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    ESO Kyne’s Aegis Trial Boost: Conquer the Challenge with GladiatorBoost

    If you’re an avid player of The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), you know that conquering the Kyne’s Aegis Trial can be a daunting task. This challenging 12-player trial, located in the Greymoor Zone, pits you against hordes of Sea Giants and three formidable bosses. But fear not! GladiatorBoost is here to offer you the ultimate solution – the ESO Kyne’s Aegis Trial Boost. With our professional boosters by your side, you can overcome the trial’s obstacles, earn valuable rewards, and achieve victory without breaking a sweat.

    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Kyne’s Aegis Trial Full Run;

    All Loot from 11 Teammates;

    Chance to get Perfected Items from sets: Destructive mage, Poisonous Serpent, Berserking Warrior, Infallible Mage, Vicious Serpent, and Eternal Warrior;

    “Shehai Shatterer” Title from Veteran!

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    Why Choose GladiatorBoost for Your Kyne’s Aegis Trial Boost?

    At GladiatorBoost, we understand that your time is valuable, and the Kyne’s Aegis Trial may be a significant roadblock in your gaming journey. That’s why we offer a reliable and efficient solution to help you conquer this trial with ease. Our team of skilled players has extensive experience in completing trials and will handle 95 percent of the work for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the rewards!

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    What Can You Expect from the Kyne’s Aegis Trial Boost?

    The Kyne’s Aegis Trial Boost is designed to help you overcome the challenges of this formidable trial and reap its abundant rewards. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, our boost will enhance your gaming experience and remove any obstacles that may have hindered your progress.

    Loot & Rewards in Kyne’s Aegis

    The Kyne’s Aegis trial offers several sets and achievements that can significantly enhance your character’s capabilities. Here are some of the notable rewards you can obtain through the trial:

    New Sets in Kyne’s Aegis

    Vrol’s Command (heavy set)

    Yandir’s Might (medium set)

    Roaring Opportunist (light DPS set)

    Kyne’s Wind (light support set)

    Each set has an imperfect and perfect version available in Kyne’s Aegis. These sets cater to different playstyles and provide various bonuses, such as increased health, stamina, weapon damage, spell damage, penetration, and more.


    Completing the Kyne’s Aegis Trial unlocks prestigious titles that showcase your prowess and dedication. Here are the titles you can earn:

    Kyne’s Chosen: Complete the Kyne’s Aegis Achievement by defeating all three bosses.

    Kyne’s Will: Complete the Kyne’s Aegis Conqueror Achievement by defeating all three bosses in veteran mode.

    Shield of the North: Complete the Kyne’s Aegis Vanquisher Achievement by defeating all three bosses with hardmode enabled.

    Dawnbringer: Complete the Kyne’s Deliverance Achievement by achieving all the other titles and completing all achievements in Kyne’s Aegis.

    These titles not only add a sense of accomplishment to your character but also serve as a testament to your mastery of the trial.

    Cosmetic Rewards

    In addition to armor sets and titles, the Kyne’s Aegis Trial offers unique cosmetic rewards that can set you apart from other players. Here are some notable cosmetic rewards you can obtain:

    Seaborn Silver Skin: Complete the Kyne’s Aegis Conqueror Achievement in veteran mode to unlock this stylish visual enhancement.

    Ritual Circle Totem Memento: Complete the Kyne’s Deliverance Achievement to obtain this special item that adds flair to your character’s actions.

    These cosmetic rewards not only enhance your character’s appearance but also serve as a symbol of your accomplishments within the trial.

    Dangerous Trash Mechanics

    Throughout the trial, you will encounter trash fights that pose their own challenges. These trash fights often share mechanics with the boss fights, making it crucial to understand and overcome them. Here are some notable dangerous trash mechanics you should be aware of:

    Half-Giant Bulwark

    These formidable enemies possess two dangerous mechanics. They have an AoE Shield Bash that kills non-blocking players in their conal area. To prevent casualties, ensure that these enemies are faced away from the group by the tank. Additionally, they create a gold-ish circle around them that makes other enemies inside it invulnerable. This mechanic also applies to bosses, so be cautious of stacking these enemies onto other adds you need to focus on.

    Half-Giant Tidebreaker

    These enemies possess the Crashing Wave mechanic, where they summon a circular outward-moving wave around them after a few seconds. This wave can one-shot players who are not blocking or dodging. Outranging the wave is not a viable option due to its large area of effect.

    Half-Giant Stormcaller

    These mobs cast the call lightning mechanic (Lightning Bolt) that targets random players. While the damage they deal with each hit is moderate, it is recommended to eliminate them early to make trashpacks easier.

    Vampire Knights

    The Vampire Knights pose a significant threat with their heavy damage and deadly mechanics. They possess different mechanics depending on the specific knight encountered. The Bitter Knight, for example, utilizes the Sanguine Prison mechanic, which stuns a player and kills them after a few seconds if not destroyed by damaging it. The Crimson Knight deals heavy single-target damage through Venomous Claws, while the Bloodknight uses the Blood Fountain mechanic, an AoE attack that deals heavy damage in multiple directions. These mechanics are further explained in the final boss section.

