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  • Buy WoW 3v3 Arena Boost! We will boost your 3v3 Arena Rating to your desired rating. Simply click on your current 3v3 Arena Rating & select your desired rating.

    This page is dedicated to our 3v3 Arena Rating Boost from any rating (Your current 3v3 rating to your desired 3v3 rating).

    Start time ETA:

    1-3 Hours

    What happens after I purchase 3v3 Arena Boost?

    You can choose between Selfplay and Piloted when you purchase 3v3 Arena Boost.

    For Selfplay:

    We add you on Discord, and schedule your 3v3 boost in with the fastest available team.

    We will invite you to your order conference, team queues with you to your purchased rating.

    For Piloted:

    We add you on Discord, schedule your 3v3 boost in with the fastest available booster.

    We confirm account details & VPN settings, login and start.

    Booster will stream if you request.

    Booster plays to your desired 3v3 rating, logs out and informs you of completion.

    How long will the 3v3 arena boost take?

    Your 3v3 Arena Boost will be started within 1-3hours maximum, as fast as possible. Feel free to open a chat with us to confirm (bottom right of your screen) or talk with us on Discord: GladiatorBoost#0030. The speed of the 3v3 Rating completion variable based on rating purchase. On average, about 1-2 Hours.

    What will I get from the 3v3 arena boost?

    Some benefits of our 3v3 Arena Boost service include: Honor to upgrade your PvP gear & Conquest Points, along with your ordered 3v3 Rating!

    If you’re interested in our Hourly Arena Coaching, check out our Arena Coaching Page!

    GLADIATORBOOST WoW 3v3 Arena Boost services are open for Alliance & Horde as well as EU & US realms! Simply select your current 3v3 rating, desired 3v3 arena rating and place your 3v3 Arena PvP boost!


    1400 – ilvl 285 (298)

    1600 – ilvl 288 (301)

    1800 – ilvl 291 (304)

    1950 – ilvl 294 (307)

    2100 – ilvl  298 (311)

    Push your character to the top of the ladder today through a 3v3 Arena Boost!

    Available 3v3 Arena Achievements:

    Three’s Company: 1550
    Three’s Company: 1750
    Three’s Company: 2000
    Three’s Company: 2200
    Three’s Company: 2400
    Three’s Company: 2700

    Buy Arena rating 3v3 boost At GladiatorBoost!

    The 3v3 Arena is defined by 3 players playing in one team who have to put maximum efforts to win the 3v3 arena. Every 3v3 Arena battle is different, as the composition differs, unbalanced arena meta & overpowered classes make every mistake crucial. You can be defeated by the other 3v3 arena team having less experience and a different specialization even if you’ve chosen a good healer for your team and an ideal combination of specializations. Nevertheless, the most essential factors influencing your 3v3 arena win are the players’ skills and good interaction between the players in a 3v3 team. In case you want to get an experienced and skillful booster who will help you to increase your reputation through the battles, you can purchase our WoW 3v3 Arena Boost. Keep in mind that on the other side of your rival characters are the real people playing, so predicting their actions will multiply your chances to win.

    Key benefits of purchasing 3v3 Arena boost include:

    Save an immense amount of time gaining your WoW 3v3 Arena Rating

    Completely skip & avoid the lengthy 3v3 arena grinding process

    Get WoW 3v3 Arena guidance from true top level PvPers

    Learn new Warcraft 3v3 Arena tactics & playstyles along with compositions

    Get your 3v3 Arena Rating boosted up to your desired arena rating

    Gain WoW 3v3 Arena achievements granting you invites to other PvP activities

    Realistically achieve your WoW 3v3 Arena goals

    If you want to win 3v3 Arena, the only thing you that is needed is practice. No one can progress in things without the appropriate training & a lot of spare time. Luckily, you’ve got a nice chance to purchase Arena 3v3 Boost which offers the help of Multi Rank 1 Boosters. World of Warcraft tactics, game rotation, 3v3 arena tips and tricks and lots of information from experienced boosters — this what our customers get. We’ll boost your 3v3 Arena rating with ease! Also, if you see 0 results from 2v2 fights and want something harder, you can get WoW 3v3 Arena Boost which will add a real contest to the battles!

    If you’re looking for 3v3 Arena Rating Boost, then you don’t need to look for websites with this service no more! Our company GladiatorBoost provides the best WoW 3v3 Arena Boost services at affordable prices. We care about our customers safeness as it defines our reputation. Personal approach, satisfied customers and fast outcome are the things we offer.

