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ESO Graven Deep Boost

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    ESO Graven Deep Boost: Conquer the Dungeon

    Welcome to the ultimate guide to ESO Graven Deep Boost, where we will explore the exciting and challenging Graven Deep Dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to conquer this dungeon in both Normal and Veteran modes. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or new to the world of ESO, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to navigate the Graven Deep Dungeon with ease.

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    The Story in Graven Deep Dungeon

    Before we delve into the intricacies of the dungeon itself, let’s take a moment to appreciate the rich lore and captivating story behind the Graven Deep Dungeon. Located in the High Isle and Amenos zone, this dungeon is steeped in history and mystery. As you venture deeper into its depths, you will uncover the secrets of the Graven Deep and face formidable challenges that will test your skills and teamwork.

    Sets and Rewards in the Graven Deep Dungeon

    As with any dungeon in ESO, the Graven Deep Dungeon offers a variety of enticing rewards for those brave enough to conquer its challenges. In this dungeon, you have the opportunity to obtain three different five-piece sets and a powerful monster set. These sets can provide unique bonuses and enhance your character’s abilities, allowing you to optimize your build and tackle even the toughest encounters.

    Additionally, the Graven Deep Dungeon offers other valuable rewards such as treasure chests and heavy sacks. These containers often contain valuable items, including rare crafting materials, gear, and gold. Make sure to explore every nook and cranny of the dungeon to maximize your chances of finding these hidden treasures.

    Trash Monsters in Graven Deep Dungeon

    As you progress through the Graven Deep Dungeon, you will encounter various types of trash mobs that can add to the difficulty and liveliness of the dungeon. While many of these enemies are not too dangerous and can be dealt with normally, there are a few that require special attention.

    One such enemy is the Hadolid. These mobs have the ability to drop large AOEs on the ground, which should be avoided to prevent taking unnecessary damage. Another challenging enemy is the Pangrit, which resembles Guars. Pangrits have a cleave attack that can harm the entire group, so it’s important to face them away from the group. Additionally, Pangrits can apply a poison debuff to players, which can be deadly if not dealt with promptly. To remove the poison, players must press a synergy to drop it, creating a poison AOE on the ground.

    Drowned Captains are another type of enemy you will encounter in the Graven Deep Dungeon. These ghostly foes have around 1 million health and can disappear, leaving behind lightning that will zap players. Make sure to keep an eye out for their return and taunt them again when they reappear. Lastly, Wraiths pose a significant threat with their fear ability and charging attacks. These enemies have around 1 million health each and can cause havoc if players don’t move out of the way when they charge into the group.

    Bosses, Treasure Chests & Heavy Sacks on the Map

    To navigate the Graven Deep Dungeon effectively, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the layout and the locations of bosses, treasure chests, and heavy sacks. By utilizing the Graven Deep Map, you can familiarize yourself with the areas and plan your route accordingly. The map provides a visual representation of the dungeon, highlighting important points of interest and key locations. Make sure to refer to the map as you progress through the dungeon to ensure you don’t miss any valuable loot or encounters.

    Graven Deep Dungeon Bosses

    The Graven Deep Dungeon features six challenging bosses, each with their own unique mechanics and abilities. Let’s take a closer look at each boss and the strategies you can employ to defeat them.

    Boss 1 – Euphotic Gatekeeper

    The Euphotic Gatekeeper is the first main boss you will encounter in the Graven Deep Dungeon. While not overly difficult, this boss can be quite mobile, making it essential to adapt your strategies accordingly.

    To summon the Euphotic Gatekeeper, you must defeat a group of Pangrits that continuously spawn. These Pangrits emerge from three holes in the ground, and to initiate the boss fight, you need to close these holes by dropping the poison synergy on them. Once the boss is engaged, it will frequently charge around the room, unleashing AOEs in multiple directions. Avoid these attacks to minimize damage and prevent being knocked back. Additionally, the boss will teleport to different locations, accompanied by an expanding AOE. Move away from these AOEs to avoid taking unnecessary damage. Throughout the fight, more Pangrits will spawn, and players will once again be inflicted with the poison debuff. Make sure to close off the Pangrit spawns by dropping the synergy on them to prevent the group from taking excessive damage.

    Boss 2 – Varzunon

    Varzunon is the second main boss in the Graven Deep Dungeon. While not overly challenging, this boss possesses a few mechanics that require careful attention and coordination.

    Periodically, Varzunon will summon a group of skeleton adds. These adds can overwhelm the tank, so it’s crucial to stay close to your team and utilize area-of-effect (AOE) damage to dispatch them efficiently. Keep an eye out for skeletal sacrifices among the summoned skeletons. These sacrifices are marked by a bright blue glow and must be focused down by the damage dealers (DDs). If the skeletal sacrifices are not killed in time, Varzunon will consume them, increasing his strength and damage output. Be prepared to dodge Varzunon’s stomp attack, which deals significant AOE damage. Move away from the boss when you see this attack animation to avoid taking unnecessary damage. Lastly, be mindful of the blue fire meteors that Varzunon summons. These meteors rain down on group members, dealing heavy damage. Stack together for healing to mitigate the effects of this attack.

