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    ESO Sanctum Ophidia Trial Boost: Conquer the Ancient Nedic Temple

    Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in the Elder Scrolls Online? Look no further than the ESO Sanctum Ophidia Trial. This ancient Nedic Temple, located in the Craglorn zone, offers a challenge like no other. But fear not, for GladiatorBoost is here to provide you with the ultimate ESO Sanctum Ophidia Trial Boost, ensuring your success and unlocking the best rewards.

    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Sanctum Ophidia Trial Full Run;

    All Loot from 11 Teammates;

    Chance to get Perfected Items from sets: Wise mage, Twice-fanged serpent, Immortal warrior, Infallible mage, Vicious serpent, and Eternal warrior;

    Average 36 Items from Veteran!

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    What is the ESO Sanctum Ophidia Trial?

    The Sanctum Ophidia Trial, often referred to as SO, is a formidable trial that has withstood the test of time within the world of Elder Scrolls Online. It has been a staple of the game since its earliest days, captivating the hearts of countless raid teams. However, many players, especially newcomers, have yet to experience the wonders of this ancient temple. That’s where the ESO Sanctum Ophidia Trial Boost comes in.

    Unveiling the Secrets of Sanctum Ophidia

    Sanctum Ophidia is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, harboring unique armor sets and cosmetic rewards for those brave enough to conquer its challenges. Let’s delve into the treasures that await you within its hallowed halls.

    Armor Sets

    Within the Sanctum Ophidia Trial, you can acquire three powerful armor sets: the Immortal Warrior (heavy), the Twice-Fanged Serpent (medium), and the Wise Mage (light). These sets cater to different playstyles, providing bonuses tailored to tanks, damage dealers, and casters respectively. Whether you seek increased healing, improved maximum health, enhanced weapon and spell damage, or critical chance boosts, Sanctum Ophidia has the perfect armor set for you.

    Cosmetic Rewards

    In addition to its armor sets, Sanctum Ophidia offers two unique dyes and an exclusive title for those who dare to conquer its challenges. By defeating the final boss, Celestial Serpent, on any difficulty, you will be rewarded with the Ophidian Jade dye. If you successfully complete a speedrun (33 minutes) on any difficulty, you will earn the Scaled Court Brown dye. Finally, for defeating the last boss in Veteran mode, you will receive the prestigious title “Ophidian Overlord.” These cosmetic rewards will showcase your mastery of the trial and add a touch of distinction to your character.

    Boss Encounters

    Sanctum Ophidia is home to four formidable bosses: Possessed Mantikora, Stonebreaker Troll, Ozara Lamia, and the Serpent. Each boss presents unique mechanics and challenges that require skill, coordination, and strategic thinking to overcome. Let’s explore the encounters and strategies for each boss.

    Possessed Mantikora

    The first boss you will encounter in Sanctum Ophidia is the Possessed Mantikora. This monstrous creature possesses devastating abilities, making it a formidable foe for any group. To successfully defeat the Possessed Mantikora, it is crucial to understand and master its mechanics.

    Popcorn Circles

    The Possessed Mantikora will mark random players with three red circles, known as popcorn circles. These circles will stun and launch affected players into the air, dealing damage upon landing. It is essential to dodge roll out of the first circle immediately, moving towards the back of the room and away from other players. Subsequent circles will spawn in your direction, and you must navigate them carefully. By anticipating the boss’s animation, you can begin moving backward before the circles appear, reducing the need for dodge rolling. Remember, swift movement and precise positioning are key to surviving the popcorn circles.

    Culminating Slam

    After the second round of popcorn circles, the Possessed Mantikora will unleash a devastating AoE attack known as the culminating slam. This attack deals significant damage and should be blocked if possible. After the culminating slam, healers must ensure the group’s health is restored to 100% due to the lingering bleeding damage that persists until reaching full health.

    Black Holes

    During the fight, black holes will randomly spawn on players, teleporting them to a sideboss encounter. It is crucial to defeat the sideboss within 100 seconds; failure to do so will enrage the Possessed Mantikora and result in a wipe. Coordination is key during the black hole phase, with designated players entering the black hole and quickly dispatching the sideboss. It is important to be cautious of the sideboss’s frontal cleave, as it can result in instant death for non-tanks. Alternatively, if your group’s DPS is exceptionally high, you can skip the black hole phase and focus solely on defeating the Possessed Mantikora.

    Poison Shard Circles

    The Possessed Mantikora will periodically create large red circles with green shards, inflicting significant poison damage. It is imperative to avoid these poison shard circles by staying out of their area of effect. To ensure the poison circles drop at a safe distance from the group, designated players should stand slightly away from the main group. By positioning themselves correctly, they can control the placement of the poison circles, allowing the rest of the group to continue dealing damage to the boss.

    Stonebreaker Troll

    After defeating the Possessed Mantikora, you will proceed to face the Stonebreaker Troll. Compared to the previous boss, the Stonebreaker Troll presents a slightly easier challenge. However, proper positioning and awareness are still crucial for success.