    Vampire Infuser

    These enemies have mechanics similar to those in Blackrose Prison. They channel a red glowing aura that empowers everything in their range. Allowing them to complete this ability can result in a wipe, as the other mobs become significantly more powerful. It is essential to prevent them from activating this ability.

    Boss 1: Yandir the Butcher

    Yandir the Butcher is the first boss you will encounter in the Kyne’s Aegis Trial. This boss possesses several mechanics that require coordination and strategy to overcome. Here’s a breakdown of the boss fight:

    Non-Hardmode HP: 64.7 Million | Hardmode HP: 80.8 Million

    Yandir the Butcher

    Yandir the Butcher has various mechanics that players must navigate, and assigning specific roles to each player is recommended for optimal success. One critical mechanic in hard mode is the fire mage’s meteor. The boss spawns mage adds that channel meteors targeted at random players. These meteors can quickly kill players who aren’t blocking, making it essential to communicate and call out the meteor spawns. The boss also spawns Gryphon and Sea Adder adds until it reaches 50% health.

    Throughout the fight, it is crucial to manage the adds and burst them down after the boss heals them. The boss and the adds gain a frost shield periodically, which must be destroyed within 15 seconds to prevent a group wipe. Additionally, the boss spawns totems that have different effects, such as fire waves, encasing players in stone, spawning lightning auras, and causing poison damage. These totems must be killed quickly to minimize the threat they pose.

    In the execute phase, the boss stops summoning Gryphon and Sea Adder adds and begins leaping across the room. During this phase, the boss also uses call lightning mechanics that randomly strike players.

    Boss 2: Captain Vrol

    Captain Vrol is the second boss encountered in the Kyne’s Aegis Trial. This boss introduces unique mechanics that players must navigate to succeed. Here’s a breakdown of the boss fight:

    Non-Hardmode HP: 64.7 Million | Hardmode HP: 80.8 Million

    Captain Vrol

    Captain Vrol presents a unique challenge with mechanics such as the use of sieges and a conjuror add. Players must utilize the sieges located on the left and right-hand side of the room to kill the adds on the boat. To access the sieges, players must gather ballista repair parts. The conjuror add spawns with the first wave of adds and occasionally summons additional waves. Players must use a portal synergy and go to the boat to kill the conjuror and interrupt the summoning ability.

    During the fight, players must be cautious of lightning spears that drain health and chain players. These spears can quickly become deadly if combined with conduits. Proper positioning and timely action are crucial to success.

    In the execute phase, two mage adds spawn and cast meteors on the group, similar to the first boss. These adds require ballista shots to be killed, making coordination and communication vital.

    Boss 3: Lord Falgravn

    Lord Falgravn is the final boss of the Kyne’s Aegis Trial. This boss presents a lengthy and challenging fight, requiring coordination and strategy. Here’s a breakdown of the boss fight:

    Boss HP: 276 Million (Hardmode)

    Lord Falgravn

    The fight against Lord Falgravn is divided into multiple stages, each with its own mechanics and challenges. Let’s examine each stage in detail:

    Stage 1 – 100-70% Boss Health

    During this stage, players must navigate the dangerous mechanics of Lieutenant Njordal, Lord Falgravn’s sidekick. Njordal possesses powerful attacks, including a cleave that can kill players and a heavy uppercut attack that should be dodged. The Sanguine’s Grasp mechanic summons hands from the ground, which must be avoided to prevent death.

    Additionally, players must be mindful of the Proximity Lightning mechanic, which requires chaining lightning to walls. Failure to connect the lightning will result in increased damage from the boss. Coordination and swift movement between walls are crucial during this stage.

    Stage 2 – 70-35% Boss Health

    In this stage, players must deal with Lord Falgravn’s Lightning Bolt mechanic, which targets random players with circles beneath them. These circles burst after 5 seconds, dealing damage to anyone standing within them. Spreading out quickly is essential to minimize damage.

    Stage 3 – 35% Boss Health and Below

    During the final stage, players must contend with Lord Falgravn’s Storm Twin, which must be bashed. The boss himself possesses a heavy attack, Thunderous Bash, which creates random lightning strikes in the group. Additionally, he spawns an AoE called Frigid Fog, which stuns players and provides a damage shield to the boss. It is crucial to move the boss out of the AoE quickly to prevent mounting damage and maintain control of the fight.

    Additional Information: ESO Kyne’s Aegis Trial Boost at GladiatorBoost

    To be eligible for the ESO Kyne’s Aegis Trial Boost at GladiatorBoost, you must have access to the Greymoor chapter’s content and have a champion with at least 160 champion points. If you don’t have the Greymoor DLC, you can still participate by subscribing to ESO Plus, which grants access to most game content, including the Kyne’s Aegis Trial.

    At GladiatorBoost, we prioritize your safety and account security. We only hire players with impeccable reputations to ensure the utmost reliability and professionalism. Our boosters are committed to providing a safe and secure experience for all our customers.


    Conquering the Kyne’s Aegis Trial in ESO can be a challenging endeavor, but with GladiatorBoost by your side, victory is within reach. Our professional boosters will handle the difficult mechanics, allowing you to enjoy the rewards and achievements that await you. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for an efficient way to progress or a newer player in need of assistance, our Kyne’s Aegis Trial Boost is your ticket to success. Choose GladiatorBoost and experience the thrill of triumphing over the most challenging trials in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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