that incapacitate the target, dealing moderate DoT damage and preventing them from moving. Avoid these traps by dodge rolling through them.

    Tectonic Slam: After teleporting to a random player, Captain Geminus performs a powerful slam attack that can knock you down if not blocked or dodge rolled. Spread out to avoid being caught in the area of effect.

    Knuckle Duster: This is Captain Geminus’ Heavy Attack, dealing a significant amount of damage. Block or dodge roll to avoid the damage.

    Shade of Geminus: Captain Geminus can summon up to four shades of herself. These shades channel a powerful attack on a player, filling a circle around them. Interrupting this channel is crucial to prevent high damage and knockback.

    Death Wish: This debuff is randomly cast on a player, increasing the damage they take for a few seconds.

    Shield Phase: At around 70% and 30% health, Captain Geminus shields herself and sends out Seismic Tremors that deal moderate damage. Avoid these tremors to minimize incoming damage.

    Air Atronach: During the Shield Phase, an Air Atronach joins the battle. The tank should taunt and control it, while the DPS focuses on taking down the True-Sworn Flame Hounds.

    Daggers: After the first Shield Phase, Captain Geminus attacks the tank with a combined dagger attack. Block these attacks and avoid standing in front of her if you’re not the tank.


    In Hardmode, Captain Geminus’ health and damage output are significantly increased. Brace yourself for a more challenging encounter that will push your limits as a player.

    Pyroturge Encratis

    Pyroturge Encratis

    Pyroturge Encratis, the third boss of Black Drake Villa, is a master of fire and will test your resilience. Prepare yourself for a scorching battle as you face off against this fearsome opponent. Here’s what you need to know about Pyroturge Encratis and its abilities:

    Racing Inferno: Encratis summons brimstone serpents that shoot from the center of the boss, dealing a moderate amount of damage.

    Racing Eruption: Encratis attacks the tank with a flame breath, spawning Fire Salamanders that run around the room before targeting a random player. These salamanders cannot be targeted but will die upon impact with the player after a few seconds.

    Immolation Sphere: The boss surrounds itself with a fiery inferno ring, dealing high damage to anyone standing in it. Encratis also summons Ghosts that you must deal with.

    Fire Storm: Pyroturge Encratis sets the entire room on fire, except for the center around itself. During this phase, a Fire Behemoth spawns, requiring your immediate attention. Avoid standing outside the safe zone to prevent taking unnecessary damage.

    Phase 2: At around 65% health, Encratis destroys the back wall and retreats to the inner part of the library. It throws fire at you until you engage in combat. The boss also regains some health during this phase.

    Heartsfire Inferno: Encratis periodically incinerates the upper arena, forcing you to jump down to avoid getting roasted. Wait out the Inferno or use one of the geysers near the boss to jump back up and continue the fight. On Hardmode, the arena will be filled with salamanders that you must deal with if you choose to wait out the Inferno.

    Heartsfire Spear: Armed with a weapon, Encratis aims at a target and throws a spear that bursts into a fire cone upon impact. Block this attack to mitigate the damage.


    In Hardmode, Pyroturge Encratis becomes even more formidable, with increased health and damage output. Prepare yourself for an intense battle that will require precise coordination and mastery of your skills.

    Sentinel Aksalaz

    Sentinel Aksalaz is the final boss of Black Drake Villa, and facing it is the ultimate test of your strength and skill. To unlock this boss, you must meet specific requirements:

    Defeat all three main bosses.

    Defeat all three additional bosses.

    Collect 30 Avatar Fragments per player.

    If you meet these conditions, you will discover the Avatar Artefact in the final boss chamber. By depositing your Avatar Fragments into the bowls surrounding the artefact, you will summon Sentinel Aksalaz. However, be aware that you only have five attempts to defeat this boss. Let’s delve into the mechanics of this epic encounter:

    Summon Avatars: At certain health thresholds, Sentinel Aksalaz summons the former avatars you’ve already defeated, but with reduced health. This occurs at 85% health (Avatar of Zeal), 60% health (Avatar of Vigor), and 35% health (Avatar of Fortitude). Take on these avatars along with the boss to emerge victorious.