    Endboss – Zelvraak the Unbreathing

    Zelvraak the Unbreathing serves as the final boss in the Graven Deep Dungeon and presents the greatest challenge. Defeating Zelvraak requires coordination, situational awareness, and careful execution of mechanics.

    Before engaging Zelvraak, you must first defeat a Flesh Colossus and some ghosts. Once these initial foes are dispatched, Zelvraak will become active. Throughout the fight, Zelvraak will spawn ice AOEs under the feet of players. These ice pools should be avoided by moving away from them to prevent taking unnecessary damage. The boss will also target the player with aggro and unleash a long conal cleave attack. The tank should avoid moving during this attack to prevent other group members from being caught in the cleave. At 75% and 25% health, Zelvraak will split into four shades. Each player should stand next to a shade and interrupt their channeling ability. Failure to interrupt these shades can result in significant damage to the group. One of the most crucial mechanics of this fight is the Sea Orb. Zelvraak summons a Sea Orb that descends slowly to the ground. If the Sea Orb reaches the ground, it will explode, instantly killing all players. Assign a player to keep an eye on the orb and damage it to stop its descent. Additionally, Zelvraak will occasionally fear the entire party. To avoid being feared, look away from the boss when it is about to cast this spell. Lastly, be prepared for the Sundered Soul mechanic, where a random player’s soul is torn from their body. The affected player should locate and collect a golden ghost to retrieve their soul and avoid succumbing to the damage over time (DoT) effect.

    Secret Boss 1 – Mzugru

    Mzugru, the Security Drone, is the first secret boss you can encounter in the Graven Deep Dungeon. Defeating this boss grants you a valuable buff called Shield Generator, which increases your maximum health by 10% and provides 50% damage mitigation for 3 seconds when you take damage (with a 40-second cooldown).

    To find Mzugru, follow the path at the start of the dungeon until you reach a trail leading to the right. This trail will lead you to a door called the Security Depot. Inside the room, you must activate several control knobs in the correct order to summon the boss. Pay attention to the order in which you activate the control knobs. Once Mzugru is engaged, be wary of its lightning bolt attacks. These bolts create lightning AOEs that should be avoided to prevent unnecessary damage. Additionally, Mzugru will be shielded and healed by pylons located around the sides of the room. Focus your damage on the pylon that is channeling to effectively damage the boss.

    Secret Boss 2 – Xzyviian

    Xzyviian, the Defense Crawler, is the second secret boss you can encounter in the Graven Deep Dungeon. Defeating this boss rewards you with the Defense Systems buff, which increases your maximum Magicka by 10% and allows you to activate laser defense systems inside the dungeon to deal extra damage to enemies.

    To find Xzyviian, proceed through the dungeon until you defeat the Euphotic Gatekeeper and enter the Dwemer ruins. Follow the path until you reach a three-way fork. Take the right path and navigate through the traps, which are lasers that move around. Crouch, jump, and time your movements to avoid being hit by the traps. If you are hit, you will be teleported back to the start. Once you reach the end of the traps, you can pull a lever to disable them. Xzyviian will spawn in the middle of the room after the traps are disabled. During the fight, be cautious of Xzyviian’s fire meteor attacks, which create fire AOEs on the ground. These AOEs should be avoided to prevent unnecessary damage. Additionally, Xzyviian will occasionally jump, dealing AOE damage at its previous location. Make sure to move away from these areas to avoid taking damage.

    Secret Boss 3 – Chralzak

    Chralzak is the final secret boss in the Graven Deep Dungeon. Defeating this boss grants you the Remote Battery buff, which increases your maximum Stamina by 10% and supercharges your stamina recovery when your stamina runs low (with a 60-second cooldown).

    To find Chralzak, proceed through the dungeon after defeating Varzunon and jumping down to the lowest level. Follow the path and defeat the first few trash packs. Soon, you will encounter a concealed left turn that leads to the southernmost part of the map. In this area, you will encounter a puzzle involving six levers that control traps. Manipulate the levers to disable the traps and allow your team to cross safely. Once the traps are disabled, Chralzak will spawn in the middle of the room. During the fight, be mindful of Chralzak’s spin attack, which creates an AOE damage effect. Move back to avoid being caught in the AOE. Additionally, Chralzak will zap the ground with lightning in random locations. Move away from these AOEs to prevent taking unnecessary damage.


    Congratulations! You now possess the knowledge and strategies necessary to conquer the Graven Deep Dungeon with an ESO Dig Deep Boost. Remember to consult this guide as you navigate the dungeon, and adapt your strategies to each boss’s mechanics. Whether you’re seeking powerful gear, rare rewards, or simply the thrill of vanquishing challenging foes, the Graven Deep Dungeon offers an exhilarating experience for all adventurers. Harness your skills, gather your allies, and embark on an unforgettable journey into the depths of the Graven Deep. Good luck, and may your Graven Deep Boost lead you to victory!

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