    Three-Way Avalanche

    The Stonebreaker Troll possesses a frontal avalanche attack that flows in three straight lines. The main tank must position the troll away from the group, ensuring that the avalanche damage is directed solely at the tank. By stepping aside or blocking the avalanche attack, other players can avoid taking unnecessary damage.


    Periodically, the Stonebreaker Troll will perform a powerful stomp, dealing significant damage in a round AoE. It is essential for all players, especially melee damage dealers, to avoid standing in the stomp area. Utilizing shields or blocking can provide additional protection against the stomp’s high damage output.


    The Stonebreaker Troll will occasionally throw stones at random players within the group. Players must be vigilant and prepared to block or shield themselves when targeted by this attack. Failure to block or shield against the stone-throw can result in significant damage or even death.

    Ozara Lamia

    After navigating through the bridge and subsequent trash groups, you will face Ozara Lamia, a powerful foe surrounded by a retinue of adds. This fight requires careful positioning and coordination to emerge victorious.

    Option 1: Two-Team Approach

    One strategy for defeating Ozara Lamia involves splitting the group into two teams. Each team consists of one tank, one healer, and four damage dealers. One team enters the left room, while the other team enters the right room. The tank in each team will be responsible for managing specific adds, keeping them away from the group. By dividing the group, you can effectively handle the continuous spawns of adds and maintain control over the encounter.

    Option 2: One-Tank Approach

    Alternatively, you can opt for a one-tank approach, with the main tank solely focused on Ozara Lamia. The off-tank takes on the responsibility of handling the adds, ensuring they are kept away from the main group. The off-tank must position themselves in a manner that avoids the lightning circles generated by the Overchargers. This approach requires precise positioning and awareness to manage the adds effectively.


    Regardless of the chosen strategy, maintaining a proper formation is crucial during the Ozara Lamia encounter. The main tank should position themselves in the center of the platform, facing Ozara away from the group. Healers should stand on either side of the tank, providing support and healing to the group. Damage dealers should position themselves in two half-circles around the tank, with melee damage dealers in the front row and ranged damage dealers in the second row. This formation ensures that healing abilities reach all members of the group effectively.

    Pin Bolts

    Throughout the fight, Ozara Lamia will target random players with pin bolts, immobilizing them with lightning AoE. Players adjacent to the pinned player must activate their synergy ability to unpin them. As the fight progresses, more players will become pinned, necessitating swift coordination to unpin and maintain optimal group performance.

    The Serpent

    Finally, after overcoming the challenges posed by the Possessed Mantikora, Stonebreaker Troll, and Ozara Lamia, you will face the ultimate test in the Sanctum Ophidia Trial: The Serpent. This final boss encounter offers a slightly easier challenge, making it an excellent opportunity to test your skills and reap the rewards.

    Poison Phase

    During the Serpent encounter, the boss will periodically descend into the ground, initiating the poison phase. Poisonous gas will fill the room, dealing significant damage to all players. To survive this phase, one of the healers must cast Nova, creating a protective barrier around the group in the center of the platform. The rest of the group should stack closely together to ensure they receive the healer’s support. Proper positioning and efficient healing will enable you to weather the storm and emerge victorious.

    Magicka-Intensive Abilities

    A crucial aspect of the Serpent encounter is the requirement for all group members to have high-cost magicka abilities slotted. Abilities such as the siege shield or purge from the Alliance War skill line can fulfill this requirement. These abilities play a pivotal role during specific mechanics throughout the fight, ensuring the group’s survival and success.

    Formation and Off-Tank Responsibilities

    The main tank should position themselves in the center of the platform, facing the Serpent away from the group. This positioning ensures that the tank absorbs all cleave attacks while providing the group with a clear line of sight to the boss. The off-tank’s primary responsibility is to manage the adds that spawn during the encounter. By pulling the adds away from the group, they prevent unnecessary damage and maintain control over the encounter.

    The Benefits of an ESO Sanctum Ophidia Trial Boost

    Conquering the Sanctum Ophidia Trial is no small feat, requiring skill, coordination, and a dedicated group. However, if you find yourself lacking the time, experience, or a suitable group to take on this challenge, fear not. GladiatorBoost offers the perfect solution: the ESO Sanctum Ophidia Trial Boost. Our professional players will join your group, providing the expertise, skill, and support necessary to ensure a successful run. By availing of our boost services, you can enjoy the rewards and satisfaction of completing the Sanctum Ophidia Trial without the stress and time investment.


    The ESO Sanctum Ophidia Trial offers a thrilling and challenging experience within the world of Elder Scrolls Online. With its unique armor sets, cosmetic rewards, and formidable boss encounters, it is a must-visit for any dedicated player. However, if you find yourself in need of assistance or lack the time to conquer this trial on your own, GladiatorBoost is here to help. Our ESO Sanctum Ophidia Trial Boost provides the expertise and support you need to overcome the challenges and secure the rewards. Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure – embark on your journey to triumph today with GladiatorBoost.

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