  • To buy, simply click on your current 3v3 rating, your desired 3v3 rating and click the “buy” button. Fill out your information on our checkout page & we’ll add you on Discord: GladiatorBoost#0030 to confirm your order ID & get your 3v3 Boost scheduled in ASAP!

    Should you have any questions about if your gear will be good enough for the 3v3 boost, covenant or anything else, do not hesitate to talk to us! You can do so by opening a web chat with us (bottom right of your screen) or adding us on Discord: GladiatorBoost#0030.

    If you have any custom inquiries or general questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We take everything into consideration and with the upmost professionalism & confidentiality.



    20% Versatility

    PvP trinkets

    For some classes+specs, specific legendaries/covenants may be required.

    If your gear is slightly below the requirements / differs, open a chat with us or add our Discord: GladiatorBoost#0030 & we can check it for you!

  • Q: What is the 3v3 Arena Boost?

    The 3v3 Arena Boost is a boost of your 3v3 Arena rating to your desired arena rating. When you buy a 3v3 arena boost, our multi rank 1 arena boosters will boost your characters 3v3 Arena Rating, allowing you to upgrade PvP Gear & obtain 3v3 Arena rating stress free!

    Q: What can I expect from buying a 3v3 arena boost?

    When you buy a 3v3 arena boost, you can expect your order to be started quickly & organised professionally. Your 3v3 arena boost will also grant you Honor & Conquest points, allowing you to buy PvP gear upgrades. This is why buying 3v3 arena boosts is so popular!

    Q: Why should I buy 3v3 Arena Boost?

    You should buy 3v3 Arena Boost if you want to obtain 3v3 Arena rating same day & smoothly, without worrying about dropping rating or bad teammates. Buying a 3v3 arena boost is also beneficial if you lack the time or willpower to grind endlessly for PvP gear and arena rating, allowing us to do it for you boosting your game back up to the arena meta!

    Q: What are some benefits of buying 3v3 Arena Boost?

    Some key benefits of Buying 3v3 Arena Boost from GladiatorBoost include; Fast completion times on 3v3 Arena Boosts, lower gear requirements, allowing you to jump into the WoW PvP Arena as fast as possible, cheap & affordable prices on our 3v3 Arena Boosts & Selfplay & Piloted options for 3v3 Arena Boost.

    Q: What can I get from the 3v3 Arena Boost?

    Rewards from the 3v3 Arena Boost depend on the 3v3 Rating you wish to obtain. Listed below are the PvP gear rewards from certain 3v3 Arena Ratings:

    1400 – Combatant – Ilvl 226 (239) PvP Gear

    1600 – Challenger – Ilvl 233 (246) PvP Gear

    1800 – Rival – Ilvl 240 (253) PvP Gear

    2100 – Duelist – Ilvl 246 (259) PvP Gear

    Q: What happens after I buy 3v3 Arena Boost?
    Once you have paid, we will add you on Discord (remember to include it in checkout – if not, we’ll reach you through email) ASAP to proceed with the service. We will agree on a given ETA and fix the login authenticator. You are free to use your account whenever the assigned booster isn’t on it.

    Q: Are my account details safe with you?
    Yes! Only you and the booster assigned to your character will have access to your account information. From our side, we’ll ensure your information will be handled with maximum security and discresion.

    Q: Can I see whats going on whilst the booster is in the arena?
    Yes, our boosters are able to provide livestreams so you can watch along the whole process of your 3v3 Arena Boost.

    Q: Who will be playing my account?
    Our roster consists of the current highest rated WoW Arena boosters and tournament competitors. We hire only the most talented and PvP boosters out there. You will get the best arena players for the job.

    Q: How safe is the 3v3 Arena Boost?
    We take it to the next level to ensure safety of your account, from HWID tools, private VPN’s to our own system developed preventing against any flagups. There’s always a risk with piloted arena services, however we minimize it as much as possible with great success.

    Q: Can I login whilst the booster is playing?
    No, we strongly advise against this. We stay in touch with you at any hour, so you’ll know exactly when the booster is logging in and out in livetime.

    Q: What if someone from WoW ingame writes me whilst the booster is playing?
    Our boosters will never respond. Simple.

    Q: Do you offer refunds?
    Yes, if the boost isn’t completed due to a fault from our side. We won’t offer refunds on completed services.

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