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  • ESO The Cauldron Boost: Conquer the Flames of Ambition

    Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online? Look no further than the ESO The Cauldron Boost. This thrilling dungeon, located in the western part of Deshaan, is part of the Flames of Ambition DLC that was released on the 8th of March in 2021. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to conquer The Cauldron in both Normal and Veteran modes.

    Start Time: 5-20 Minutes

    CompletionCompletion Time: Each dungeon takes 20-30 minutes to clear

    What will I get?

    Your Ordered The Cauldron Full Run;

    Chance to get Gear for your Character;

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    The Story in The Cauldron

    Deep within the eastern hills of Deshaan lies a long-abandoned mine that has become the site of cult activity. Drathas, a local Dark Elf from a nearby village, seeks your help to rescue his enslaved family. But he’s not the only one interested in the mine. The enigmatic Dremora Lyranth also has her own agenda, and her motives often align with the players. Together, with Lyranth and Drathas at your side, you must venture deep into The Cauldron, confront the Order of the Waking Flame, free the captives, and put a stop to the ritual at its heart.

    Sets in The Cauldron ESO Dungeon

    As you brave the challenges of The Cauldron, you have the opportunity to acquire powerful gear sets that can enhance your gameplay. Three different sets drop in The Cauldron Dungeon, each offering unique bonuses and abilities. These sets can boost your damage output, increase your survivability, or provide utility to your group. Here are the sets you can obtain in The Cauldron:

    Dagon’s Dominion: This set adds a whopping 492 weapon damage to your AoE abilities, making it a fantastic choice for Stamina-based DPS builds. It also boosts AoE heals, providing versatility for healers.

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    Trash Monsters in The Cauldron Dungeon

    As you traverse The Cauldron, you will encounter a variety of trash monsters that can add to the difficulty and liveliness of the dungeon. These enemies come in different forms and have unique abilities. Here are some of the trash monsters you will face in The Cauldron:

    Waking Flame Invokers & Torchlords: These are melee and ranged attackers that can deal significant damage. Be prepared to dodge their attacks and engage them strategically.

    Clannfears: These fearsome creatures will jump at you and bash you with their tail. Blocking their attacks is crucial to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

    Daedroth: Similar to other dungeons, Daedroths in The Cauldron will spit fire from time to time. Keep an eye out for their fire attacks and move out of the way to avoid getting hit.

    Electric Traps: After defeating the first boss, you will come across Electric Traps on the ground. These traps cannot be dodge rolled, but you can block-walk into them to avoid getting stunned. They can cause significant damage, so be cautious.

    Watcher: These gigantic, levitating eyes discharge fire lasers from their eyes, burning everyone in their path. They also have a flame-swirl charge that can stun you. Additionally, they can summon portals from which Daedra will spawn, adding another layer of challenge to the fight.

    Kagouti, Shalk & Fetcherfly Hive: These annoying trash mobs will swarm you with Fetcherfly Swarms. It’s crucial to take down the Fetcherfly Hives first to mitigate the damage they can inflict.

    The Cauldron Dungeon Bosses in ESO

    The Cauldron is home to five challenging bosses, each with their own unique abilities and mechanics. These bosses will test your skills, coordination, and adaptability. Here are the bosses you will encounter in The Cauldron, along with their health pools:

    Oxblood the Depraved: This boss is a disgusting Ogrim with a variety of deadly attacks. Stay out of his gas clouds, prioritize killing the summoned Globs, and be ready to interrupt his powerful abilities.

    Taskmaster Viccia: Taskmaster Viccia is a formidable opponent who can summon Electric Traps and Dremora. Focus on removing the Electric Traps, kill the adds, and watch out for her potent attacks.

    Molten Guardian: The Molten Guardian is a monstrous boss that can summon Molten Fiends. Interrupt its channeling abilities, avoid the fire pools it creates, and be prepared for its devastating heavy attack.

    Lyranth’s Prison: Lyranth’s Prison is not one boss but a series of waves in which you must destroy power modules to release captives and face various daedric enemies. Coordinate with your group, use Conductive Oil to destroy power modules, and defeat the waves of enemies to progress.

    Baron Zaudrus (Endboss): Baron Zaudrus is a fearsome Daedric chieftain and the final boss of The Cauldron. Watch out for his Galvanic Charge, avoid his Hammer Down attack, and be prepared for his relentless assault. Defeating him will require precise movement and coordination.