    Axe Swing: This is Sentinel Aksalaz’s Heavy Attack. Blocking this attack is crucial to mitigate the damage, as it deals a significant amount of damage.

    Ice Gash: Sentinel Aksalaz slashes forward, sending out three icicles in a cone-wide attack. Avoid these icicles by moving out of their path.

    Icicles: The boss summons spikes of ice that follow each player until they stop. Keep moving to avoid being hit by these icicles, as they can deal a substantial amount of damage.

    Frostkin: Throughout the fight, Sentinel Aksalaz summons Frostkin to aid in battle. While individually they may not pose a significant threat, their combined effects can be challenging to handle.

    Frost Nova: At certain intervals, Sentinel Aksalaz teleports to the center of the room and summons tornadoes that move along the outer ring. The boss then unleashes a powerful nova. The only safe spots are between the tornadoes on the outer ring. Move quickly to avoid certain death.

    Execute Phase: As the boss reaches around 25% health, the arena shrinks, and the outer edges become covered in an ice storm. Grates in the arena floor will fire ice that splits into three parts. Navigate this treacherous terrain while continuing to deal damage to Sentinel Aksalaz.


    To engage in Hardmode difficulty for Sentinel Aksalaz, you must defeat the regular last boss on Hardmode difficulty. This automatically activates Hardmode for this encounter. In Hardmode, be prepared for increased health and damage output from the boss. The fight becomes even more challenging, requiring precise execution and optimal teamwork to emerge victorious.

    Optional Bosses: Unleashing Their Power

    In addition to the main bosses, Black Drake Villa features four optional bosses that can be unlocked by solving puzzles and meeting specific requirements. Defeating these optional bosses is not only a testament to your skill but also grants you powerful buffs. Let’s explore these optional bosses and the rewards they offer:

    Avatar of Zeal

    Avatar of Zeal

    The Avatar of Zeal awaits you in the first area of the Estate Grounds. To unlock this boss, coordinate with your group to stand on the pressure plates simultaneously. Once activated, the boss encounter begins. Here are the mechanics and rewards associated with the Avatar of Zeal:

    Echo of Zeal: Defeating the Avatar of Zeal grants you a buff that increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 50. This buff can be improved using Avatar Fragments, up to a maximum of 350.

    Avatar of Vigor

    Avatar of Vigor

    The Avatar of Vigor awaits you in the archive. To unlock this boss, you must gather orbs and place them in bowls. Here’s how you can find the orbs and unlock the Avatar of Vigor:

    Explore the archive and defeat the initial trash mobs.

    In a room with four statues, find the glowing orbs and place them in the empty bowls.

    Solve the puzzle involving levers, gates, and pressure plates to obtain the necessary orbs.

    Place the orbs in the bowls in the central room to unveil the secret pathway leading to the Avatar of Vigor.

    Defeating the Avatar of Vigor grants you a buff that increases your Stamina and Magicka Recovery by 200. This buff can be improved using Avatar Fragments, up to a maximum of 500.

    Avatar of Fortitude

    Avatar of Fortitude

    The Avatar of Fortitude awaits you near the second boss. Unlocking this boss requires precise coordination and puzzle-solving skills. Here’s how to unlock the Avatar of Fortitude:

    In a room with two statues locking a gate, find two pressure plates and two levers.

    Have two players simultaneously pull the levers to unlock the gate.

    Enter the unlocked gate and follow the path to find two pressure plates in front of bookcases.

    Stand on the pressure plates simultaneously to reveal the Guardian orb.

    Repeat the process on the other side to obtain the second Guardian orb.

    Return to the central room and place the orbs in the bowls to unveil the secret pathway leading to the Avatar of Fortitude.

    Defeating the Avatar of Fortitude grants you a buff that increases your Maximum Health by 500. This buff can be improved using Avatar Fragments, up to a maximum of 3500.

    Sentinel Aksalaz: The Ultimate Challenge

    Sentinel Aksalaz, the final boss of Black Drake Villa, can be unlocked by meeting specific requirements. Defeat all three main bosses, all three additional bosses, and collect 30 Avatar Fragments per player. Once these conditions are met, you can summon Sentinel Aksalaz by depositing the Avatar Fragments into the bowls surrounding the Avatar Artefact.

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