    Boss Mechanics and Strategies

    Oxblood the Depraved

    Noxious Release: Oxblood releases three large gas clouds in different directions. Avoid standing inside the clouds to prevent taking significant damage.

    Summon Globs: Oxblood summons Gore and Bile Globs. Prioritize killing the Bile Globs first to prevent Oxblood from consuming them and gaining a damage buff.

    Gore Rush: After summoning the Globs, Oxblood charges and runs over anyone in its path. Interrupt this ability to avoid being thrown to the ground and immobilized.

    Butcher: Oxblood summons explosive anchors. Avoid the anchors as they deal significant damage.

    Iron Maiden: One player will be put into a prison that deals damage. Attack the prison to free the player.

    Heavy Attack: Oxblood’s heavy attack is powerful and must be blocked to avoid death.

    Taskmaster Viccia

    Drathas: Drathas is a scared NPC who helps you by removing Electric Traps with his Negate ability.

    Electric Trap Discharge: Viccia spawns Electric Traps. Remove them by blocking and walking into them or let Drathas remove them with his Negate.

    Summon Dremora: Viccia summons Dremora adds. Kill them quickly to avoid being overwhelmed.

    Mace Slam: Viccia slams her weapon, causing a damage over time effect in the area. Move out of the AoE quickly.

    Upper Cut: Viccia’s heavy attack can knock you back and down. Block it to avoid being incapacitated.

    Molten Guardian

    Magmatic Eruption: Stay in melee range of the boss to prevent Magmatic Eruption from triggering and causing significant damage.

    Molten Fiend Summon: The boss summons Molten Fiends that target the group with Fire Volleys. Kill them quickly to stop the damage.

    Molten Blast: Interrupt the boss’s channeling attack to prevent damage to the group. If interrupted, the boss will perform a Grand Slam that must be blocked.

    Fire Eruption: The boss periodically erupts in fire pools. Move out of the AoE to avoid taking damage.

    Lava Slam: The boss’s heavy attack creates a pool of lava. The tank should step away from the lava while staying within melee range of the boss.

    Lyranth’s Prison

    Conductive Oil: Use Conductive Oil to destroy active power modules. Run up close to Lyranth to incinerate the oil and destroy the power modules.

    Dremora Waves: Destroying power modules will trigger waves of daedric enemies. Defeat them to progress through the waves.

    Flame Titan, Ogrim, and Bone Colossus: At the end of the waves, you will face a Flame Titan, Ogrim, and Bone Colossus. Coordinate with your group to defeat them.

    Baron Zaudrus (Endboss)

    Galvanic Charge: Avoid standing in front of the boss during Galvanic Charge, as it damages nearby players. Position yourself behind the boss or out of the cleave area.

    Hammer Down: Baron Zaudrus’s heavy attack must be blocked to avoid significant damage. It also spawns Molten Pillars that should be destroyed.

    Fire Eruption: Flames will periodically erupt from the boss. Walk out of the AoE to avoid damage.

    Watchlings & Daedroth: Kill the Watchlings and Daedroth adds quickly to avoid overwhelming the group.

    Ash Vent: Move away from the flame laser that moves through the room to avoid taking damage.

    Cold-Flame Infusion: This buff grants extra damage to a party member. Use it to destroy Molten Pillars or adds.

    Baron Zaudrus – Hardmode

    For those seeking an even greater challenge, Baron Zaudrus offers a Hardmode option. Activate the Challenge Banner on the left side of the entrance to increase the boss’s health and spawn more adds during the fight. Additionally, Baron Zaudrus will summon a lava pool that must be avoided. At around 35% boss health, he will spawn four Ash Vents that move through the room. Stay aware and move with the boss to succeed in Hardmode.

    Rewards and Achievements

    Completing The Cauldron will reward you with unique gear sets, a monster mask, Achievements, and Collectibles. Dagon’s Dominion, one of the sets dropped in The Cauldron, significantly boosts your AoE abilities, making it invaluable for Stamina-based DPS builds. The Baron Zaudrus monster mask grants a boost to your Ultimate gain when applying status effects to enemies, perfect for debuff-heavy warriors. Additionally, you can earn a range of Achievements and Collectibles, including the Dagon’s Viscerent skin, unlocked by beating The Cauldron on Veteran difficulty.

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